20 Signs You Will Never Find Love

Are you interested in Signs You Will Never Find Love? Then this guide is for you!

If you have been in and out of love, you know love doesn’t come easy. Actually, love does not come at all for a good number of people.

Although almost everyone wants to enjoy true love, not all can find or sustain it. For some, love comes unexpectedly.

For others, it is forever elusive. These people often wonder why they can’t have what others have.

What’s the Meaning of True Love?

True love is a complete emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical connection between two people. However, this is not to say that true love is perfect love.


There’s no such thing as perfect love. Every relationship has its own share of hiccups and setbacks.

You may not be the right candidate for love if you view true love in slow-motion kisses and flashing fireworks.

You may be better off single. Being single has its ups and down, as well. Whether to stay single or form a relationship depends on your disposition, goals, and dreams.

You may not be able to form a meaningful love connection unless you acknowledge that:

  • Love relationships are not perfect
  • Being single is not wrong
  • You can’t fix your partner
  • Healthy relationships don’t just happen out of the blue
  • You’re better off single than being stuck in a loveless union

Signs You Will Never Find Love

#1 – Effect of Past Trauma

Negative past experiences may act as a huge deterrent to finding true love.

Suppose you have been walking around with the toxic energies of your past clearly imprinted on your forehead. In that case, you’re a turn-off for prospective partners.

You’ll never find true love if you hold on to worry, fear, anger, resentment, and jealousy. This is because you may be too fearful of trusting someone else.

#2 – Your Priories Are Wrong

In your list of priorities, you have relegated love, companionship, and emotional support to the periphery.

You pay more attention to things with no bearing on your love life. For example, it could be that you spend all your time and effort on your studies.

Or, all your mental and emotional resources are consumed by your career.

You need to pause and consider whether you want to spend your life alone or with someone else. Then, if it’s later, you need to start reaching out to create meaningful social connections.

#3 -You Look for Love in the Wrong Places

It may not be your fault that you cannot find true love. So quit blaming yourself and thinking you’re not good enough for love.

You could have concentrated your search in the wrong demographic and geographic areas. Instead, you must look for love in people who mirror your lifestyle.

Suppose the people you associate yourself with find your values untenable. In that case, there’s little hope of finding a partner in their midst.

#4 – You Have Erected Emotional Barriers

Although you are intelligent and good-looking, prospective partners need help to connect with you emotionally.

You have built emotional walls that are hard to perpetuate. Do you make others uncomfortable? Do you make others feel less important?

#5 – You Have Not Set Your Standards

Contrary to popular opinion, you’re likely to get true love when your standards are high. However, with low standards, everything goes.

You’ll attract lazy bones without the idea of creating and sustaining a strong union. Many will come into your life for a quick thrill and exit as soon as they’re called upon to be committed.

#6 – You’re Yet to Find Your Soul Mate

It is hard to find true love unless you connect with your soul mate or twin flame. If you cannot see this person, love will remain an illusion.

This is your cue not to waste time and energy on anyone whose energies are off. If this person does not stir positive feelings, you’re better off on your own until your soul mate comes along.

#7 – You’re Too Hasty

When you’re too eager for love, it will likely keep eluding you. Making hasty decisions about matters of the heart leads to serious mistakes.

You are a prime candidate for heartbreaks if you rush things all the time. For example, rushing your partner to commit they are not ready for may force them to leave you alone.

As long as you scare people with your sense of urgency, you’re likely never to find love.

#8 – Wrong Choice of Friends

Do you keep the right company? You’re likely to scare off a love prospect by being involved with toxic friends and situations.

It’s even worse if you tag these friends along on your date. YourYour potential partner may think you exude the same qualities as your friends.

#9 – You Lack the Drive

Have you ever heard the phrase that love is not for the weak or the faint-hearted? You’re unlikely to find and sustain love if you are not assertive enough.

You can’t build a strong partnership by being passive. A strong and healthy love connection requires complete emotional, mental, and physical involvement.

#10 – Poor Work-Life Balance

You’re too busy with your studies or work to sustain life. Yet, all aspects of your life are essential. This means you should not sacrifice your love life at the altar of materialism.

It’s okay to work to put food on the table, but leave enough time to explore your options in love.

#11 – Lack of a Mentor

You fail at love because you don’t have someone credible to emulate. You don’t have someone to hold your hands and show you the intricacies of love.

As such, one heartbreak is enough to kill your faith in love. It will be challenging to find true love unless you get someone reliable to help you handle your past pains.

#12 – You’re Too Choosy

Being picky is different from creating high standards. When you create high standards, it means you’re not ready to settle for mediocrity.

This is a good thing, for it shows you’re strong enough to wait for a partner that deserves you.

On the other hand, being choosy means you discriminate on mediocre parameters. For example, you could choose based on looks and not values.

This makes it hard for you to find the right partner.

#13 – You’re Too Jumpy

You’re too jumpy to settle into one relationship. Instead, you could love traveling worldwide and engaging in activities most people consider weird.

You may need help finding love because your values and principles keep shifting. But, unfortunately, your personal beliefs are not tethered either.

A potential partner may find it hard to make of you.

#14 – You Don’t Socialize

How can you find love if you’re not ready to reach out for it? People scared of connecting with others are more likely to remain single than those who socialize.

You need to spend time with like-minded people to build your social capital. The more people you interact with, the better your chances of finding love.

#15 – You Have Closed Your Heart to Love

You can’t find love unless you’re ready for it. This is particularly important because love may come to you unexpectedly.

If you are not ready to grab opportunities when presented to you, these opportunities will pass you by.

#16 – You’ve Given Up on Love

You have likely been heartbroken so often that you no longer believe in love. You have convinced yourself that love is a lie, and that it never really counts in this life.

How will you ever find your love if you don’t believe in it? Finding the right love starts with a positive mindset.

#17 – You Catch Feelings Too Fast

A reason that makes you lose love quickly is that you get emotional too fast. As a result, you fall in love before you know your partner well.

In the same way, you get angry too fast. If you want to find and maintain love, pause whenever you need to make an emotional decision.

Don’t be so desperate to find love that you throw all caution to the wind. But, at the same time, avoid clinging to a relationship before establishing your partner’s authenticity.

#18 – You Look for Perfection, Not Love

Your energies are misdirected. Instead of looking for love, your focus is on perfection. The truth is that no relationship is perfect.

Your energies are seriously misdirected if you’re looking for a perfect partner. A relationship established on a weak foundation cannot stand the test of time.

#19 – Low Self-Esteem

People respond to the energies you put out there. So, for example, looking down on yourself means others will not have confidence in you.

You’ll have the capacity to love someone else if you love yourself. So treat yourself well, and others will do the same.

You can’t project a good image of yourself by living through positive affirmations. However, when it comes to matters of love, attitude is king.

#20 – An Expert Advisor Confirms It

Seeing a genuine spiritual advisor with questions about your love life to getting the answers you need. Make it a point to speak to an expert psychic about why you never seem to find love.

They will help you identify the signs and recommend the way forward.


It’s not obvious you’ll find true love when you want it. A number of factors come into play to determine whether you’ll find love or not.

You can live a happy, peaceful, and highly productive life with or without a partner. It all boils down to a matter of choice, really.

Those in stable relationships have lots of fun and excitement. But, conversely, there’s a kind of magic that can only be enjoyed when you’re alone.

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