20 Signs You’re Spiritually Connected to Someone

Wondering if you are spiritually connected to someone? This guide is for you!

Social beings enjoy connecting with similar beings; that’s why you find people reaching out to others in good and bad times.

People connect physically and spiritually for all kinds of reasons.

For example, you’ll create a connection because you need someone to spend hours with. You may also connect with someone for their prowess in a particular field.

You believe that you can both learn from each other.

All the same, some connections are more profound and intricate than others because they have a spiritual base.

It’s usually hard to explain how such relationships start; they just happen out of the blue. Yet, spiritual connections have a powerful impact on the parties involved.

So, how do you know you are spiritually aligned with someone? Here are the signs to look for.


Signs You Are Spiritually Connected to Someone

#1 – You Trust Them fully

In our fast-paced world, it is hard to find someone you can trust 100%. However, trust issues are out of the question when encountering a person you’re meant to be with.

From the word go, you can trust this person with intimate details about your life 100%. This should be a big feat, especially if you have been let down or hurt.

#2 – Your Gut Feelings Tell You So

Of all your innate gifts, your instincts will be the last to let you down. If your gut feeling tells you you’re powerfully connected to your partner, there’s no reason to doubt it.

The Universe often communicates important messages through your instincts. That’s why we are advised that whenever in doubt, consult your instincts.

Interestingly, you may be unable to give a concrete reason why this connection feels so solid. It just happens to be there, and you appreciate it the way it is.

#3 – You Are at Peace with Each Other

Once you find each other, a lot of explanation is not necessary. Although you can’t tell why this happens, you feel perfect in each other’s company.

You are happy, content, and peaceful when together. You have no trouble keeping a conversation alive.

Actually, you are quite okay with or without a conversation.

#4 – You Have Similar Goals

You seem to read from the same script regarding your goals and dreams. You have the same motivations, and you draw your inspiration from the same set of factors.

You are powered by similar mindsets to work for the same goals and objectives. You have similar views concerning leisure time and how to spend it.

In a nutshell, you are uniquely compatible.

#5 – You Look After Each Other’s Welfare

You find it natural to look after your partner just like they find it easy to take care of you. Whether you’re together or not, you protect each other’s interests.

Neither of you is at peace when one of you has a problem. Whenever one encounters a challenge, it immediately becomes a shared challenge.

Without even being asked, you go out of your way to ensure your partner is safe and secure.

#6 – You Recognize Them Immediately

When this person comes into your life, you immediately recognize them for who they are. You can tell from the beginning that you’ll play an essential role in this person’s life.

The unique nature of your spiritual connection is evident from the moment you meet.

#7 – You Encounter Similar Angel Numbers

Because of the spiritual bond you share with your partner, the Universe communicates to you in the same language.

You’ll see the same angel numbers within the same period. This is not a coincidence. The Universe is trying to tell you that you have much in common.

A close look at the message of the angel number will guide you on how best to proceed.

#8 – You Have Never Been Happier Around a Person

The presence of this person makes your life complete. As a result, you feel comfortable enough to lower your guard in their presence.

With them, you feel safe and well taken care of. This is proof that the connection you share is out of this world.

It has been ordained in the highest places in heaven.

#9 – Your Conversations Are Fulfilling

When you are spiritually connected with someone, your conversations are forever fresh. As a result, you always have something new and tempting to share with your partner.

You enjoy the same topics of discussion. Your talks are deep and meaningful, and you don’t hold anything from each other.

This is the person you rush to when you have something juicy or scandalous to share. You don’t feel shy or ashamed talking to them about anything.

#10 – You’re Mutually Attracted to Each Other

Your partner’s physical attributes are a powerful magnet for you. You find everything about their physical looks.

You like this person as they are – with their strengths, shortcomings, and all. Your intimacy goes beyond the bedroom.

This is because the physical attraction you feel for each other emanates from the spiritual realm.

#11 – You Feel Like You’ve Been Together Forever

When you meet this person, you feel like you’ve known them all your life.

The spiritual connection you enjoy is so powerful that it renders null and void all the years you’ve not been together.

Your soul recognizes you were meant to be a part of this person. This feeling is likely because your relationship has not just started.

You were likely soul mates or twin flames in a past life.

#12 – You Heal Each Other

Being spiritually connected with someone means you understand the source of their joys and pains. They also understand what makes you tick or puts you down.

This means you are uniquely positioned to solve each other’s problems. You’ll realize you’re the shoulder your partner needs when things are rough on their side.

Conversely, you consider them your saving grace when everything in your life turns upside down.

#13 – You Effortless Create Laughter

You take every opportunity to enjoy hearty laughs when you’re together. This happens spontaneously; you don’t have to plan anything.

You find humor in the same topics and situations. You even see fun where most other people would not.

This goes a long way to enhance the strength and health of your relationship.

#14 – You Act True Around Your Partner

You don’t need to pretend or act funny around this person. Your powerful spiritual connection makes it easy to be true to yourself.

You project genuine thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. From the depths of your heart, you know your partner wants nothing but the very best for you.

As such, you don’t have to put on airs around them.

#15 – You’re Ready to Grow Together

There’s no question in your mind that you and your partner will grow old together. Because your spiritual bond is so strong, you’re willing to be in this relationship for the long haul.

You’re undoubtedly convinced that this is the right partner for you. But, given a chance to choose again, you’d prefer this person over and over again because they make you complete.

This is the partner you’d like to spend your sunset years with.

#16 – You Complement Each Other

You feel that neither can do without the other. You are like two pieces of the same piece. By coming together, you make the piece whole and complete.

Your differences work to your advantage instead of pulling you asunder. You compensate for what your partner lacks, and they prop you in your weak areas.

This way, you both look solid and whole.

#17 – You Read from the Same Page

You see things from the same perspective when it comes to controversial issues. Likewise, you have similar opinions on topical matters.

You’re likely to respond the same way to issues of global warming, nuclear testing, marine conservation, and the rise in radicalism.

This is because of the spiritual energies that bind you come from the same source. Therefore, you are inspired by the same heavenly powers.

#18 – You Support Each Other’s Spiritual Journey

You are both determined to make meaningful strides in your spiritual journey. The good thing is that you’re ready to support each other in this endeavor.

This further attests to the powerful spiritual bond you share.

#19 – You Respect Each Other

You’ll know you are spiritually connected to your partner if you treat each other with dignity and respect.

You’re keen not to use hurtful words on each other. However, considering the level and intensity of your spiritual bond, this comes rather effortlessly for you.

You are driven by the desire to listen to and support each other’s endeavors.

#20 – An Expert Psychic Confirms It

This is a foolproof way of telling that you are spiritually connected to someone. An expert psychic has the knowledge and wherewithal to decipher several of your spiritual concerns.

They will help you understand your life and embrace all the beneficial connections you’ve received from the Universe.

However, take care that you don’t fall into the hands of a quack psychic. Unfortunately, a good number of bogus psychics masquerade as experts to fleece unsuspecting clients.


The above signs give you a pretty good idea of whether your relationship is genuine and deep enough to withstand the test of time.

The Universe wants you to be happy. One way of achieving this is by finding and living with someone with whom you are compatible.

This is someone you can trust 100%. Align yourself with someone who has your best interests at heart.

This person will keep inspiring you to put your best foot forward. In addition, they will go out of their way to help you project the best version of yourself to the world.

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