How to Tell If Someone Sold Their Soul

Are you interested in how you can tell if someone sold their soul? This guide is for you!

Have you ever heard the phrase selling your soul to the devil?

This is another way of saying you no longer care about your integrity; you’ll do anything for fame and worldly riches.

People can sell their souls in many ways, though the goal always seems to be material gain.

What Does It Mean When Someone Sells Their Soul?


When people sell their souls, they give up their values and principles for superficial gains. Therefore, selling your soul is the ultimate sign of greed.

Some people were said to sell their souls to the devil in the past. Myth has it that these people would exchange their souls for riches, magical powers, long life, and fame.

However, this kind of exchange came at great sacrifice. It was believed that although selling your soul to the devil would guarantee you untold riches, you’d never know true peace and happiness.

In the modern world, someone sells their soul when they sacrifice their spirituality for mundane pursuits.

For example, if you spend all your time and effort at work, hardly sparing any moment for your family or friends, you have sold your soul to your work.

The interesting thing about this is that you never find fulfillment in your work. You cannot become productive at the workplace when your personal life is in tatters.

Someone who’s sold their soul to their work constantly suffers from burnout. They find themselves waking up to a tedious job they don’t like.

There’s only one remedy for such a person: to redeem their soul back.

So, how do you know someone has sacrificed their morals, goals, and dreams for material rewards?

How to Tell Someone Has Soul Their Soul

#1 – They Have Trashed Their Core Values

If your spirituality is not solid, it is easy to be swayed by the allure of quick money. You’ll know someone has sold their soul when they no longer uphold their moral standards.

Because of their weak spiritual grounding, they are easily trapped by money and fame. As a result, their achievements are built on the trail of other people’s blood.

#2 – They Lack a Sense of Enjoyment and Purpose

You’ll spot someone who’s sold their soul because they spend all their time and energy at work, relegating their family to the periphery.

They may show a serious lack of interest in an intimate relationship. While their peers settle with suitable partners, all this person is addicted to their work.

Sadly, they never seem to gain any sort of enjoyment or fulfillment from the work they are so devoted to.

#3 – They Abuse Their Gifts

This person will use their skills and talents to control others. A person who has sold their soul is highly exploitative.

When you sell your soul, you won’t care how much other people hurt as long as you have your way. You’ll readily use your most significant power to control the people around you.

#4 – They Are Fixated on What Others Think

Do you do things because there are right and just or because you don’t want to upset the popular opinion?

People who have sold their souls are controlled by the opinion of others. Therefore, what other people think about you is more important than what you feel about yourself.

This means you’ll readily give up your victories and achievements just to fit in the crowd.

You allow your individuality and independence to wash down the drain because you don’t want to differ with your acquaintances, no matter how wrong they may be.

You’ll know you have sold your soul when your happiness takes a back seat. But, of course, you’d rather be sad and depressed than cut off links with your acquaintances.

#5 – Their Social Life is in Tatters

You don’t know of any other life outside your work. You have sacrificed your social and personal life to spend all your time at work.

Although your personal relationships continue to suffer, this does not seem to bother you.

Someone that has sold their soul has the most crooked work-life balance. Nothing ever seems to go right in their life – and this doesn’t bother them.

#6 – They Are Miserable

If you have sold your soul, you realize you’re easily bored with everyday activities. You find no joy in pursuits that once filled your heart with excitement.

Regardless of what you do to fill your days, it should bring you joy. This is because you were not brought into this world to suffer.

If your life is dull and devoid of color, your soul is long gone. You’ll no longer see the joy in getting home to the excited greeting of your family.

Your wife or husband’s arms around you no longer excite you. In Short, you can’t muster your happiness.

#7 – They Don’t Care About Their Environment

People who have sold their souls don’t care about their natural world. Instead, they are driven by their desire to make more and more material wealth, even if the environment will suffer in the process.

These people don’t realize the kind of trouble human activities have put on the environment. So instead, they spend all their time playing political games at the expense of the ecosystem.

People that have sold their souls are very much part of the problems we face in society. Marine life is heaving under the burden of plastics and other waste.

Our carbon emissions are at an all-time high, and the main culprits don’t seem to care. After all, they have already sold their souls and will turn a blind eye to any respite that can save our planet.

#8 – They Look Lost and Confused

Selling your soul puts you at a serious disadvantage. You’re unable to create the proper connection between your activities and your soul mission.

A close observer will notice you are unsure about your role on this planet. You seem to be pursuing vague agendas, and your pursuits are often through trial and error.

If you have sold your soul, you’ll have a hard time balancing the dynamics of your life. As a result, you’ll always be too late in grabbing new opportunities.

Others, who have their morals and principles intact, will have the upper hand regarding things that truly matter.

#9 – They Are Stereotypical

Those who have sold their soul are the first to discriminate against others based on race, creed, and gender. They are quick to find faults in others – even in areas they themselves do not fare any better.

If you have sold your soul, others will avoid you because of your narrow-mindedness. As a result, you’ll find it hard to understand and embrace new ideas and concepts.

Your main preoccupation will be to cause pain and anguish in others because they were born different.

Concepts like One world and humanity mean little or nothing to you.

#10 – They Body-Shame Others to Manipulate Them

Those who have sold their souls exert their influence through unorthodox means. You’ll realize you need redemption when you keep pulling others down so that you can shine.

A common tactic used by those who have sold their soul is body shame. They kill the self-esteem and morale of others by taunting them for being too fat, ugly, or thin.

They create bawdy humor to intimidate members of the opposite sex or those of a different orientation.

#11 – They Mistreat Their Employees

Those who sell their souls have little regard for the people who work under them. Your priorities change once you sell your soul.

You are now driven by the desire to make more money and accumulate more material wealth, even at the expense of your own employees.

Your sense of humanity dies and you have no qualms about mistreating and misusing those under you. Are you fine with seeing other people’s emotions twisted because of your actions?

Clearly, your soul needs to be redeemed.

#12 – They Suffer from Superiority Complex

Superiority complex is the feeling and belief you are better than those around you. If you suffer from this condition, you take every opportunity to show others how you are doing better than they.

You regard those who make less money than you as losers, and you openly tell them nothing good will come out of their lives.

You focus on the flaws of others, and rarely do you notice when someone does you a favor. Instead, people see you as condescending, critical, and insensitive.

If you find yourself down to this level, you need to take urgent measures and tend to your soul before it becomes beyond salvage.


Myths about people selling their souls date back thousands of years. The initial narratives indicate that the devil could buy souls in exchange for material gains.

Some sold their souls for worldly knowledge, while others bargained for money, fame, and beauty.

A good number also wanted the devil to give them power over people and kingdoms. But, of course, every time you sell your soul, the price you pay is way beyond what is revealed to you.

It may be too late to realize that no reward is worth selling your soul.

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