14 Reality Shifting Methods for Beginners

Are you interested in Reality Shifting Methods for Beginners? Then this guide is for you!

Shifting is a phenomenon used by certain people to access different realities.

There are various effective shifting methods you can choose from to create the desired reality.

The main tools of reality shifting are positive self-talk and affirmations.

This practice has been around since time immemorial. However, not everyone can pull it off.

You must cleanse your mind and heart of all negative energies before you attempt reality shifting.

If you are on the right path to spiritual enlightenment, your chances of successfully shifting your reality are enhanced.


What is Reality Shifting?

What you are going through right now – your thoughts, feelings, and intentions – is known as your current reality, CR.

On the other hand, what you’d like to experience is your desired reality (DR).

Reality shifting is the ability to move between these aspects of your consciousness at will.

You can deliberately shift your reality using self-talk, positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation techniques.

Most people achieve this spiritual feat through self-hypnosis or inducing themselves into a trance where the mind becomes highly suggestible.

Reality shifting allows you to visit the ideal world you’d like to live in – albeit temporarily.

Much has been said about the similarities in reality shifting, maladaptive daydreaming, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.

Reality shifting is unique, and few people get to achieve it. So count yourself lucky if you can harness your spiritual energy to accomplish this feat.

How Do You Prepare for Reality Shifting?

There is a wide range of reality-shifting methods to choose from. However, before you pick from what we’ve listed here, you need to prepare for the exercise.

You do not just decide to shift reality spontaneously. This is a sacred spiritual activity that calls for adequate preparation.

So how do you go about getting ready for the reality shift? See to the following:

  • Have you taken care of any pending household and work-related tasks?
  • Do you clearly understand the DR (desired reality) you’d like to enter?
  • How clear are your mind and heart?
  • Are you well hydrated and well nourished?
  • Are you at peace with yourself and your environment?
  • Is your shrine or bedroom comfortable and relaxing?
  • What meditation and relaxation exercises do you plan to use?
  • Have you picked your preferred method of realty shifting?

What’s the Secret to Effective Reality Shifting?

First, come up with practical scripting about your desired reality.

These should include the experiences you want to have, the places you wish to visit, the people you want to interact with, and what you desire to do.

You should also determine the purpose of the reality shift and the time you want to spend in this dimension.

You may want to reality shift to create new relationships, meet someone you’ve missed for some time, and attend an important event.

You may decide from your CR to the DR directly or shift to a waiting room before moving on to the DR.

If you are well prepared for this activity, nothing should come between you and creating the desired reality.

Effective Reality Shifting Methods for CR to DR

#1 – Alice in Wonderland Method

This method of reality shifting is fashioned along the literary work Alice of Wonderland by the novelist Lewis Carroll.

To achieve your desired DR using this technique, you need to imitate the role played by the lead character in this novel.

Start by lying comfortably on your back. Then, allow your mind to wander and imagine you are seated beneath a maple tree.

Slowly and gently, ease yourself into your desired reality. Then, you will be approached by someone from your desired reality, with whom you’ll run away and jump into a rabbit hole.

From here, follow the lead of this character and allow your mind to recreate all the sights and sounds you desire to experience.

#2 – The Raven Method

This method entails lying down on your bed with your limbs in a starfish position. Your arms and legs should be free and independent of each other.

Make a deliberate effort to calm your mind and relax your body. Then, start sliding into your DR with positive talk and affirmations in this state.

If it makes things easier, start counting slowly from 1 to 100.

#3 – The Train Method

This method calls on you to use visualization and a positive mindset. For example, it calls on you to imagine sitting on a train going to your DR.

Relax your mind and body through breathing techniques and allow positive thoughts and feelings to wash over you.

As this happens, perceive with your mind’s eye the experiences you want to encounter in the DR. Gradually, these visualizations will become your reality. Then, you will slide into your DR effortlessly.

#4 – The Sunni Method

This method requires that you get into a comfortable position and visualize being at a place of your choice.

Convince your mind that you are already in your DR. Persuade your mind to recreate the smells, sights, and sounds you usually associate with this place.

You can achieve this through silence, shifting sensations, or other visualization suggestions.

#5 – The Piano Method

In this method, you imagine you are a famous solo piano artist about to perform in a hall packed with VIPs.

Close your eyes and picture yourself walking magnetically across the hall towards the grand piano at the center, with a powerful blue light following you.

The light can be any color of your choice, as it is meant to help you awaken your senses.

Further recreate this reality by imagining being seated by the piano, playing soulful or heart-warming tunes to your audience.

If you achieve this reality shift, your mind will accomplish anything else you ask of it.

#6– The Pillow Method

This is a convenient reality-shifting method for beginners. It is the least complicated as it offers a straightforward way of moving from CR to DR.

You don’t have to use mental visualization in this method, mainly if you are not well-versed in the subtle arts of tricking your mind.

Instead, you need a comprehensive script that you can write yourself or do with the help of an expert.

#7 – The Intent Method

Rather than fool the mind through visualizations, subliminal sounds, and multiple affirmations, this method requires your unwavering belief in yourself.

A firm belief that you can execute a reality shift is enough to move you from CR to DR.

You just need to create a purpose of intention strong enough to accomplish the shift.

#8 – The Eye Method

To execute this method, lie comfortably on your bed and close your eyes. Then, persuade your mind to create the reality you want to shift to.

Once you have this reality in your sights, slowly count from 1-100 to induce sleep. Roll your eyeballs from side to side as you do this.

You’ll gradually ease into your desired reality as you drift into sleep.

This method requires considerable practice to perfect. As such, it may not be suitable for all.

#9 – The Heartbeat Method

Before you start, ensure you have a source of powerful vibrational sounds that beat repetitively like a heartbeat.

This method uses the power of sounds that hum like heartbeats.

Find somewhere private and comfortable to sit or lie down. Then, plug your eyes into your audio device and start playing the sounds.

Many prefer to do this under the relative safety of the blankets. Then, as you align your thoughts and feelings to the rhythm of the heartbeat-like sounds, you’ll slowly ease into your DR.

#10 – The Estelle Method

Those with a soft spot for music prefer this method of shifting reality.

If you can connect with musical vibrations and tones, you may want to try this method to project your desired reality (DR).

Work with music that allows you to align your thoughts and feelings to the reality you’d like to recreate.

If you want to create a love reality, choose music supporting this theme.

#11 – The Julia Method

This method uses the words I am for the entire exercise. The key here is to imagine the reality you desire to create and say aspects of it aloud, starting with the words I am.

To start off, lie comfortably in the starfish position on your bed. In the background should be soothing music or beats to help you stimulate a trance-like state.

Allow your mind to imagine the reality you have in mind. Then, describe each item about this reality, starting with I am.

#12 – The Mirror Method

This method is suited for people who are good at visualization. For example, imagine you’re in a dark room with a mirror on the opposite wall.

A sharp light shines on you, leaving the rest of the room in darkness. Imagine that you rise and start moving toward the mirror, bringing your face and body into better focus.

Now, imagine that the darkness around you is no darkness but the environment you’d like to see in your desired reality.

Use your mind and the power of visualization to recreate any numbers of scenes you’d like to see.

#13 – The ADHD Method

This method heavily relies on sound to enable you to shift from CR to Dr. start by lying in a comfortable place and putting headphones on your ears.

At the same time, control your breathing, so it is not erratic.

As you listen to your desired sounds, use appropriate affirmations to enable you to shift from the current reality to desired reality.

#14 – The Falling Method

This is an adventurous method of shifting from CR to DR. imagine you are in a room filled with beautiful music and aura.

On one end is a door. Move towards this door slowly and open it. As you step out, imagine you are stepping into nothingness.

It’s like stepping out of a high house in the heavens. Allow yourself to free fall through this door, and as you float towards space, free your mind to create your desired reality.


For most people, shifting reality provides a more wholesome and concrete experience than other forms of spiritual fantasy.

The details of your DR experiences are more powerful than you get in vivid dreaming, for example.

Choose a method that resonates with your needs to succeed in reality shifting. At the same time, you should prepare adequately before you commence the exercise.

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