Aunt Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Seeing your aunt in your dream indicates a strong connection to your family or communal life. This dream also shows you do very well where teamwork is involved.

People who see their aunts in their dreams value their loved ones. You make it your responsibility to know how everyone in your family is fairing.

You’ll willingly spend your time, effort, and other resources to make the life of a loved one comfortable.

You can make a good mother, father, brother, sister, child, or lover. You are the kind of person everyone would like to have in their family.

As with all dreams, dreaming about your aunt can be two-sided. It can be positive or negative depending on the finer details presented in the dream.

Here’s a look at some common aunt dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Aunt Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing Your Aunt

This dream shows that you miss someone important in your life. Likely, you have gone for some time without seeing this person.

It’s also likely that this person is no longer with us; you miss the nice time you shared.

#2 – Dream of Your Aunt Being Pregnant

This is a sign of major changes coming your way. These changes will affect your work or schoolwork, and you may be called upon to do things differently.

This dream also shows your need for support from your seniors. If you are starting a new phase of your life, you’ll want your parents or mentors to chip in, one way or another.

#3 – Dream of Your Aunt Giving Birth

This dream indicates growth and prosperity. For some time now, you have been working on an important project diligently and with success as your end goal.

Your efforts are finally paying off. The good work you have been doing is attracting the positive energies of wealth and abundance.

This dream also suggests the beginning of a new project. You will likely have to move your business location or start a new job.

All these changes are for your own good. You should embrace them with open arms.

#4 – Dream of an Angry Aunt

This is a sign of poor health. You may get sick as a result of some poor eating habits that you have recently taken up.

Or, it could be that you have changed your lifestyle, making some things not work in your favor. This dream indicates you can make your life better by taking up healthy habits.

It dissuades you from gambling with your health.

#5 – Dream of Seeing Your Dead Aunt

If you see your dead aunt in your dreams, it means you’ll be trusted with some heavy secrets. This is a sign that you have gained the trust of some important people.

It could be that you have been promoted to a position where you can now handle important trade secrets.

Either way, don’t break the trust and confidence people have in you.

#6 – Dream of Your Aunt Being Hurt and Disappointed

In this dream, your aunt is unhappy about something that has happened to them.

It could be that some of their best-laid plans have become unraveled, and this has really disappointed them.

This dream indicates you have an important role to play in someone’s life. This person looks up to you to help them tackle the challenges standing on their path.

#7 – Dream of Being Worried About Your Aunt’s Health

In this dream, you are concerned that your aunt is not doing so well, health-wise. This is a sign that you are not happy about something associated with your family.

Likely, there’s an aspect of family traditions and culture that you’d like to get rid of. If it doesn’t add value to your existence, there’s no need of holding on to it.

#8 – Dream of Running Away from Your Aunt

This dream shows you are trying to run away from some responsibilities associated with your family. It could be that you have been ensnared in other pursuits that you have forgotten about your family.

This dream reminds you to come to your senses and remember that family is everything. Before you embark on any projects out there, ensure there’s peace and harmony at home.

#9 – Dream of Your Aunt Being Sick

You feel isolated, alone, and rejected. Likely, you pushed those who care for you away inadvertently. They may have been repulsed by some aspects of your habits or lifestyle.

This dream indicates that all is not lost. You can still get the help you need to accomplish your goals. Find out why people lost interest in you, and look into ways of correcting this.

#10 – Dream of Arguing with your Aunt

This is a sign that you’ll betray someone close to you. You may do this unknowingly, and you’ll be lured to do so by the promise of easy money.

Either way, this dream gives you the heads-up to take the measures necessary to protect this person. You know that giving out this person’s secrets will put them at a disadvantage.

This is something you’d like to avoid at all costs.

#11 – Dream of Making Peace with Your Aunt

In this dream, you reach out to make peace with your aunt after a particularly bad fight. This is a sign that you have learned some important values from your family.

You appreciate that your family has shaped you into the person you are turning out to be. With this kind of a positive mindset, you’ll go far and accomplish a lot.

#12 – Dream of Seeing Your Aunt with Your Uncle

You have managed to merge your conflicting personalities. This dream shows that your inner perception is at par with the image you project to the world.

You have finally found the magic to being at peace with yourself. You are very much in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

As such, you know just what you need to do to move to the next phase of your life.

#13 – Dream of Hiding from Aunt

This dream shows you are trying to avoid mental stress or illness. Likely, you have started exhibiting signs of depression – and you know what’s to follow if swift action is not taken.

This dream also shows you are trying to process important information in your dream state.

Perhaps, you are faced with several bad choices in real life, and you don’t know what to do about them.

#14 – Dream of Someone Pretending to Be Your Aunt

You are wasting your time and energy on something that does not make you happy. Likely you are more concerned with temporary pleasures than with your future.

This dream asks you to reconsider your options. With the right moves, you’ll make your life meaningful and productive.

#15 – Dream of Being Unable to Find Your Aunt

This dream indicates that some members of your family are at loggerheads.

However, they are so secretive about the source of their differences that you find it hard trying to intervene.

Dreaming of being unable to find your aunt calls on you to be more tactful. Creatively come up with a way to make your loved ones confide in you.

#16 – Dream of Your Aunt with Your Cousin

This dream indicates the serious misunderstanding that exists between you and someone close. It could be that you have not been eye to eye with your partner or boss.

This dream encourages you to resolve this matter amicably before things get totally out of hand.

#17 – Dream of Talking to a Dead Aunt

You are in dire need of advice and guidance to elevate your life to the next level. It could be that you are at a crossroads without any idea how best to proceed.

This dream indicates your fear of taking action concerning your life. This stems from some trauma you experienced in the past.

Obviously, you miss many opportunities because of this.

#18 – Dream of a Crying Aunt

This is a warning. It tells you that someone you recently met intends to hurt you. This is your cue to be wary of anyone whose intentions around you are not clear.

Also, keep a close eye on your wealth. Someone wants to associate with you to gain ease of access to your wealth.

#19 – Dream of a Fireside Chat with an Aunt

This dream encourages you to seek counsel from people that want to see you grow. You’ll know these people because they constantly encourage you to put your best foot forward.

These are the kinds of people who’ll be there for you in good and bad times. They readily use their time and resources on you.

#20 – Dream of Eating at Your Aunt’s

Dreaming that you eat food prepared by your aunt indicates love, support, and protection. You’ll have all the support you need to overcome the obstacles on your path.

However, this help is not always obvious. You must reach out for it.

This dream also points out to your need for spiritual nourishment. Take care of your soul; the other aspects of your life will be easy to deal with.

#21 – Dream of Your Aunt Being Swindled

In this dream, you are concerned that someone is taking advantage of your aunt to enrich themselves.

This is a sign that someone is out to kill your dreams. It could be that you are keeping the wrong company.

One of your so-called friends is jealous of your progress, and they’ll try everything to discredit you.

#22 – Dream of Shaking Hands with Your Aunt

This is a sign of commendation. So far, you have made the right moves, and it won’t be long before you start reaping the fruits of your labor.

This is your cue to maintain the positive attitude that has been your main drive. Be inspired to keep pushing for the best results in all your endeavors.

#23 – Dream of Your Aunt’s Party

Did you dream of being invited to your aunt’s party? Your subconscious is telling you that you need some form of relief.

You need to lay off your busy schedule for a while. It is a good time to unwind and focus on the lighter side of life.


It’s common for those who value their families to dream about their relatives, such as their aunts. Having this dream shows you value being part of a team.

It is also a reminder that you need to think about your family more often. Could be, you have been tied up too much at work that some of your social responsibilities go unattended.

Seeing your aunt in a dream tells you not to suffer in silence. Help is readily available to navigate the tricky spots in life.

You just need to look for this support at the right places.

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