Full Moon Spiritual Meanings

Interested in the full Moon spiritual meanings? This guide is for you!

In many cultures worldwide, the full Moon is regarded with awe. It is considered a time of mystic and cryptic powers that journey through the land.

Undoubtedly, the full Moon has been instrumental in inspiring some of the best artists of our time.

From award-winning songs and plays to movies and poems, the artists owe their achievements to the potent creativity they experienced during the Full Moon.

This is a period of spiritual illumination and strong emotions. This is further enhanced by the image of the Moon at this time – a complete orb that seems to emit its own light.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon?

The full Moon is accompanied by intense emotional activities felt by humans and animals alike.

Actually, some creatures experience such intense emotions that it is believed they transform into other beings.

Think of werewolves, for instance. It is believed that these mythical creatures get to unleash their full potential during the full Moon.

In the same way, some people are at their most creative during this period.

Just like the oceans experience dramatic tidal changes during the full Moon, some people’s emotions oscillate significantly at this time.

Evidently, a lot of power is unleashed during the full Moon. So how best can you take advantage of this?

Prepare yourself adequately through prayer and meditation to reap the spiritual gifts that accompany the full Moon.

Also, understand how your emotions play out at this time. Are you thrust into an emotional rollercoaster that could mess up your more sensitive relationships?

Or are you the kind that gets highly intuitive and creative during the full Moon?

Understanding how your emotions behave during the full Moon will help you make the best of the energies associated with it.

What’s the Astrological Meaning of the Full Moon?

Astrologically, the Full Moon is a period when the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is straight across the Moon, in opposition to each other.

Seen from the Earth, the Full Moon seems to have light and life of its own. But we know the Moon depends on the Sun for light.

Without the Sun, the Moon would not have any light to reflect back on us on Earth.

This happens during the New Moon. Its position cannot be seen by Earth, and thus we can’t receive the light it gets from the Sun.

As the New Moon gradually grows, it moves out of the shadows, and its light can be seen on Earth.

Once it reaches the Full Moon phase, we can see its resplendent glory in the luminosity it shines down on us.

Indeed, the Full Moon is a time of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental awakening. We become fully aware of who we are and what we stand for.

How to Benefit from the Power of the Full Moon

The Sun is a spirit that represents the divine power of the Universe. For this reason, many cultures worship the Sun as a representation of God, the Divine Source, or the most powerful deities.

On the other hand, the Moon stands for the emotional and physical body. The full Moon is that time of the month when a person experiences the ultimate heightened awareness of self.

This awareness starts with the New Moon and reaches its peak during the Full Moon. At this time, you can tap into the insights of the Sun (the Great Spirit).

It’s easy for you to perceive the vibes from the Universe during the Full Moon than at any other time. This is because the energies taking place during the New Moon become fully manifested during the Full Moon.

The Full Moon heightens your awareness of what’s happening in and around you. This means that if you are well prepared, there’s much you can gain now.

The Full Moon is a phase in the lunar calendar when the Moon is at its most active. This period lasts about 3 or so days.

To flow with the energy of the Moon at this time, you should allow yourself to be with the Moon. Notably, this means listening attentively to your emotions.

Also, you need to tap into the spiritual vibes from the Universe in readiness to flow with the Moon.

It is time to eliminate any emotions or behavior you can no longer live with. If some aspects of your lifestyle make you unhappy, it is time to cut them out.

Do not carry the darkness and pain of your past into the Full Moon. Instead, take every opportunity to eliminate unhealthy thinking patterns and retrogressive habits.

Cleansing your mind and soul puts you in an excellent position to enjoy the full benefits of this period.

Spiritual Practice for the Full Moon

Each lunar cycle comes with different energies. You can tap into each by being adequately prepared. A simple journaling practice can help you gain full advantage of being on the Full Moon.

Here’s how to go about this simple yet effective spiritual practice:

  1. First, gather the stationery you need – a journal, pens, erasers, etc.
  2. Open yourself to the energies of the Universe by moon bathing. This involves spending time outside under the glare of the Full Moon.
  3. Look for a spot with enough light where you can do some writing.
  4. Note down what you felt or thought about while moon bathing. You can capture this information in any way; allow your mind to flow freely.
  5. Write down at least 5 things (no matter how small) you’re grateful for.
  6. On another page of the journal, write your intentions. These are the areas of your life you’d like to improve on.
  7. Flesh out your intentions to make them smart. Be specific about what you want to do to each of the areas of your life you want to work on. Also, give yourself a time limit for accomplishing each task.
  8. Open your heart and mind to guidance from your angels, spirit guides, and Mother Nature.

Why Is Each Full Moon Different?

The energies and powers exuded by the Moon do not work in isolation. Instead, this lunar body works in close collaboration with different planetary forces.

As the Moon travels through the various Zodiac signs, it is affected differently. This means that each Full Moon is different because of the effects of Zodiac signs and other planetary influences.

For example, a Full Moon in Scorpio will help you deal with the stings and challenges of life. This sign urges you to align your spiritual, mental, and emotional faculties to safeguard your life.

A Full Moon in Taurus asks you to be consistent in your work and relationships. Basically, this calls on you not to allow anything to derail you from your goals and dreams.

To fully appreciate the meaning of a Full Moon, heed the influences of the other cosmic forces at work at the time.

Does the Full Moon Affect the Tides?

When you consider the relationship between the ocean and the Moon, you’ll appreciate how powerful astrology is.

The Moon exerts a tidal force through its gravitational pull, creating huge waves when directly above or below an ocean.

This creates enormous tides twice a day.

These tides are at their highest during the Full Moon. In other words, more than any other phase, the Full Moon exerts the strongest influence on the ocean.

Although this is a scientific fact, it has rich spiritual undertones. Since the ocean can go furthest to the shores during the Full Moon, our fullest potential is around the same time.

This is further given credence by the fact that our bodies are 70% water. Therefore, we are powerfully affected by the Full Moon as much as it affects the oceans.

It may become hard for us to act rationally and practically during the Full Moon. Our emotions seem to take over our lives, and we go with what we feel.

But, this is no excuse to blame the Moon for our errors, mistakes, and blunders! Like all forces of the Universe, the Moon taps into energy already present.

The Full Moon accentuates your thoughts and feelings. This means that if you are of a positive mindset, the Full Moon opens your eyes to the positive energies around you.

Suppose you are driven by a bad attitude. In that case, however, you’ll likely encounter setbacks, challenges, and mood swings during the Full Moon.

We take full responsibility for whatever we do during the Full Moon. That’s why it is vital to spiritually prepare for the advent of this period in our lives.

You can do this by letting go as the Full Moon advances. Release old energies and anything else that would hold you back from enjoying life in its fullness.

You can achieve a lot by practicing Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations), dancing in the moonlight, meditation, and Journaling (as earlier described).

Also, be alert to the Full Moon and the energies it brings into your world. Remember, every Full Moon comes with different energies – the more reason you should prepare for each cycle.

Aligning Yourself with the Four Phases of the Moon

To fully benefit from the energies of the Full Moon, it’s essential to put this phase of the lunar cycle into perspective.

The Full Moon grows from the New Moon and Waxing Moon phases, before giving way to the Waning Moon.

Each of these phases has a significant influence on your life. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to ensure your life is not unnecessarily interrupted as the phases change.

By observing these rituals, you align yourself with the natural world and create awareness of your own power.

The natural fluctuations of the Moon will correspond to your emotional volatility. As such, you should not be worried when you experience energetic and mental shifts.

Also, you should not be too worried when you experience the occasional dip in emotions.

Ritual for the New Moon

The New Moon stands for new beginnings. At this time, the Moon is at its darkest and can hardly be seen from Earth.

This is the dark phase of the Moon. From here, the Moon starts to gradually build its brightness, and with it, its strength.

This Moon phase tells you there’s no other place to go but up or forward. You’ll fully appreciate this message if you are going through an anxious phase of your life.

The New Moon tells you to rise above your challenges. You can achieve this by letting go of any negative notions pulling you down.

What can you do during the New Moon?

The ritual for the New Moon is to work on your journey intentions. Here are a few things you can do to actualize this ritual:

  • First, open a ‘New Moon Intentions’ page in your journal.
  • Next, visualize five things you’d like to accomplish during this moon cycle. Then, write them down on the journal page.
  • As you write the intentions down, use affirmative words of actualization. For example, you can say Amen, or it shall be so with each entry.
  • As each intention comes to fruition, cross it out of the list. Remember, some intentions will not materialize immediately. Be patient.
  • As each intention materializes, show gratitude. This is the only way to make the intentions work in your life.

Ritual for the Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon can be described as a time for action. The Moon is beginning to glow, fueling your goals and dreams with its wisdom.

This is the time to work on the seeds you planted during the previous phase of the Moon. Keep your energies focused on the changes you need to see as the seeds sprout and grow.

The Waxing Moon Phase is a period of great energy and heightened motivation. This is a time to double your effort and commitment to what you’re doing.

Don’t allow the setbacks you might experience along the way to slow you down. Your eyes must stay fixed on the ultimate goal.

What can you do during the Waxing Moon?

This is an excellent time to work with your intuitive oracle. You can quickly achieve this by working on your pack of oracle cards.

Try this:

  • Take out your pack of oracle cards and take a deep breath for inspiration.
  • Shuffle the cards as you tune in to your intentions.
  • Spread out the cards and place your hand slightly above them.
  • Pull out any two cards that give you a magnetic pull.
  • The first card clarifies your intention, while the second tells you the action needed to accomplish that intention.

Ritual for the Full Moon

This is the fullest, brightest, and roundest phase of the Moon. This lunar body stands in her full glory as she receives unfettered illumination from the Sun.

The Full Moon represents completion, abundance, change, growth, and maturity. All the seeds you planted during the New Moon have now matured.

The Full Moon calls on you to use all your faculties to enjoy life fully. You should align your emotions and mind with your spiritual growth to achieve this.

In other words, no aspect of your life should be left lagging behind. This is the time to unleash your full potential because every cosmic energy works in your favor.

However, because of the opposite positions of the Sun and the Moon, this can also be a time of intense friction.

Tread carefully by being honest with yourself and others. Any form of dishonesty may create a polarity that can never be mended.

What can you do during the Full Moon?

This is the best time to charge your crystals. Go about this in the following ways:

  • Leave your crystals exposed to the Full Moon. Ensure that you place them somewhere safe, secure, and dry.
  • Let them soak in the cosmic energies of the Full Moon for the next 48 hours.
  • As this happens, the Full Moon cleanses and activates the crystals.

Ritual for the Waning Moon

This is the time to soften and surrender in readiness to start afresh. Therefore, this moon phase can be described as the period of conscious endings.

The Waning Moon tells you to take it slow. It is time to rest and relax, especially if you have been moving too fast.

The Waning Moon urges us to reflect on our accomplishments and develop new strategies for the future.

This is an excellent time to take stock of your life. You’ll realize that you need to shed and release some things moving forward.

What can you do during the Waning Moon?

The Waning Moon is a time to de-clutter – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Clear everything you no longer need.

You don’t have to throw everything away. But, for the material things, you can give them to some deserving causes.

Anything that weighs you down has to go. Moving to the next phase, you should be in a clean and clear space.


How the Full Moon affects our mental states and moods are shrouded in mystique.

However, this post has given you the basics to understand why you experience the way you do during the Full Moon.

The takeaway is this: with proper preparation, you can make your Full Moon experiences more fruitful.

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