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The legend of the Seal of Solomon has two main sources. It was first mentioned in the Judeo-Christian literature, and it later surfaced in the works of early Arabic writers.

With time, it found its way into Western Occult.

Solomon had this special seal on which God’s name was engraved. The seal was made partly of iron and partly of brass.

It gave Solomon immense powers, chief among which was to command and control demons.

According to the Arabic writers, the brass part of the seal enabled Solomon to communicate with the good genii.

The iron part of the seal empowered him to command demons, or the evil genii.


What’s the Seal of Solomon?

Although the legend of the Seal of Solomon has multiple sources, it was popularized by medieval Arabic writers.

They contend that the seal was given to Solomon by God directly from heaven. The brass and iron parts that made up the ring enabled King Solomon to command good and evil spirits.

According to the Arabic writers, King Solomon received four jewels from four celestial beings.

He forged these jewels into one ring, which enabled him to have power over Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

According to Judeo-Christian tradition, the Seal of Solomon (also known as the Ring of Solomon) belonged to the King Solomon of Israel.

This signet ring has mythical and mysterious powers that empowered King Solomon to fulfill his promises to God.

With time, the legend of the Seal of Solomon found its way into Arabic culture and Western Occultism.

The Ring of Solomon is still very much in use today. It is depicted as a simple Pentagram or as a Hexagram.

The Hexagram is also close in similarity to the Star of David.

Across the ages, the Seal of Solomon has been used as a charm to ward of demons and evil influences.

Some sources indicate that the writings on the seal were put there by King Solomon himself. This has further accentuated the value of the ring as a talisman to be used against demonic influences.

The Origin of the Seal of Solomon

It is rather difficult to tell where the Seal of Solomon originated. However, as early as the 1st century AD, stories abound of a ring that could help one ward off evil and command good spirits.

Stories from Jewish literature indicate that the High Priest Eleazar used one such ring in front of the king.

However, it’s not until medieval times that this ring became associated with King Solomon.

Indeed, the narrations from medieval times captured such details as the pentagram or Hexagram shape of the ring.

Those who used this ring in medieval times are said to have had the power to command demons – and even animals.

Because of King Solomon’s legendary wisdom, the ring soon had a huge following among the occult. It has been used as an amulet and talisman since medieval times.

The Seal of Solomon has also been widely used in alchemy, occultism, and Renaissance-era magic.

The Seal of Solomon has also been featured in the Old Testament. As Solomon writes about his experiences in building the temple, he recounts having received a special ring from God.

He was given this ring to help him cast away demons that were haunting one of his master workmen. The magic ring bore the engraving of a Pentagram.

According to legend, King Solomon used the ring to cast out the demons and command the demons to build the temple.

Upon completion of this task, he trapped these demons in bottles and buried them deep into the earth, from whence they escaped into the hades.

What Does the Seal of Solomon Look Like?

No one actually knows how the real Ring of Solomon looks like. Most people nowadays depend on a variety of interpretations to determine how it looks like.

Most versions of the Seal of Solomon look like an encircled Pentagram or a Hexagram.

For some people, the Pentagram in a circle is taken to be the Seal of Solomon while the Hexagram stands for the Star of David.

For others, the standard Seal of Solomon looks like an encircled the Star of David. This would mean that Kind Solomon made improvements on the Hexagram, the seal he received from his father David.

Either way, the Seal of Solomon has become popular as a visual talisman with people seeking protection against personal attacks from demons and other evil forces.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of the Seal of Solomon?

Another variation of the Seal of Solomon exists, and it is referred to as the Sacred Seal of Solomon. This version of the ring presents a more complex image.

The Sacred Seal of Solomon depicts a circle that holds smaller circles within. At the center is a symbol of a tower-like structure.

The tip of the tower goes all the way to heaven while the base extends all the way to earth. This is a clear depiction of the interconnectedness between humans and God.

It shows a powerful connection between the physical and divine realms.

The Sacred Seal of Solomon symbolizes peace, stability, and harmony that comes with bridging the chasms that exist between opposites.

This seal tells us that it’s possible to achieve peace and understanding in diversity.

The Sacred Seal of Solomon shows the harmony and balance that exists in Science and the beauty of nature,

It shows that undeniable connection in astrology, astronomy, magic, and medicine.

What are the Uses of the Seal of Solomon?

The Seal of Solomon is much sought after because it is a physical representation of the great wisdom possessed by King Solomon.

Those who wear this seal as an amulet feel in charge of their lives. The seal symbol gives them the grace and divine wisdom to make good decisions in like.

The Seal of Solomon also gives the wearer a powerful feeling of being connected to the Divine.

The symbolic meaning of the Seal of Solomon has to do with the flow of positive energies between heaven and earth.

It empowers one to harness the powers of the four elements. If you choose the Seal of Solomon to be engraved in your personal items, it means you want to be at peace with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Over the ages, the Seal of Solomon has been used by spiritualists to drive away demons and cast out spells.

The seal has featured prominently among practitioners of witchcraft or magic. It has also been used to carry out exorcisms.

Early Christians and ancient Jews used the Seal of Solomon to ward off evil. They have their seal inscribed on their personal items as a way of keeping evil and dark forces at bay.

In modern times, the Seal of Solomon is used as a symbol of magic and power by the Western Occult.

Other people still revere it as a strong religious symbol – the same as they do to the Star of David or the Cross.

In Conclusion…

The Seal of Solomon has been used as a symbol of protection from way back. It was used in medieval times to fight off evil and demonic influences.

In more recent days, this symbol has become favored in the world of fashion, art, and beauty.

It has gained importance in the Western occult groups where it is used as an essential symbol of expressing spiritual beliefs.

The Seal of Solomon remains revered among the trendsetters of the day. It also occupies a hallowed position among various religious groups.

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