17 Signs the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone

Are you interested in Signs the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone? Then this guide is for you!

The Universe constantly sends signs we can use to improve our lives. However, because of the nature of our fast-paced world, most of us are too busy to read the signs.

So, how do you know the Universe wants you to be with someone? If this matter is essential to you, the Universe has already responded.

You need to quiet your life and see the beautiful patterns the Universe wants you to see. These signs are everywhere you look in the natural world.

This means you should not take anything as a coincidence. It could be the Universe talking to you about your desire to find your perfect partner.

Does the Universe Want Me to Find Someone?


You are meant to meet someone with whom to tackle life’s ups and downs. The Universe will constantly send you help to make the right decision about your soul mate.

However, this does not mean that you should fold your arms, sit back, and wait for miracles. Your input is required in this matter.

If you want to find the right partner, here are a few things you can do to alert your angels you are ready:

  • Self-Love and Self-Care

This signifies you have embraced a positive mindset and are ready to walk on the right path.

  • Build Your Confidence Levels

Do things by yourself to show you are in charge of your life. For example, try making crucial decisions on your own and seeing them through.

This proves you won’t be over-dependent on your partner when they enter your life.

  • Visit the Right Places

What kind of partner would you like? Visit places where you’re likely to find them. Of course, you should choose someone who complements your health, wellness, and lifestyle choices.

  • Position Yourself

This means getting out of your comfort zone. Get out more often and have more contacts on your social media accounts.

However, as you go about this, take care not to compromise your safety and security.

  • Set Your Standards and Stick to Them

The right partner can live up to your high expectations. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to lower your standards to find someone.

  • Watch Out for Green and Red Flags

Keep a list of green and red flags to determine the right partner. Green flags highlight the qualities you should look for in a potential partner.

Red flags show the attributes and qualities you should shun at all costs.

Signs the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone

#1 – You Keep Bumping into Them

The Universe works in mysterious ways. It will create a series of coincidences that bring you and your partner together.

You’ll keep bumping into each other in all sorts of places – from the grocery store to the gym and social hangouts.

This is a divine signal you need to explore the possibilities of being with this person.

#2 – Your Intuition Tells You

Two things that can never lie are your intuition and inner wisdom. So listen attentively to what these aspects of your life have to say about your search for a partner.

Your angels and other divine guides often communicate with you through these channels. Likewise, your intuition will alert you if the Universe wants you to find someone.

#3 – You See Angel Numbers

Angel numbers emanate from the Universe, a place of pure love, perfect peace, and divine light.

The divine realm uses these numbers to tell you about your life, among them your love prospects.

If you badly want to be with someone special, listen keenly to the message of angel numbers. Pay close attention to the meaning of angel numbers 7, 8, 77, 88, 777, and 888.

You can also listen to the message borne by any angelic sign with the number 5 – such as 5, 15, 25, 35, 50, and 55.

#4 – A Visit from a Spirit Animal

You’ll receive a visit from a spirit animal that points you in the right direction. This signal bears much weight if the animal in question is the spirit animal of the person you’d like to be with.

Study this spirit guide closely to understand how to approach the apple of your eye.

#5 – You Feel Relaxed Around This Person

Although you’d like to be with the person in your mind, you don’t feel any pressure around them. Instead, you feel relaxed and calm every time you meet them.

You don’t get the urgency to seal the deal and jump into the relationship. You’ll know the Universe supports you when you feel relaxed enough to wait for the right divine time.

#6 – You’ve Released Old Baggage

Everyone is burdened by some element of old baggage from their past.

Suppose you desire to unburden yourself of your old habits, toxic emotions, and poor thinking patterns. In that case, the Universe is readying you for great things ahead.

It could be you are about to meet the one!

#7 – You Are at Peace with Yourself

You can’t be with someone while still fighting your inner battles. The Universe wants you to take charge of your life before you get into a serious relationship.

If you feel you’ve brought all aspects of your life under control, the time is ripe to move to the next stage of your existence.

It’s time to meet that special someone.

#8 – You Become Bolder and More Confident

You’ll know the Universe supports your quest when you become more confident about your abilities. Then, you start seeing opportunities where previously, you could only see risks and hardships.

The Universe is pushing you to see beyond your fears.

#9 – You Keep Seeing Love everywhere

Your mind is tuned to love, and you can’t help but see love everywhere you look. As a result, love-themed TV shows suddenly gain a certain appeal in your home.

You can’t help but see all the couples paying attention to each other in your neighborhood. Even the chirping of birds seems to carry a love message.

The Universe tells you one thing: the season is ripe for you.

#10 – They Appear in Your Dreams

If you dream about the person you desire to be with, don’t take it as a coincidence. Instead, the Universe wants you to thoroughly examine this matter and see how best you can approach it.

This dream urges you not to be fearful; this is an excellent time to make your approach.

#11 – You’re Not Afraid of Being Turned Down

When love comes from the Universe, it does not complicate your life. It does not fill you with pain or fear.

You’ll find it easy to go with the flow when the Universe wants you to be with someone. You’ll be bold enough to open up to the emotions and feelings of love without fearing being turned down.

#12 – You Focus on Those Who Want to See You Grow

You’ll know the Universe is working with you when your interest in those not interested in your life wanes.

You start acting more maturely and responsibly. You know the Universe wants you to be with someone when you cut off the recklessness that characterized your earlier years.

#13 – The Past No Longer Matters

The failures and mistakes of the past no longer matter. You are no longer bound by the anger, pain, resentment, and hatred that characterized your past.

You’re ready to get into a new relationship with a clean heart.

#14 – Do You Remember Meeting This Person Before

The Universe will plan it in a way you remember meeting this person before. For example, you may remember a presentation they made in a forum you attended, and how it moved you.

The Universe will rekindle fond memories of your encounter with this person. This is a powerful signal that you need to make your move.

#15 – Their Energy is Palpable

Without trying hard, you can feel the energy this person exudes. You can tap into their positive aura, giving you a positive message.

Your prospects with this person are good, and the Universe wants you to know you’re good for each other.

#16 – You Know You’re Destined to be Together

The Universe opens your mind to realize your past relationships did not work because they were not suitable for you.

You’ll feel that the person you have in mind is the right one, and things will work out. This is because the Universe repeatedly sends signs that you’re meant to be with this person.

#17 – A Genuine Psychic Confirms It

Talking to an expert psychic is not only therapeutic, but it also opens your eyes to many possibilities. A psychic will help you understand when the Universe wants you to be with someone.

Psychic opens our minds to see messages from the Universe more clearly. They guide us to make the right decisions concerning the crucial aspects of our life.

As you go about this, be careful you are not duped by the many quacks pretending to be psychics.


If you have been sending an appeal to heaven to be reunited with someone, you can be sure the Universe has heard you, loud and clear.

Your divine guides want you to be happy. However, one thing you should always bear in mind is that you were not brought into this world to suffer.

The Universe wants you to find someone with whom you can walk life’s journey.

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