Are you interested in the Celtic Shield Knot Meaning and Symbolism? Then this guide is for you!

The Celtic Shield is often referred to as the looped square. This is one of the oldest and most recognizable of the Celtic knots.

In the past, this knot was made knitted or inscribed into battle banners and carried into battles. The Celtic Shield was used to symbolize protection.

However; with time, the Celtic Shield has grown in popularity as a design of fashion and beauty. It is used in artwork, jewelry, and retail items that indicate love, loyalty, and unity.

The Celtic Shield is made of complete loops that have no beginning or end. It gives a strong impression of friendship, love, faith, and allegiance.


Each design employs the use of only one thread. This is symbolic of the interconnectedness between life and eternity.

The design of the Celtic Shield can be quite complex. This makes it more appealing. It is a preferred decoration in cutlery, clothing, mugs, plates, and jewelry sets.

What is the Celtic Shield Knot?

Not many people have a clear understanding of the Celtic Shield – even though you can find them almost everywhere nowadays.

There’s much spirituality attached to the Celtic Shield. An item with this knot indicates that the user trusts in its protective qualities.

The Celtic Shield is believed to shield one from internal and external enemies. It wards off negative influences and empowers one to see life as it truly is.

That’s why more and more people are trusting the Celtic Shield design on their necklaces, pendants, rings, items of clothing, and handbags.

The Celtic Shield design also features heavily in the art of calligraphy.

These designs are some of the most appealing to look at. They communicate not only aesthetic beauty, but also the cultural heritage and culture of the Celts.

Depending on what accompanies the Celtic Shield design, it can communicate a number of meanings. These meanings are further accentuated by where the design is placed.

For example, you may opt to have the Celtic Shield Knot design engraved on a household item. You can also have a piece of jewelry fashioned in this design or even wear it on your clothes.

The History of the Celtic Shield Knot

The Celtic Shield comes in many forms and styles. The most prominent feature of this knot is its 4 corners.

The traditional Celtic Shield Knot is one with square corners. However, there are many variations to this.

Some Celtic Shield Knots are looped in such a way that they have a circle in the middle. Regardless of the design, all Celtic Shield Knots are made from a single thread.

This thread is looped in such a way that the knot has no start or finish. It is woven and interlaced in a continuous manner that indicates no beginning or end.

Its endless appearance accentuates its beauty. It also reinforces its symbolic importance as it shows the eternal cycle of life.

It’s not very clear when the first Celtic Shield Knot was first made.

However, a study of ancient Christian history puts the origins of this knot at around 450 AD, when Christians found their way into the lands of the Celts.

The Celtic Shield Knot features heavily in the early Christian manuscripts and artwork. It was shown alongside animals, plants, and humans in the artwork.

Some historians place the origin of the Celtic Shield as far back as 500 BCE. However, there’s little evidence to back this up.

Most of the Celtic knot designs were in use as early as 3000 AD as evidenced in some artwork done by the Romans.

It is believed that the use of the Celtic Shield Knot was well established by this time.

Variations of the Celtic Shield Knot exist way before the coming of the Celtic civilization. Some of these variations date to thousands of years back.

For example, knotwork roughly similar to what was used by the Celts was used by the ancient tribes of Italy before it found its way to Ireland.

There’s evidence that Northumbrians engaged in similar activities before these activities were taken up by the Celts.

Way before the Celtic civilization took root, the Mesopotamians were using a variation of the Celtic Shield Knot as a symbol of protection and in their religious practices.

The ancient Vikings also used a similar symbol in their quest to conquer new lands. The Norse knotwork highlighted the 4 corners and a solar cross.

An early version of the Celtic Shield Knot also featured prominently in the works of early Christians. For example, the shield knot made an appearance as the symbol of St. John’s Arms or St. Hannes Cross.

It’s obvious that the works of the original Celtic Shield Knot –and other Celtic knots – were borrowed from the work of other cultures.

Symbolic Meaning of the Celtic Shield Knot

The Celtic Shield Knot has been used to indicate protection against evil influences. From early days, the Celts used this symbol to chase away evil spirits and benevolent energies from their midst.

Many of their soldiers would carry charms and amulets that highlighted this knot. This would keep them safe from their enemies in battle.

The Celtic Shield Knot also featured in the war banners that went in front of the military formation. This would not protect the soldiers and their commanders from the enemies’ arsenal.

The Celtic Shield Knot also stands for love between people that share a close relationship.

These could be lovers, family members, or people that had made a pledge to be there for each other through thick and thin.

The endless loop that makes up the Celtic Shield Knot shows a bond that has no beginning or end. It shows eternal connections and undying loyalty.

In modern times, this knot is very popular as a sign of love and friendship.

Celtic Shield Knot in Jewelry and Fashion

The Celtic Shield Knot has become very popular as an item of fashion and beauty. It can be designed into an item of jewelry to make it more appealing.

An item that features this knot can make for a very good gift to friends and family. It holds a special quality that many people find alluring.

The Celtic Shield Knot stands for promise, love, loyalty, and allegiance. It shows that you are strongly connected to the person you are giving the gift to.

The Celtic Shield Knot can also be stylized to give a personal touch to the gifts you want to give out. A personal touch on the knot makes the gift special and more private.

The Celtic Shield Knot can be used with just about every item. It can be used on clothes, high-quality jewelry, household items, and even items in your office.

In Conclusion…

Historically, the Celtic Shield Knot was used to indicate protection. It was given prominence in battlefields where it was held high to give soldiers hope that they would survive to fight another day.

The ancient Celts also used it in charms to fight demons and evil influences.

With time, however, the use of the Celtic Shield Knot has become more aesthetic in nature. It is used in items of beauty and fashion to accentuate elegance and give the wearer a sense of confidence.

As time goes by, the Celtic Shield Knot continues to grow in popularity.

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