Christian Wicca or Witch

Are you interested in whether you can be a Christian Wicca or Witch? Then this guide is for you!

Since the early 20th century, the Wicca cult has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The Wicca has been around for some time. However, it got a breath of fresh air in the mid-20th century, when books and publications about this movement started coming out.

This revival was facilitated by the growth of social movements (such as #MeToo) and feminist politics.

Many Christians ask themselves whether they can remain Christians and simultaneously observe Wicca traditions and beliefs.

Well, what any Christian needs to understand is that Wiccans practice witchcraft and magic.

However, the debate is still on whether this cult is made up of witches or poisoners.

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What is Wicca?

Wicca is derived from the ancient Angle-Saxon word wicce, which means the ability to harness the forces of nature for your benefit.

It is a cult that taps into unseen wisdom and knowledge from the Universe to solve real-life problems.

However, this definition often gets muddied when considering that Wiccans are associated with Neo-Paganism, Occultism, Witchcraft, and Poisoning.

Although these terms may look clear at a glance, they often mean more or less the same thing, and it may be difficult to tell them apart.

What is Neo-paganism?

There has been a recent revival in ancient religions that used to worship nature and the gods of nature.

These polytheistic religions, most of them Middle Eastern and European, emphasize that our power as humans is derived from our association with nature.

What is Occultism?

This is the practice and belief of tapping hidden knowledge from nature using arts like divination, alchemy, and astrology.

By tapping into this knowledge, Wiccans can fashion their lives into the desired shape.

What is Witchcraft?

This is using magic or sorcery to create desirable changes in nature. There’s good and dark sorcery and magic.

The dark art of sorcery causes harm and dangerous imbalance in one’s life and the community.

What is Poisoning?

The ability to harness the forces of nature to determine important changes in your life or the life of others.

This practice can be good-intentioned or dark – like magic or sorcery.

Are Wiccans Satanists?

Most Wiccans do not believe in Satan. Put in another way, a Wiccan can be a Satanist, while not all Satanists are Wiccans.

This comes about because Wiccans are in different groups, or covens, with each coven having its own rules and practices.

None of the covens is given power over the other.

A Christian needs to know that some Wiccan covens may be practicing Satanists. In contrast, others will have nothing to do with Satanism.

It is hard to tell which Wiccan coven worships Satan unless you get in touch with them through their communication channels.

All Wiccan covens live by one universal rule, The Rede. It states that No Wiccan should harm anyone; everyone should be allowed to live as they deem fit.

This means you have the liberty to make your own rules in life based on your conscience. So do what pleases you, as long as you don’t negatively interfere with other people’s lives.

Without a doubt is that all Wiccans worship nature. They merge spiritual and natural forces to get desirable results based on their needs.

Common Wiccan Beliefs

The Threefold Rule

Wiccans subscribe to the Threefold Rule. It states: Anything you do will return threefold in your lifetime.

This is the Wiccan version of the Law of Karma. They believe in living their lives to the fullest without harming other people in the process.

To the Wicca, the mantra of live and let live has a practical application.

Worship of the Mother Goddess and the Horned God

Wiccans believe that these two deities are everywhere in nature. The Mother Goddess is well represented by the Moon and other feminine objects you see daily.

On the other hand, the Horned God resides in all things that exude masculine energy. This deity is hidden in the thunder’s roar, lightning flashes, earthquakes, and the crash of the waves.

The two deities manifest their presence in trees, the earth, and the sky. They are responsible for all the natural phenomena we see around us.

Observe the Sabbats

The Wicca celebrate 8 holidays that follow the esbats, or the 8 lunar cycles. These celebrations are meant to strengthen the bonds between the physical and spiritual realms.

Magic and Spell-casting Rule the World

Wiccans use magic to cause a desirable change in nature. The rule here is clear: magic must be done in a clear or pure state of mind.

It is a conscious effort that calls on the witch to harness spiritual powers to make some alterations to their natural world.

Wiccans use the art of magic and spell-casting to perform good and honorable things. For example, magic helps to attract good opportunities and favors.

It can also be used to defeat a spiritual or physical enemy, and even banish loneliness by attracting a suitable mate.

Wiccans emphasize on responsible use of magic. They know that in the wrong hands, this ancient art can be used to cause harm.

To achieve their goals, Wiccans mostly work in covens. They meet in groups where they conjure magic for a common purpose.

However, it is common to find a Wiccan casting spells alone, without other coven members.

Who is a Christian Wicca?

According to Judaism, from which Christianity arose, thou shall not suffer a witch to live. Many Christian theologians use this line to indicate that one cannot be a Christian and a Wiccan.

However, two things come to the surface here. First, some experts contend that Wiccans do not practice witchcraft, but poisoning.

These two terms can be rather confusing. While witchcraft uses supernatural powers to create physical changes, poisoning is the opposite.

Poisoning uses natural or physical things – sound, light, herbs, and potions – to achieve a supernatural result.

These experts opine that in this case, there would be nothing wrong with a Christian being a Wiccan; it doesn’t contravene any laws or rules in Christianity.

Second, Wiccans believe in giving their members the personal freedom to make their own choices. That’s why different Wiccan covens follow different rules and practices.

For this reason, Wicca and witchcraft are not one and the same. You can be a Wiccan without practicing witchcraft; it is not a requirement.

Some Christians practice witchcraft, but this does not make them Wiccans.

To be a Christian Wicca, you need to consider the strict rules of Christianity that emphasize the worship of only one God – though shalt have no other gods but Me.

Wicca is a polytheistic religion. Nonetheless, many people today profess to be Christo-Pagans or Christian Wicca.

This is not a new phenomenon in faith and religion because we also have Jewish Mormons and Hindu Muslims.

Can I Be a Christian Wiccan or Witch?

The bottom line is that Wiccans will not interfere with your desire to become both a Christian and Wicca.

After all, Wiccans believe in giving everyone a chance to experience life on their own terms as long as they don’t interfere in the lives of others.

However, your decision may be strongly opposed by your Christian spiritual leader. Your pastor or priest may feel you are honoring other gods by subscribing to Wicca ideologies.

They will remind you that God is against magic and other supernatural forces not approved in the Bible.

You also have to decide for yourself whether you want to be a Christian witch. Witches will not mess up their decision to join them, but your local church may not be too happy about it.

This means that you need to sit yourself down and consider all factors at play before you decide to make a move.

You may want to read Christian mystics’ Gnostic Gospels or writings to gain an objective view to help you with decision-making.

One thing that will attract you to Wicca is how they are keen to empower women. Wiccans claim that the church keeps women subjugated.

This could be true because a good number of Christian ministers have demeaned the role of women and their position in society.

Women are asked not to wear certain clothes or hold certain community responsibilities.

These ministers emphasize that women should not venture beyond their stereotypical roles as mothers and wives.

But, is this a Christian tradition or rule? It is more of a personal weakness by individual pastors and priests rather than an accepted church practice.

However, the Bible tells you that all people – men and women – were created equal. Indeed, you may realize that Jesus spent considerable time with women during his ministry.

Here, the John Chapter 4 story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman comes to mind.


Many Wiccans in the world today were not raised as Wicca. Instead, this is a religion they took up as they grew up.

As such, it is often difficult for most of them to completely separate their original religion from the beliefs and practices of Wicca.

So, suppose one was raised a Christian but is later attracted to the ideologies and beliefs of Wicca. In that case, they are likely to end up as Christian Wicca.

If this blend makes you happy, no one should stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. This is the essence of life.

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