Heyoka Empath: 17 Signs You’re This Amazing Type of Empath

Are you interested in signs you are a Heyoka Empath? This guide is for you!

Empaths have advanced abilities to feel the pain of others. Likewise, Heyoka empaths have their senses attuned to the energies around them.

If you are a Heyoka empath, you quickly step in to help those going through hard times. Your kindness, generosity, and compassion know no bounds.

You are driven by the desire to help others make meaning of their lives. You derive lots of pleasure from seeing others mend their broken relationships.

You are a healer of broken souls.

What is a Heyoka Empath?


Heyoka is a word derived from the Sioux dialect of Native Americans, which means jester-healer.

This spiritual healer uses unique approaches to identify and provide reprieve to suffering souls.

In the Sioux culture, the Heyoka matches the beat of a drum to generate the energy to heal others.

To be a Heyoka empath, you must be in tune with spiritual energies. Your life should match to the beats of the heavens.

A Heyoka empath opens their mind and heart to receive positive energies from the Universe, which they use to attend to the needs of those grappling with spiritual maladies on this plan.

Your main desire is to see others do well. You are happy when their relationships thrive, and their businesses flourish.

At the same time, the Heyoka empath tells the world that life is not so serious. To create your own happiness, you should be able to laugh at your shortcomings and blunders.

To achieve this, the Sioux Heyoka passed their messages and healing power by matching humorously. This earned them the moniker spiritual jesters.

Use your intuition to help people relax and make the best of their lives. Being a spiritual healer, this is what a Heyoka empath does.

Signs You Are a Heyoka Empath

#1 – Empathic Ability to Heal Others

Heyoka empaths are respected because of their ability to heal others. In addition, they can see the world from a unique position.

As such, you can help people see the sources of the pain and tribulations, and how best to deal with them.

#2 – You Can Tap into the Emotions of Others

Your heightened perception enables you to tap into other people’s feelings and thoughts. Because you can sense the energies other people exude, you can identify their pain uniquely.

Interestingly, you needn’t be around someone to see or sense their energies. For example, you know when to call your mother because she shares some good news.

You’ll also sense when your friend, who’s far away, falls into trouble. Your call or message will come just at the right moment when they need support.

#2 – You Thrive on Light Satire

You want your family and friends to understand that life is not as serious as they make it. Therefore, you inculcate humor in the healing process.

You believe that laughter and having fun are underrated healing powers. But, if you can make someone laugh, you know the healing process has started in them.

Your humor helps people open up about problematic areas of their lives. They readily confide in you because you seem so easy to deal with.

#3 – You’re Unapologetically Honest

You believe that honesty is the best policy. Heyoka empaths are honest to a fault. But, unfortunately, their truthfulness, sincerity, and honesty make them come out as insensitive.

Some people may consider you brutal because you don’t sugarcoat things; you say them as they are. However, you need to appreciate that not everyone can handle your truth bombs.

This does not mean, however, that you should compromise your values and principles.

#4 – You Have a Strong Energy Radar

You are highly perceptive in picking and interpreting other people’s physical and emotional energy.

You can effortlessly tell when someone is happy and in pain. Likewise, a short conversation with someone on the phone can tells you a lot about what they are going through.

This makes you uniquely positioned as a spiritual healer.

#5 – You Mirror Feelings

Do you know why people trust you? They see themselves in you. Conversely, close contact with a sad person makes you unhappy.

Conversely, being around an excited person makes you buoyant and optimistic. You must take care, however, that you don’t carry negative energies from others and make them your own.

You need to protect yourself, mainly because you’ll constantly be exposed to all sorts of energies. An unprotected Heyoka empath can become one terrible thundercloud of emotion.

#6 – Your Emotions Keep Oscillating

Your emotions keep oscillating between hot and cold. This is because you tap into all sorts of energies, making your emotions all over the place.

You can start your day happy and buoyant, only to encounter negative energies and end the day feeling depleted.

#7 – You Take Time Off to Recharge

Heyoka empaths regularly need time off the recoup lost energy. The best way to do this is to remove yourself from people, be by yourself, and take some time to detoxify.

You can’t expect to recharge in the company of others. This is because being around people keeps you emotionally engaged.

#8 – You Are a Free Spirit

You don’t have to conform to what others are doing or saying to be happy. You are free-spirited, living your life as you deem fit.

Heyoka empaths go through life by listening to the beat of their music. You stand out because no one understands what motivates you.

#9 – You Are a Big Influence on Others

People listen to you because you naturally understand them and what they are going through. In addition, the positive aura about you acts as a powerful magnet for others.

You are uniquely positioned to help people make wise and sustainable life decisions.

#10 – You Can Read Minds

Heyoka empaths have the uncanny ability to know what someone will say before they say it. This makes you a mind reader of sorts.

You just need to be with someone for a short while to understand someone and their motivations. Then, you use your intuition and mental acuity to guide people.

To many, you come across as an accomplished mentalist.

#11 – People Turn to You for Emotional Solace

People come to you because you mirror their feelings. You seem to understand their pain and tribulations.

For this reason, you’re likely to receive a good number of people who want you to help them handle their anger, resentment, sadness, and pain.

As we stated earlier, ensure that your emotional strength does not break under this burden. You need to protect yourself adequately.

#12 – You Enjoy In-Depth Conversations

You are more effective working with individuals as opposed to groups of people.

Having one-on-one sessions enables you to engage in in-depth conversations to understand better and guide the other person.

You work best in intimate settings, guaranteeing the other person’s privacy. In addition, a private environment empowers you to offer spiritual lessons and deep insights to the other person.

#13 – You’re Unlikely to Give in to Peer Pressure

Heyoka empaths know where they are coming from and going. As such, you are unlikely to be derailed by peer pressure.

You don’t do things or pursue ideas because others are doing so. You have your own standards and parameters to maintain.

You don’t really care about other people’s opinions of you. This is because you are driven by one burning desire: to heal as many people as possible.

#14 – You’re a Human Lie Detector

You can tell when someone is being economical with the truth. Heyoka empaths have advanced internal alarms that can sense dishonesty, no matter how well it is disguised.

You can even tell when someone is not in touch with the realities of their lives. This makes you the best person to intervene and save those lying to themselves.

#15 – You Are Courageous and Confident

Nothing can stand between a Heyoka empath and the pursuit of their endeavor. As long as your goals and set right, you keep plowing on, dislodging any impediment on your path.

You’re also not scared of people or their criticism. Because of your emotional strength, you don’t allow other people’s negative attitudes to killing your fighting spirit.

#16 – Your Inner Child is Vibrant

If you are a Heyoka empath, your inner child has never left you. It can be seen in everything you do. For starters, you wear an innocent demeanor regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Also, you’re keen to derive as much joy as possible from the small blessings in your life. Someone looking at you may think you never have your own troubles.

You are this jocular, free spirit that seems to thrive in all situations.

#17 – An Expert Advisor Confirms It

You can tell you are a Heyoka empath when a psychic or other spiritual expert confirms it. This is your cue to seek an intuitive interpretation from a person gifted enough to do so.

An expert psychic will answers all sorts of questions about your role as a Heyoka empath.

They will assuage your fears about listening to other people’s emotional baggage by teaching you how best to protect yourself.


There are different types of empaths, one of which is the Heyoka. In the Native American tribe of the Sioux, the word Heyoka means wise fool, sacred jester, or trickster.

This spiritual helper uses jokes and humor to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. The Heyoka empath also matches to the beat of drums to muster healing energies.

If you are a Heyoka empath, intuition is the most powerful weapon in your spiritual arsenal. It helps you identify the pain and flaws in the people around you.

This way, you can help them organize their lives better.

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