Deja Vu Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

Are you interested in Deja Vu Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism? Then this guide is for you!

What’s a déjà vu? It’s that familiar feeling you get when encountering a new, unknown situation.

You feel it’s like you have dealt with this before, though you know that’s not possible.

Déjà vu happens to people of all ages, creeds, and cultural backgrounds.

This feeling is usually triggered by something vaguely familiar – smell, food, setting, or someone.

This trigger unlocks some aspect of your memory, and you feel like you have been in this situation or place.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Déjà vu?


Align with Your Higher Self

Your unconscious pushes your conscious self to deliberately align your thoughts and feelings with your higher self.

Déjà vu keep you in check. Perhaps, you need to remember all about your goals and dreams. This feeling reminds you where you’re coming from and heading.

Déjà vu indicates you need to keep your goals and dreams in focus. What is it that you really need to accomplish in this world?

Don’t lose your trajectory.

You Are in Danger

The déjà vu feeling pops up as a warning that you could be in danger. So you need to keep your eyes peeled, mainly if you are in a new place or working with strangers.

It would be best if you also remained alert when working on a new project. Then, when the déjà vu happens, pull up your antennas.

This is your cue to protect your mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

You Need to Connect with Your Soul

There is a serious disconnect between your soul and physical self. The déjà vu feeling prods you to correct this anomaly before it spills over to all areas of your life.

This feeling alerts you that your soul and physical body should work together; they are not supposed to be antagonistic toward each other.

This means that if you are working for material success, your soul should support your body. Conversely, the flesh should not be weak or rebellious when the soul seeks spiritual nourishment.

Both aspects of your life should work together for your overall strength and health.

Nothing can stand on your path to success when your body successfully connects with your soul.

Message from Heaven

When you have a déjà vu, pause what you are doing and look for other signs from heaven. A déjà vu signifies your angels and other divine guides have something important to tell you.

Likely, you have been too busy that you have missed other signs sent to you. The déjà vu tells you to look around and to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom.

You’ll likely see or hear the message you missed.

You Have Razor Sharp Intuition

A déjà vu indicates that your angels have chosen to communicate with you through your intuition.

When your angels want to reach out to you, they have many channels at their disposal that they can use.

They may use dreams, visions, mediums, and natural phenomena – to name but a few. When they send sensations and feelings through your intuition, it means the message is urgent.

As such, whenever you have a déjà vu, pause what you are doing and quickly consult your intuition.

A Peak into Your Future

Sometimes, the feeling of déjà vu does not refer to a place or situation you had previously dealt with. Instead, it relates to something you’ll encounter in the future.

In this respect, the déjà vu means your divine guides have allowed you to peek into your future.

Based on the feelings accompanying your déjà vu, you’ll be able to make some adjustments to influence your future positively.

The Symbolic Meaning of Déjà vu

#1 – Mind Over Matter

How good are you at processing your emotions? Do you allow your body’s cravings to control your feelings and actions?

Déjà vu happens to remind you that you should always keep your emotions under control. Never allow the cravings of the flesh to lead you to evil.

Déjà vu alerts you to engage your mind before you jump on any bandwagon. Again, when the deal is too good, think twice.

Emotions are important because they help us to express ourselves more meaningfully. Your emotions also help you grow.

But it all depends on how you employ them. Having the feeling of déjà vu reminds you to use your emotions responsibly.

#2 – Presence of a Spirit or Ghost

If you experience a déjà vu about someone you were close to, it could be that this person’s ghost is close by.

For example, you’ve just gotten into your car to drive to work. But, then, you have a déjà vu about your neighbor whom you used to give lifts most mornings.

This signifies that this person is trying to contact you from the spirit world. It could be they want to tell you they are OK or to pass you a special message concerning an aspect of your life.

#3 – Negative Energies Attract Nightmares

What are you currently involved in? Whom do you walk with? Having a déjà vu signifies you need to be conscious about your environment and the people around you.

This happens when the déjà vu is about an unpleasant situation you had to deal with in the past. Perhaps, you have found yourself neck-deep in a toxic situation.

It will help if you extricate yourself before things get uncontrollable. The déjà vu feeling alerts you that you still have room to maneuver. But you need to act speedily.

#4 – Pay Attention to Your Subconscious Mind

A déjà vu alerts you that your subconscious is alive and active. This tells you to look out for particular messages emanating from your subconscious.

That familiar feeling reminds you that every second counts. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that time is of the essence.

If you have a project you plan to roll out, do so before you are time-barred. The subconscious mind will not push you into taking action.

It only gives you clues about what you are supposed to do. The déjà vu urges you to engage your conscious mind and move your life in the right direction.

#5 – You Are Not Alone

It’s not uncommon to have a déjà vu when going through a rough spot in life. You’ll experience a familiar feeling of a time you had been in a similar situation.

Didn’t you sail through, and now you are here to recall that memory? What is the worst that happened?

The déjà vu feeling is meant to convince you not to be overly concerned by the seemingly impossible situation.

You will make it – just like you’ve always done in the past. But, having a déjà vu indicates you’re not alone in life’s journey.

You have the divine support you need to pull through.

#6 – You Are Powerfully Connected to Your Past Life

Do you sometimes experience sounds and smells and are convinced you’ve had them in a past life? Or, do you meet someone, and you strongly feel you have met them in another dimension?

Having déjà vu reminds you of your intricate connection to your past life or lives. Although a lot might have changed since your previous incarnation, you bear the same soul.

As such, you have left a thread through the sands of time. The déjà vu feeling tries to draw your attention to your past life.

This is another reminder that you came to this world for a reason and purpose. Never forget your soul mission and divine life purpose, regardless of where you are or what you do.

#7 – Tap into Your Hidden Skills and Talents

Déjà vu indicates you have solved the problems you’re currently grappling with in the past.

That familiar feeling takes you back to a time and place when you entirely command your skills and abilities.

Do you remember how easy it was to solve some problems in the past? Where did you hide your problem-solving talents and gifts?

Déjà vu happens so that you can unleash your full potential. Don’t allow yourself or anyone connected to you to suffer. Yet, you’re sitting on a treasure trove of divinely inspired skills and abilities.

#8 – Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

That familiar feeling of déjà vu may appear when you lose your way. The Universe sends you this hidden memory as a reminder that you came into this world to achieve great things.

You may have engaged yourself in activities that made you clouded your spiritual vision. As a result, your path looks dull and lackluster.

Déjà vu reminds you of a time you enjoyed a powerful connection with the angelic and spiritual realms.

What happened that you lost touch with your Higher Power? First, you need to rediscover your path to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.


A déjà vu is a feeling you get about a familiar situation, place, or person that reminds you of something important about your life.

For example, it could indicate that your choices will bring the rewards you seek.

Or, it could tell you that you have chosen the wrong path and need to change your ways before it’s too late.

Having a déjà vu is not a coincidence; it does not just happen. Instead, this is a move well-choreographed by your spirit guides to point you in the right direction.

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