Lavender Spiritual Meaning (10 Meanings & Symbolism)

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Lavender is used in many houses worldwide as a cleansing and healing agent. In addition, it is found in shopping stores in many forms – powder, liquid, and plant.

You can’t walk into a good store today and miss a lavender product that meets your needs. These products are top-rated because of their diverse roles in our homes.

But, did you know that lavender has a powerful spiritual symbolism? The lavender flower and its fragrance communicate important divine messages.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of the Lavender?


Lavender is a symbol of peace. So whenever you encounter this flower or any of its products, you welcome peace and harmony.

However, don’t expect this to happen automatically. You must be proactive to benefit from the spiritual powers of the lavender.

Seeing the lavender plants means the challenges you’re going through will end. The Universe has heard your pleas for support, and is sending you the best forces to handle your issue.

This flower indicates you’re in good hands. Every problem you encounter and the tear you’ve shed will become joy and happiness.

As such, don’t hate yourself if you’re going through tough times. Likewise, don’t despise yourself if you make more mistakes than most people.

The Universe is readying you for better times ahead. So go through this phase of your life guided by a positive mindset.

You’ll appreciate that challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, you need to go through tough times to enjoy your full potential fully.

It’s during moments of adversity that your true mettle is revealed.

Symbolic Meaning of Lavender Flower

The lavender flower symbolizes tenderness. The Universe uses this flower to draw attention to your caring, loving personality.

Use these aspects of your personality to create positive change in your world. This should not be hard, considering many look up to you for support and guidance.

Whenever you see this flower, know that every effort you put into helping others count. You’ll achieve great and mighty things from the little works of charity.

Also, the lavender flower symbolizes hope. You’re likely to receive this symbol when you’re going through trying times and think that all is lost.

Your angels and other divine guides want you to hold on. They encourage you to believe in yourself and your ability to change your story.

Equally importantly, the divine realm wants you to know you’re not alone in this journey. Your journey is closely being monitored by the finest forces in the Universe.

Seeing a lavender flower is confirmation you’ll not fail. This is your cue to keep working hard. Don’t allow the hiccups and challenges you’ll meet on the way to deviate from your goals and dreams.

With the right effort, you’ll achieve the desired progress. Have faith the desires of your heart will come true.

When the Universe sends you this flower, you don’t need a physical manifestation to believe that things will be okay.

All you need is faith.

What’s the Symbolism of the Lavender Plant?

We get the lavender flower and all associated lavender products from the lavender plant. Spiritually, the lavender plant points in the direction of the Divine Source.

The lavender plant is the source of all things lavender. This symbolizes that the Universe is the source of all your blessings.

At the helm is the order of the Universe is the Divine Source. This is the Higher Power that aligns all things in the Universe.

Have you had a streak of good luck recently? It’s all thanks to your Higher Power. Are you going through some challenges and wondering how it will all end?

Look no further than the Divine Source for guidance.

The lavender plant encourages you to have a close relationship with your Higher Power. This is the source of your strength, support, and protection.

At the same time, this plant call on you to be rooted in your faith. So hold firmly on to your beliefs and values regardless of what’s happening around you.

Seeing a lavender plant firmly rooted in the soil shows the need to create stability and security.

This is possible if you work for your emotional and mental balance. Despite the many changes you have to go through, you should stay on top of your game.

Spiritual Meaning of Lavender Products

From the lavender plant and flower, we get innumerable extracts and products. These include oils, perfumes, insecticides, and candle fragrances.

Since immemorial, the lavender plant and its extracts have been used for healing and medicinal purposes.

They have been a favorite shaman’s tool the world over for healing broken spirits, minds, and bodies. Lavender products are still in use today amongst many religious and spiritual groups.

These products are hailed for their curative powers. They restore peace and harmony to troubled souls.

In some cultures, lavender symbolizes virtue. For example, lavender oil is used to symbolize the virtues of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

It conveys purity, holiness, and devotion to faith.

Using lavender products has been associated with a better understanding of the Universe. In addition, there’s a mysterious connection between these products and clarity of mind.

In the Easter culture, lavender lotions and oils are applied to the forehead to open the Third Eye.

These products also alleviate pain and spiritual attacks targeting the crown chakra.

The beautiful fragrance of lavender-scented candles creates the right atmosphere for worship.

Burning lavender-scented candles eliminate toxic energies and invite positive vibes from the Universe.

Spirit Animals Associated with Lavender


Bees and the lavender plant have a healthy, symbiotic relationship. While the lavender provides bees with food, the insect, in turn, pollinates it.


Lavender seeds provide nourishment for birds. In turn, the birds provide manure for the seeds to germinate into healthy plants.

After eating the seeds, birds transport and release them through the natural process of passing stool. This way, birds help propagate the lavender plant in vast geographical areas.


Like lavender, butterflies have a close link to the spirit world. These insects remind you to create stronger ties with the spirit world.

Lavender-scented candles are used in rituals to contact the dead. Similarly, a visit from the butterfly spirit animal alerts you of the presence of a dead loved one.


Cats have mysterious powers to identify and cast out evil powers. Burning lavender oils is thought to have a similar effect.

Both cats and lavender induce calm and healing in a troubled soul.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Lavender

#1 – You’re Destined for Great Things

Do you often feel you have a special mission on this plane? You are not wrong. A close encounter with a lavender plant or flower will confirm this is more than a hunch.

You’ll receive clarity of thoughts and realize you were brought into this world to advocate for tremendous and fortunate things.

The lavender symbol urges you not to settle for mediocrity. The Universe uses the lavender flower to inspire you to dream big.

#2 – Healing and Recovery

Dreaming of giving or receiving a lavender flower indicates your pain is over. You’ll soon start the journey to restore all aspects of your life.

Your angels send you this symbol when you’re battling particularly tough challenges. They want you to know that the Universe has identified your needs.

Your emotional and mental balance will soon be restored. This is your cue to keep moving forward confidently.

Soon, all the impossibilities in your life will fade away, and your eyes will be opened to the great opportunities around you.

#3 – Presence of Dead Loved ones

Burning lavender-scented candles empower you to get in touch with your departed loved ones.

This symbol invites the energies to penetrate the spiritual veil separating you and your loved ones.

Of course, you can do this best with the help of a competent intermediary.

A psychic will use lavender magic to show you how happy and content your dead loved one is on the other side.

#4 – Passage to the Underworld

The journey of the dead from this world to the Underworld is not always easy. According to various mythologies, this journey is often covered with all kinds of perils.

Also, it is thought that some souls have more difficulty passing through this passage than others. For example, the souls of those innocently killed require help to safely transit to the Otherworld.

The lavender plant or flower comes in handy for this purpose. Appropriately used, lavender keeps the spirit at peace, enabling the dead to make the transition successfully.

#5 – The Universe Loves You

The Universe is constantly reminded to assure you of divine love and support. So when you come across a lavender plant or flower, take it as a token of love and care from the Universe.

The lavender plant symbolizes divine intervention. Your angels and other divine guides know what you are going through.

Since they are well-versed in your plight, they want to assure you the end is in sight. This should give you hope.

Soon, it will be a new dawn for you and your loved ones.

#6 – Energy of Purity

Planting a few lavender plants around your home invites energies of purity from the Universe. Being close to this pant should do the trick if you’ve been having a particularly tough season.

Lavender helps you eradicate all forms of toxins from the environment, allowing your mind to focus on the critical aspects of your life.

You can also burn lavender incense to cleanse your heart and mind of dark energies. Being close to lavender flowers assures you of a peaceful and harmonious existence with your environment.

#7 – Keep Pressing On

Lavender symbolizes strength and determination. This flower indicates the need to be tenacious in the face of hardships.

The divine realm wants you to know that every effort you put into improving your life counts. As such, don’t give up even when the going gets tough.

Remember, the more challenging the journey, the greater the reward.

The lavender plant helps you understand what goes on behind the scenes. You’ll appreciate that your angels and other divine guides are with you are every turn.

#8 – A Good Night’s Sleep

Since ancient times, lavender oils and fragrances have been prescribed to cure insomnia.

Shamans and traditional medicine men ask their patients to keep some lavender near their beds for good sleep.

Incense from lavender-scented candles rids your mind of toxic energies and fills it will peace and calm. This enables you to sleep more easily and feel more relaxed the following day.

#9 – A Stress Buster

Lavender flowers and oils have therapeutic powers. Returning home at the end of a tough day feels much better when you have the lavender fragrance to welcome you.

Lavender induces peace and calmness by getting rid of negative emotions. It is one of the most cherished natural stress busters.

Inhaling lavender flowers or their perfume immediately alleviates your mood. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that no problem is too big.

Also, this plant activates your chakras, giving you command over your body and environment.

#10 – Solution for Nightmares

Are you frequently haunted by nightmares? Consider keeping a lavender flower in your bedroom to relieve you of this problem.

Ancient healers used lavender to cure problems of nightmares, hallucinations, and some forms of madness.

This plant activates the body’s natural healing mechanism, and you can regain control of your faculties.

What Does Lavender Mean in Matters of Love?

A lavender flower is a perfect gift for your partner because it symbolizes undying devotion.

Seeing this plant indicates the Universe is working with you to make your relationship stronger and healthier.

Receiving a lavender gift indicates you have the blessings of the Universe. As a result, your love life will prosper and be used as an excellent example of a stable relationship.

The lavender plant urges you to be firmly planted in your relationship. This means you need to be faithful and loyal to your partner.

Giving your partner lavender lotion signifies your devotion and commitment. It confirms that you’ll be true to your loved ones after rain or sunshine.

Dreaming of a broken lavender flower on the ground indicates trouble in your relationship. This is your cue to find out what could be wrong and work on it before things get out of hand.

To dream of planting a lavender plant signifies healing and recovery. Your divine guides want you to know it shall be well.


Because of its many beneficial properties, lavender is treasured throughout the world. People of all faiths and cultures know the benefits of keeping this plant close by.

Its fragrance is enough to set you in the right mood. Lavender flowers eradicate negative energies and enable you to focus more on the essential aspects of your life.

A package of lavender products is likely to be welcomed with open arms by most of your friends. A lavender flower communicates an intimate meaning if you have a friend you’re particularly fond of.

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