What is a Hedge Witch?

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Modern paganism comprises many belief systems borrowed from our ancestors. However, in recent years, paganism has seen a resurgence of hedge witchery.

Suppose pagans have a close relationship with nature. In that case, hedge witchery has the most intimate such relationship than most disciplines of paganism.

A hedge witch spends her time in seclusion away from the villagers.

She lives on the fringes of the village, where she communes with nature and studies all about herbal magic.

What is a Hedge Witch?


As the name suggests, a hedge witch uses herbs and plants to conjure magic and order supernatural happenings.

This is a female pagan who lives on the fringes of human settlements close to the forest. She makes frequent forays into the woods to study the magic behind herbs, plants, and stones.

Her main preoccupation is to listen to nature, gather herbs, and study their magical effect on the physical world.

Contrary to what modern literature portrays, most hedge witches are benevolent human beings who desire to create positive change in their world.

However, some hedge witches may be sorcerers and can be used by evil forces to cast dark forces on human settlements.

In the olden days, most hedge witches also doubled up as hedgehogs. They fed on roots, mushrooms, berries, fruits, and other plants they picked in the forests.

A hedge witch is the person to see when you need unique potions. They serve all kinds of remedies and brews – from love potions to medicine.

These are meant to combat disease and ailments.

In many aspects, the hedge witch runs an apothecary – where you can find potions and medicine extracted from the natural world.

Be ready for stories and long-winding narratives when you visit a hedge witch. These remarkable spiritual humans have a wealth of knowledge about life and the history of their culture.

Most of these stories are told around a campfire, where you can relax, look into the fire, and allow your mind to re-create what you hear.

The History of Hedge Witchery

Most modern hedge witches don’t find the need to live in forests or on the fringes of villages. They call themselves hedge witches, an homage to this centuries-old pagan tradition.

In the olden days, hedge witches isolated themselves from human settlements. They lived away from the villages, behind hedgerows.

This means they spent most of their lives with nature, studying plants to understand their magic.

The science and art of hedge witchery ran within families. Children picked up the practice from their parents or older relatives.

It was also possible to be inducted into the practice through a mentor that was not a family member.

The ancient witches were separated from the rest of the population by a hedge. They chose to live on the unknown, wild side of the hedge.

Because of their seclusion, the hedge witches developed a way of life that looked magical to the rest of the people.

The simple daily tasks they carried out were said to be magical. Take brewing a cup of herbal tea, for example.

This could be interpreted that the hedge witch was making a potent concoction to bewitch someone in the village.

For this reason, hedge witches were in demand to cast spells or break curses. People ran to them for help whenever they believed their problems had spiritual causes.

This kept the hedge witch busy. You see, all problems have a spiritual angle to them.

The hedge witch may not live in or near the forest in modern times. However, they still adhere to the age-old tradition of using roots, herbs, plants, and special stones to solve problems.

A modern hedge witch is equipped to help you handle all issues related to your life. They have a solution for your health, family, relationship, and career challenges.

A hedge witch can also prepare a special potion to help you handle your finances better.

What Tools Does a Hedge Witch Use?

The hedge witch is fixated on understanding and tapping into the magical power of the natural world. This witch knows that the forest holds the magic that can transform lives.

She also understands that the power in these plants can be used to build or destroy. So, in her quest to do good for humanity, she arms herself with a number of tools.

You will likely find her with soaps and candles. She uses these ingredients to carry out ancient methods of conjuring magic.

She may also give you candles and soaps with instructions on how to use them in your home.

Depending on your ailment or problem, the hedge witch will also prescribe enchanting words to use while performing your rituals.

Finding fresh mushrooms and blackberries at the hedge witches apothecary is also common. Do not assume that these are meant only to be eaten.

You may be instructed to extract juice from some of these plants and herbs and make a concoction that can be used for healing.

A hedgewitch’s abode is quite impressive. Around her home are lavender shrubs that attract bees and other insects in the summertime.

It is also surrounded by old plants and trees that give it a surreal look. For example, a hedge witch may have roses and crawling plants growing on the walls of her home.

Of course, she does not conduct her consultation outside the house.

When she invites you into the home, be ready to enjoy a wide array of sweet scents meant to open up your mind and heart to her teaching.

These scents inspire you to look at possibilities instead of impossibilities. They put you in the right frame of mind to experience the magic of the hedge witch.

Beliefs and Magic Practice of the Hedge Witch

Modern hedge witches are driven by the need to make homes a place of peace and comfort.

Although they influence other areas of your life, the hedge witch focuses on your home as a center of magical activity.

They guide their clients to create a stable, secure home. This is understandable because of the energies that reign in the home spill over to all aspects of your life.

You can only achieve your targets and goals at work when your home life is in tatters.

A hedge witch regards the home as a sacred place. Therefore, the people living in your home must work in tandem with the natural world to thrive.

Don’t expect to excel in your studies, career, or finances when you are perpetually at loggerheads with nature.

At the core of the hedge witch’s belief system is herbal magic. So, naturally, she spends most of her time and effort honing her aromatherapy and herbal medicine skills.

In the hedge witch’s practice, herbal remedies work for all the challenges you may encounter in life’s journey.

Hedge Witchery for Modern Practitioners

Hedge witchery emphasizes the sacred nature of every action you take to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

You must be very deliberate as you go about your tasks at home and in the office.

The practice of hedge witchery teaches that home life is the cornerstone of all the other areas of your life.

Essentially, you’ll know peace if your home is stable and secure. But, conversely, all aspects of your life may be severely compromised if your home is a battlefield.

You must create the right atmosphere for your loved ones to successfully pursue their goals and dreams.

Any hedge witch will tell you everything you do in your home has a spiritual angle.

The smallest of tasks, such as cleaning the floor, cooking, and doing laundry, are important for the overall wellbeing of your family.

As such, you should focus on the sacredness of these tasks as you do them. Then, carry out your duties and responsibilities at home with love.

Everything you do for your loved ones should come from the point of love and care. Through your words and actions, let your family and loved ones know you’re always there for them when they need you.

Additionally, hedge witchery teaches you to recognize the magical energy in your home. Tap into this energy by speaking blessings to your home.

Acquaint yourself with the spirits that rule over the surrounding lands and make them your friends. Invite good spirits into your home through songs, offerings, incense, candlelight, and incantations.

Let them know they are most welcome to bring positive energy into your home.

Lastly, it would be best to teach people in your house to respect nature. Let them know we are meant to co-exist peacefully with plants, animals, and the animate and animate things around us.


A hedge witch’s main preoccupation is to extract the magic hidden in roots, herbs, plants, and stones and use it to improve life.

These spiritual experts also work closely with gods and goddesses. Because they are healers, they are essentially taken as the shamans of their communities.

A hedge witch’s apothecary is a one-stop shop for all your problems.

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