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Ase (a-SHAY) is a word used in prayers as an affirmation and blessing. This word originated in the Nigerian dialect of Yoruba. But has since become widespread and is used in many parts of the world.

Ase is a statement that affirms a devotee’s belief in the power of the divine. It energizes and inspires the faithful to hold on to hope from heaven.

By boldly saying this word, the devotees know that their prayers have been heard in the highest quarters in the Universe.

Ase affirms that the believer’s words move straight to God’s ears. Other words that convey the same spiritual meaning as Ase include Amen, Prana (Hindu), and Qi(Japanese).

The believer is filled with vital life force by repeatedly saying this word in a prayer session. They thus exude confidence as they handle their personal matters.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Ase?

Spiritually, Ase means the life force you need during prayer. It is a call to the angelic and spiritual realms for support.

The Yoruba used this word during prayer to call on the spirit of their ancestors. It is an appeal for extraordinary power to tackle any issues you may be going through.

As can also be defined as the cumulative power you get from all the divine beings in heaven. With this kind of support, you can channel your spiritual energies into suitable pursuits.

Believers become bolder and more confident by chanting the word Ase. Likewise, devotees become more confident of their intentions by repeatedly uttering this word loudly.

The word Ase is not typically used in quiet prayer. Instead, it is meant to be said loudly like a bold call to the heavens.

It is a confirmation that you desire the support of your departed loved ones in manifesting your goals and plans.

Believers know that by saying this word, they access divine energy that fills them with hope for better things to come.

What’s the Meaning of ASE in Swahili?

In the East African coastal language of Swahili, the word Ase indicates divine intervention. The faithful use this word when appealing for supernatural power from the Universe.

People use this term when appealing directly to God or their ancestors. It is believed that its use summons great power from the force that governs the lives of humans.

In Swahili, Ase means power that supersedes all other forms of control. This kind of power can only be obtained from the most significant authority in the Universe.

The use of Ase indicates that one has a close connection with the angelic and spiritual realms. Therefore, it is traditional for one to sanctify themselves before employing this word in any form of prayer.

Similar to words used as a blessing, Ase summons positive energies into one’s life. The Swahili people used Ase to indicate their desire to be one with the spirit of their ancestors.

The Word Ase is still widely used in places of worship in many parts of Eastern and Western Africa. Moreover, it was at the core of worship in African traditional religion, commonly referred to as ATR.

Ase has even found its way into mainstream religions such as Christianity. This is proof that this word is held in high esteem today as it was in the olden days.

How Should I Use ASE in Prayer?

Ase gives the words you use in prayer more power. It is the vitality that conveys your words into a compelling request the divine cannot ignore.

As such, the words you use before uttering Ase should be purposeful. You must deliberately think them through before speaking them.

This is because Ase affirms the content of your words. It converts those words from mere statements into a forceful plea for divine intervention.

The word Ase should be used wisely in prayer. It is a call to action that creates the right mindset to achieve your goals and dreams.

What is it that you desire most in your life? Speaking Ase in your prayer communicates this desire to your divine guides.

It affirms your belief in divine guidance, support, and love. By uttering Ase, you demonstrate your commitment to follow the instructions that come to you from heaven.

The use of Ase in prayer is also a pledge. It tells the Universe that you have subjected yourself to divine providence.

Ase means your angels and other spiritual guides that you will willingly follow their commands.

Superstitions and Messages Associated with the Use of Ase

#1 – Answered Prayers

When you hear the word Ase while in prayer, the Universe has opened the door to blessings for you. Your desire is as good as granted.

The word Ase conveys a message of love and hope. It encourages you to maintain your goals and dreams in focus.

#2 – Spiritual Sensitivity

It is thought that mentioning the world Ase 7 times in prayer leads to spiritual insight. Saying this word aloud draws the attention of the Universe to you.

So, if you want spiritual enlightenment and awakening, try incorporating this word into your prayer ritual.

Your angels and divine guide will help you to stay spiritually conscious. This means it will be easier for you to tap into the energies of the Universe.

#3 – A Symbol of Faith

By using this word in prayer, you profess your belief in the work of a Higher Being. In addition, it is a way of acknowledging that God plays a vital role in your life.

The word Ase indicates you believe you are one with the Universe. You have complete confidence that your angels and other divine guides are keenly watching over you.

By repeatedly saying this word in prayer, you want the Universe to know you have faith in its ability to take care of you.

#4 – Belief in Your Abilities

Those who use this word in prayer have absolute faith in themselves. It is an affirmation that you have what it takes to run your life.

Uttering the word Ase indicates you won’t allow worry, anxiety, and self-doubt to ruin your peace and happiness.

You are confident about who you are and what you stand for. By chanting Ase in your prayer session, you display confidence in your ability to attain your full potential.

#5 – Your Angels Are with You

The word Ase gives you much-needed comfort if you are going through a rough patch. This word indicates that you are not alone during your moments of vulnerability.

The Universe will dispatch its best forces to walk life’s journey with you. Hearing the word Ase should fill you with confidence.

The spirits of your dead loved ones are all around you; they will not see you fail. The Universe feels your pain, and your angels can see your fear.

The word Ase tells you not to worry; everything will be alright.

#6 – A sign of Expansion

Chanting the word Ase shows you seek a promotion. It’s an appeal to your divine guides for elevation and expansion.

Ase gives you the spiritual authority to pursue your ideals fearlessly. People that use this word tend to attract honor and respect in equal measure.

The power in the word Ase identifies you as a born leader. You have what it takes to guide others to make meaning of their lives.

#7 – Watch Your Tongue

The Yoruba believed that what one says using the word Ase is unchangeable. This means that your prayers, supplications, and requests cannot be revoked.

This means you should be very careful what you utter before and after using the word Ase. In addition, it is recommended that you should be in the right frame of mind before starting your prayer session.

What’s the Hidden Symbolic Meaning of ASE?

It is an Affirmation

Saying the word ASE affirms your belief in your Higher Power. You trust your angels and the Ascended Masters to see you through the tricky parts of your life.

It is close in meaning to the word Amen, which means may it be so. So when someone says something positive about you, affirm it with a loud ASE.

Receive and possess the blessings being sent into your life by repeatedly saying this world.

It is the Power to Create

Chanting the term ASE gives life to your other words. This is to say that ASE gives you the power to create.

ASE is a life force. It inspires you to pursue your goals and dreams fearlessly.

ASE Awakens Your Life Force

When people are born, they come into this world with a specific life force. Therefore, by using this word in your prayers, you awaken your life force and better understand your divine life purpose.

Speaking of this world negates the toxic energies around you. This allows you to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

It Connects You to Your Dead Loved Ones

According to the Yoruba of Nigeria (where the word ASE came from), this word awakens the spirit of the ancestors.

More and more people turn to the power hidden in ASE when they want to create a connection with their departed loved ones.

Final Thoughts…

By any standards, ASE is one of the most powerful spiritual words. This word has been the guiding spirit in many regions of Africa.

By incorporating ASE in your prayer ritual, you tell the Universe of your desire to achieve your goals and dreams.

Saying this word repeatedly indicates your desire to incorporate all the positive energies in the world in your efforts.

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