Cards Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of your card dream depends on what you see on the card. For example, seeing diamonds indicates that a conflict is on the offing.

You are likely to go through a troublesome period characterized by quarrels and fights with your loved ones.

This dream tells you to take quick action and quell the trouble before it turns your life upside down.

Seeing hearts indicates your relationships will change. Whether they change for the better or worse depends on your feelings about what’s happening in the dream.

Seeing clubs in the cards is a pointer to your financial health. Keep a close eye on your sources of wealth and prosperity.

You need to pay attention to the details presented in the dream to fully appreciate its meaning.

Here’s a look at some common cards dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Cards Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Pack of Cards

This dream indicates you have joined a new way of life that’s likely to lead to success. It could be that you have joined a new workforce that will open your eyes to your true potential.

There’s much you stand to gain working alongside like-minded individuals. As such, try your best to project the best version of yourself when you’re in the company of your peers.

#2 – Dream of a Stolen Pack of Cards

Someone close to you is taken advantage of their position to rob you dry and enrich themselves in the process.

Although you may not see this immediately, you’ll be shocked when this person finally reveals their true colors.

This dream gives you a heads-up so that you don’t get thrown off balance. Take measures to protect yourself from two-faced friends.

#3 – Dream of a Card Game

Seeing a card game in your dream shows an improvement in your business and professional engagements.

The moves you have been making of late are the right ones. Slowly, you’ll start recording impressive profits in all your endeavors.

#4 – Dream of Playing Cards with a Friend

This dream indicates you are not indispensable in the company you work for. This should inspire you to make hay while the sun shines.

Do the best with the opportunities you come across at the time.

When your time is up and you have to exit the company, you should come out better and stronger than when you got in.

#5 – Dream of Playing Cards for Fun

This is a sign that your plans are coming along just fine. This dream calls on you to keep thinking about your future and the best ways to improve your life.

At the same time, dreaming of playing cards for fun reminds you that life is not all about work. Create some time to rest and relax.

You deserve it.

#6 – Dream of Hiding Cards

This is a sign that your secretive nature will serve you well in the days ahead. Some people trying to unearth sensitive information about you will find it hard.

They won’t be able to gather any dirt on you they can use to ruin your good reputation.

#7 – Dream of someone Hiding Cards from You

This dream tells you to be more independent. Likely, you have been relying on someone to do your bidding.

This dream tells you it’s time you took charge of your life. be responsible for the happiness you want to see in your life.

Basically, this means you do your stuff for yourself – or at least you supervise their execution closely.

#8 – Dream of Tarot Cards

Something is happening in your life, and this is slowly changing the way you look at your future. You are beginning to appreciate that your life is powerfully connected to the magic of the Universe.

This dream encourages you to hold on firmly to your beliefs.

#9 – Dream of Playing a Poker Game

Do your best with the opportunities available to you. This should inspire you to start appreciating the blessings in your life.

No opportunity should be too small for you. This dream calls on you not to disregard the gifts at your disposal.

From humble beginnings, you can grow an empire.

#10 – Dream of Cheating at a Card Game

This dream indicates you’ll go through some changes that will make you uncomfortable. You may even experience a number of conflicts with your loved ones and close friends.

Stay strong in the face of these challenges. The truth is that what you are going through is only for a while.

With the right attitude, you’ll come out of this process unscathed.

#11 – Dream of Being Taught a Card Trick

This is a warning. It tells you to be wary of slippery fellows offering you too-good-to-be-true business deals.

Most of the time, these deals end in loss, pain, and tears. Signing contracts with these fellows is like directly setting yourself up for failure.

#12 – Dream of Losing in a Card Game

This dream alerts you of negative energies targeting your private and business life. If these energies catch you unawares, you’ll lose everything you have gained over the years.

This dream urges you to use a positive mindset in handling the various situations in your life. Only then will you have the sense of mind to avoid the pitfalls that litter the path you have taken.

#13 – Dream of Beating Someone in a Card Game

Your effort and positive attitude will enable you to achieve your long-term goals and dreams. This dream encourages you to choose right regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Don’t allow anyone or anything to lure you into making the wrong moves under the promise of quick gain.

This dream is a powerful reminder that cheap means end up being expensive in the long run.

#14 – Dream of Teaching Someone Card Tricks

This dream reveals that a surprise party is in the offing. Someone is planning to throw you or your family the bash of the year.

This dream also means happy times ahead with your partner. The good work you have been doing to nurture your relationship is finally beginning to show.

Your love relationship is growing in health and strength. This is good news, considering that it is what you have wanted all along.

#15 – Dream of Building a House of Cards

This is a sign that you expect good outcomes from your labor. You are an optimist, driven by the desire to make positive changes in your world.

This dream indicates that your positive ways will earn you lots of respect. You attract admiration wherever you go.

People gravitate towards you because of the positive aura you exude. Dreaming of building a house of cards urges you to recognize this gift, and to put it to good use.

#16 – Dream of Someone Else Building a House of Cards

The support you have been waiting for to commence an important project is finally here.

This dream asks you to look around; you’ll find the opportunities you’ve been looking for to move on to the next stage of your life.

You’ll find sponsors to finance your project, and you’ll no longer have to spend sleepless nights wondering about money.

This means you can focus your energies on a more important issue: achieving your goals.

#17 – Dream of Someone Playing Cards Alone

This dream is a warning. It indicates that someone is planning to recruit you into their evil schemes. This dream reminds you that you have a good reputation to protect.

Don’t tarnish it by doing things that go against your beliefs and the law of the land.

#18 – Dream of Someone Destroying Your House of Cards

Some people you have come to trust at work will turn their backs against you.

This will be particularly hurtful because you are involved in very important projects with these people.

You will realize they are about to betray you when they start criticizing you unfairly. This is a red flag that tells you to fortify your self-confidence if you hope to survive this onslaught.

#19 – Dream of Your Parents Playing Cards

This is a sign that you are in a unique position to bring together warring parties at home or at home. The involved parties respect you based on your previous interactions.

Use this to help them amicably deal with the conflicts and arguments.

#20 – Dream of Playing Cards with Your Partner

Watch out for warning signs that your relationship is in trouble. Move with speed before things get out of hand.

You should not get to the level of blaming your partner for the failings in your relationship or marriage.

Instead, be proactive enough to handle the situation when it is still manageable. With the right effort, you can solve things and continue working with your partner for a common future.

#21 – Dream of Playing Cards for Money

You are likely to face some problems soon brought about by your work-life imbalance. This dream asks you to set your priorities right to take care of all aspects of your life.

Your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health are all interdependent. One cannot do without the other.

This dream urges you to balance your life in such a way that all areas are strong and well-nourished.

#22 – Dream of Winning a Card Game

This is a sign that you’ll soon meet someone who’ll stick with you through thick and thin. This will be your true friend; someone you can run to whenever you feel lost and confused.

This is the person you’ll call on to help you plan celebrations for your achievements.


Although different cards have different meanings, they have one thing in common. They draw attention to what you believe about yourself.

A card dream will tell you when you’re not being true to your beliefs and principles. Also, it will fill you with hope when you are on the right path.

Also, a card dream has something to say about your communications skills. It encourages you to communicate clearly when dealing with important issues.

You’d not want to cause a misunderstanding where your life is concerned.

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