If You Miss Someone Can They Feel It? (15 Ways to Know for Sure)

Wondering if someone feels it when you miss them? This guide is for you!

Have you ever missed someone so much that you wished they were next to you? And, did you wonder if they felt the same way for you?

When you miss someone, can they feel it?

Although logic may tell you that such a thing is impossible, it happens in the spiritual realm.

The truth is that when you intensely miss someone, you create a significant impact on their spiritual energies.

This means they center everything in their world on you, and you become their focal point.

Spiritual Meaning of Missing Someone


To understand whether the person you miss so much feels you, you need to acquaint yourself with what happens in the spiritual realm when you miss someone.

First, your intuition seeks out the other person’s intuition. Then, depending on the intensity of the energies you put out there, the other party will sense it even if you are miles apart.

Missing someone genuinely often creates a special spiritual connection with the other person.

Your energy and vibrations become aligned, and the other person will be moved to find out how you’re doing.

This happens when someone calls you when you are just about to call them. Then, your telepath energies become more aligned, and you tend to think about the same things most of the time.

The connection created when you miss someone is not limited in strength by time or space. If you’re constantly thinking about a dead loved one, they’ll feel it and reach out to you.

Conversely, if your miss your partner, who’s alive but far from you, they will sense it and respond appropriately.

You’ll be able to observe a few things in your partner to know for sure they felt the energies you’ve been sending out.

Whenever you constantly think about someone special in your life, understand that this affects their lives.

Signs That Someone Feels It When You Miss Them

#1 – An Expert Psychic Confirms It

A genuine psychic can confirm if someone feels you when you miss them. Psychics have the technical and spiritual expertise to clarify such matters.

They provide correct insight, whether about getting back with your ex after a breakup or starting a new relationship.

When you find yourself constantly thinking about someone, consult an expert psychic on the love possibilities with this person.

#2 – Your Heart Skips a Bit

This signifies you’re about to be unified with the person you have been thinking about. This clearly indicates this person has been thinking about you, as well.

The positive vibes you’ve been sending to the Universe have not been in vain.

By having good thoughts about this person and sending them good wishes, they have tapped into your spiritual energies and are drawn toward you.

Missing someone intensely creates a significant impact on both of you. You’ll know they are positively affected when your heart starts acting out of the ordinary, such as skipping a bit.

#3 – You Can Sense It

Do you sometimes get goosebumps when you intensely think about someone else? Or, do you sometimes get mood swings that ordinarily are not yours?

This indicates that the person you’re thinking about feels you in a big way. You’ll feel unique psychic energy from them as you keep thinking about them.

#4 – You Start Noticing Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are signs from heaven that tell you something important is happening in your life.

These signs take the form of numbers.

Seeing angel numbers 111, 222, 333, 777, and 999, for instance, indicates that the person you miss thinks a lot about you.

These codes show the apple of your eye would like to be with you as much as you’d like to be with them.

#5 – They Act Shy in Your Presence

If you meet this person after spending some time apart, they act all shy and coy in your presence.

This shows they have been thinking about you when they were away. They will blush when you compliment them, and may even stutter as they try to express themselves.

Chances are that this person will continue missing you whenever you are apart.

#6 – You Can Tell from Their Social Media Posts

You’ll know someone feels you when you miss them through their social media posts. They’ll write vague posts about how they miss someone important in your life.

Looking at their posts closely, you’ll realize you are the subject. In addition, their social media accounts indicate that you are at the center of their world.

Some of their posts will look like coincidences until you examine them more closely. For example, your partner will write: Wish I could hold you in my arms as I did in a dream last night.

Coincidentally, you had sleeplessly thought about them during the night in question.

#7 – You Lose Sleep Over Them

If you start losing sleep over someone because you miss them so much, know they feel you.

For example, waking up in the middle of the night to think about your loved one show this person feels about you all the time.

It could also mean that they are dreaming about you in their sleep at that particular time.

#8 – Heightened Synchronicity

Some coincidences in life do not just happen out of the blue. Instead, they are well orchestrated by the Universe to add meaning and flavor to our lives.

You’re likely to see synchronicity at work when you miss someone. The following coincidences will prove that this person feels you every time you miss them.

For example, imagine calling this person about a TV show you think they’d like, only to realize they had texted you about the same just a few minutes before.

Or, changing your schedule and going to the gym instead of the grocery store, only to find they, too, had changed their plans and opted for the gym.

This is synchronicity: two or more independent happenings that expose the powerful connection between you.

#9 – They Reach Out to You

You can tell someone feels it when you miss them because they keep shadowing you. They follow and like your posts on social media.

They are among the first to comment when you post a casual meme – and their comments carry the most weight with you.

You’ll see this person’s imprint in everything you do, even when you have not alerted them about your work.

This clearly shows the apple of your eye is trying to reach out to you, albeit indirectly.

#10 – You Dream About Them a Lot

If you constantly think about someone and you start dreaming about them, it means they feel you and send you energies to alert you of their feelings.

The Universe has efficiently conveyed your feelings to them. Their response comes in the form of a dream in which they are featured.

Pay close attention to the details presented in the dream, as they provide clues on the way forward.

#11 – Your Alignment Becomes Palpable

When you miss someone, and they miss you back, you can’t get them out of your mind. Seeing this person daily makes you realize they mirror your actions.

This is because they feel as intensely about you as you do about them.

You’ll keep glancing at each other, and it will be obvious you both entertain the same thoughts.

You’ll also realize that you get online simultaneously, regardless of how far apart you are from each other.

#12 – They Keep Hovering Around You

Does the person you miss keep finding a reason to be close to you? This means they feel your energies and want to connect with you fully.

You’ll keep bumping into them on your social hangouts. While, at times, this happens coincidentally, they may also do it to attract your attention.

They want you to know they are into you, even if you’ve not told them you miss them.

#13 – They’re Attentive to You

This person will pay attention to everything you say. They’ll be riveted by your stories even when everyone else switches off.

This is because they see more than your anecdotes; they can sense the positive energies coming from you.

You’ll know this person feels deeply about you when they remember your special occasions. They’ll remember your birthdays and other events you hold dear.

#14 – They Say Good Things About You

This person will keep telling others what a darling you are. Even if you have not interacted with them for long, they’ll use the few encounters you’ve had as the basis for heaping praises on you.

They keep building your social capital, either knowingly or inadvertently.

#15 – They’ll Tell You

This is the most obvious sign that the person you’ve been thinking about feels you. This person will face you one-on-one and tells you about their feelings for you.

Or, they may call or text you. Then, you wake up one day to a passionate email from this person, a clear signal they have been thinking about you the whole night.


When you miss someone a lot, they likely miss you back. This is because you exude unique energy to the Universe that the person on your mind can easily tap into.

You see, the powerful emotions and thoughts in your heart and mind cannot be contained within your body.

They can leak out to the Universe and bond with similar energies from the people you love.

This is how the Universe works. It gives you back energies similar to the ones you send out.

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