Spiritual Meanings of an Arrows and Bow

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Arrows and bows have been used since the early ages to help humans kill animals for food. They have also been an instrumental part of our ancient defense systems.

Bows and arrows are also used in archery’s recreational and competitive sports. This sport was closely associated with specific groups of people in ancient times, such as royalty.

Entire communities depended on archers’ prowess for security and protection.

Spiritually, bows and arrows represent fertility and reproduction. They also indicate one’s determination to be the best in their undertakings.

Biblical Meaning of Arrows and Bow


Have you recently had an impactful dream about a quiver of arrows and a bow? This is a unique signal from the Universe.

Christians believe that such an encounter indicates a spiritual attack. Therefore, the Bible warns Christians against exposing themselves to the arrows of the wicked one.

Here, the .wicked one refers to Lucifer, the Fallen Angel whose interest is to lead humans to eternal damnation.

Seeing arrows and a bow reminds Christians to pray against negative influences. Prayer is effective in warding off toxic friends and situations.

Dreaming of shooting an arrow tells Christians they have the power over emotional strains. This symbol urges you not to let depression, sickness, and even death engulf your life.

Shooting an arrow at a target indicates your desire to unravel any evil hatched against you. The Universe will help you to break free from any evil spells cast at you.

You’ll be free of Satan’s bondage, making you more receptive to positive vibes from the angelic realm.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Arrows and Bows?

Spiritually, arrows and bows urge you to fend off negative energies. You should be strong enough to wage war against your spiritual detractors.

The Universe uses this symbol to inspire you not to give in to the temptations of the flesh. Instead, the Universe wants you to show self-restraint when confronted with lust and desire for sensual pleasures.

Additionally, seeing arrows and bows prepares you for the opposition. Not everyone is happy with the progress you’ve been making of late.

Out of jealousy, some of your detractors will block your path. They will deny you the crucial information you need to advance to the next level.

Your angels and other divine guides ask you to vet the people you admit into your life carefully. But, unfortunately, not everyone that claims to care for you means well.

Some just want to know your game plan to bring you down.

Seeing a bow and arrows encourages you to be resolute and single-minded in pursuing excellence.

Don’t allow hindrances on your path to prevent you from accomplishing your dream. Instead, fly with certainty toward your goals like an arrow true to its target.

At the same time, arrows and bows symbolize mind over matter. When you manage to stabilize your emotions, you’ll have less difficulty making important decisions concerning your life.

Seeing a bow and arrow indicates divine support. Your divine guides will not sit by as things go awry for you and your loved ones.

Seeing these symbols shows you’re not alone in your fights and struggles. The Universe will give you the spiritual victory you seek over your enemies.

As such, keep fighting the good fight; don’t give up.

What Do Arrows and Bow Symbolize?

Divine Authority

In some ancient cultures, the bow and arrow signified the power to make decisions on behalf of your family or community.

For example, leaders amongst the Delphi tribes had to carry bows and arrows to signify their special powers.

It was believed that the authority exuded by such leaders came from the gods.

Kings and Queens used symbols of bows and arrows to designate their divine mandate. They were to conquer new lands and protect their people from their enemies.

This was done when bows and arrows were the weapons of choice in battle.

Link Between Heaven and Earth

In some communities, it was common for warriors to compete in shooting arrows toward the sky. It was believed that the arrows would permeate the invisible realm and open a floodgate of blessings.

It was thought that mastery of archery enabled one to tap into the benevolence of the Universe. As such, one has to be disciplined and spiritually sound to become a good marksman.

Virtue, Purification, and Cleansing

Since time immemorial, the Japanese have greatly respected the discipline of Bushido, the Way of the Warrior.

At the core of this philosophy are virtue, cleansing, and purification. To acquire these qualities, one was encouraged to practice archery to perfection.

Bowmen engaged in shooting competitions that sharpened their skills as warriors. To compete effectively in these games, one was expected to be pure in thought and feelings.

Among the Chinese, bows, and arrows were seen as weapons of cleansing. These weapons were used to eliminate unwanted elements from the community.

Fertility and Expansion

In ancient cultures, the gods of the Sun and War had a bow and arrow emblem. These gods were thought to be masculine.

The bow and arrow symbol is also used to represent desire and the act of child-making. Therefore, if this symbol appears in your dream, your family will likely expand in the coming days.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Bows and Arrows

#1 – Good Times Ahead

Seeing a bow and arrow indicates you’re headed for good times. First, however, you need to envision the success you need in your life to attract it.

Good things don’t just happen; they are nurtured. An image of a bow and arrows reminds you that success starts in your mind.

Nothing can stop your growth and progress if guided by a positive mindset.

#2 – Have Your Targets Ready

Work towards achieving something every single day. It is futile to move through life blindly and hope to succeed.

The Universe urges you to break down your goals into manageable targets. This enables you to prioritize your goals and handle the most critical ones first.

#3 – New Beginnings

Seeing arrows and a bow alerts you that a new season is here. It’s time to hunt again for the things you desire to see in your life.

The Universe is gradually easing you toward a new start. Finally, you’ll get all the opportunities you’ve been praying for to advance to the next level of growth.

The bow and arrow symbol indicates overcoming the failures and mistakes of the past. So, behold, the Universe provides you with new energies to rise from the ashes of failure.

Take this opportunity and give it all your efforts.

#4 – Your Projects Are Concluding

Do you feel tired and exhausted by the demands of an ongoing project? Then, the Universe uses a bow and arrow to convince you that you’re your project will come to fruition.

Every new effort you inject into your plans brings them closer to maturity. The arrows and bow symbol indicate your angels are with you, closely monitoring your progress.

Like an arrow flies from a bow true to its target, you’re on the right course.

#5 – Hope and Great Expectations

Things will be better today than they were yesterday. Also, tomorrow will be even better than today because the Universe does not want you to fail.

The Universe wants you to have faith in your abilities to change the course of your life for the better.

The quality of life you enjoy today is directly connected to the thoughts and actions you held yesterday.

Similarly, your thoughts today attract the energies you’ll interact with tomorrow.

#6 – Associate with Trustworthy Friends

A bow and an arrow are complementary. One becomes ineffective in the absence of the other. In the same way, you need friends you can lean on for support in life’s journey.

Your angels and other divine guides call on you to associate with people you can trust with your plans. These people want to see you succeed; they have your best interests at heart.

Avoid revealing your thoughts and plans to people whose intentions are doubtful.

#7 – Tenacity and Resilience

Expert archers prefer a taut bow to a loose one. This is because a taut bowstring gives the arrow the best pull and maximum thrust.

This symbolism indicates you should not fear hard times. On the contrary, it is during hard times that you have the most significant capacity for growth.

The image of an arrow should convince you to rely on your inner strength in troubled times. Use this strength to overcome negative influences, and to choose right over wrong.

#8 – Setbacks and Hiccups

The arrows and bow symbolism indicate that things will not always go according to plan. You will encounter your fair share of setbacks and hiccups.

Just like an arrow sometimes misses its target, you’ll have challenges to contend with in your journey. However, don’t count this as a loss on your side.

You see; you get an opportunity to sharpen your skills whenever you encounter setbacks. This symbol reminds you that challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin.

#9 – Be Consistent

Dreaming of shooting many arrows from the same bow tells you to be steadfast despite the hurdles on your path.

The Universe can’t ignore your efforts when you’re consistent. Every ounce of effort you put into accomplishing a given task counts.

Also, you become mentally stronger when you keep at what you’re doing. Your angels want you to know your resolve is not in vain.

The rewards you seek will soon locate you, at the right divine time.

#10 – Teamwork and Togetherness

Seeing a bow and a quiver full of arrows indicates unity and togetherness. The Universe urges you to work with like-minded people to achieve your personal and professional goals.

If you have come this far by yourself, imagine how much more you can accomplish working with others.

Identify people you can work with, those who believe in your goals and dreams.

These people have your best interests at heart, and will keep pushing you to project the best version of yourself to the world.

#11 – Have an Open Mid

The divine realm uses this image as a sign of objectivity. Be open to other people’s ideas and suggestions.

Whenever you have a critical agenda to pursue, it’s important that you gauge other people’s feelings about your project.

However, this is not to say that you should be accountable to others and their opinions. Instead, you acknowledge that you don’t live on an island by listening to them.

Meaning of an Arrow Pointing Up

The Universe has great plans for you. By sending you this symbol, the divine realm says it’s your time to rise to the next level.

An arrow pointing up indicates a positive change of fortunes. It’s confirmation that the projects you’ve been working on have received divine favor.

This symbol tells you that your Higher Power is closely monitoring your progress. Your prayers for better family and community relationships have not gone unheard.

The Universe is working with speed to restore your balance. Finally, you are on the right path to getting the pay rise or promotion you’ve been working for.

A symbol of an arrow pointing up shows there’s only one way for your love life to proceed: up. Moving forward will tremendously improve the relationship between you and your partner.

This clearly signifies that your efforts will not go down the drain.

Meaning of an Arrow Pointing Down

The Universe uses this sign to teach you about the virtue of humility. There’s much you stand to gain by staying grounded despite the many titles you acquire.

Also, seeing an arrow pointing down points warns about the fall that comes after pride. There’s nothing you can ever gain by being conceited.

A quick look at some of the most spiritually sensitive people shows they have one thing in common.

They stay humble and remain true to their principles; despite the fame, riches, and accolades they accumulate.

Your Ascended Masters use this symbol to remind you that the hallmark of greatness is humility. Look at Buddha, Jesus, and all the Enlightened Ones.

They interacted with and helped the lowliest of people among us. They did not allow the success or their big names to get into their heads.

A symbol of an arrow pointing down wants you to emulate the positive attitude of your Ascended Masters.

Dream About Bows and Arrows Meaning

Dream of an Arrow in Flight

This dream indicates you are on the right path to achieving your goals. In particular, your angels want you to know that your efforts to elevate your family will bear fruit.

If you’ve been working hard to expand your family, you’ll soon achieve this goal.

Dream of Taking Aim with Bow and Arrows

Take action to defend your spirituality. This dream suggests you’ve been too quiet when your enemies have been busy plotting your downfall.

This is an excellent time to fortify your spirituality by engaging deeper in beneficial spiritual practices.

Dream of Shooting Arrows Haphazardly

This is a warning against being lazy. Being lazy is a direct invitation to poverty and misery. Also, this dream warns you against being bedfellows with characters that have no bearing.

If you desire a great future, associate with people that believe in you.

Dream of Shooting an Arrow Short

Did you dream of shooting an arrow, but it fails to hit the target? This signifies you’ll encounter challenges in life’s journey.

Sometimes, things are not as easy as they seem. But, keep working hard because this is no reason to give up.

Dream of Receiving a Bow and Arrow

If someone gifts you a bow and arrow in your dream, it shows divine support. Your angels will send you the help you need in the form of mentors, healers, and teachers.

The Universe will constantly send you particular messages through your intuition and inner wisdom.


Seeing a bow and arrows talks about the tension and relaxation you experience when handling a critical project.

This symbol predicts the growth and expansion of your personal and professional life.

You need to aim straight and true in making decisions concerning your present and future.

You should be ready to expertly pull at life’s strings like a competent archer to achieve the desired results.

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