Are you interested in Dog Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Although dreams about dogs can be quite different, they all have one thing in common. They refer to the stability, security, and protection you need to make your life meaningful.

Dreaming about a dog gives you the ideas to stabilize your emotional health. You are likely to have this dream when you feel lost, confused, or uncertain about your future.

A dog dream indicates that your dreams are valid. Things are not as hopeless as they seem at face value.

At the same time, dreaming of a dog could be a warning from the Universe.

It tells you that if you allow fear, doubt, and anxiety to run your life, you’ll not have much of a future to speak of.

Here’s a look at some common dog dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Dog Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Dog Guarding a Gate

This dream warns you against letting out too much information about yourself to the public. You should be alive to the fact that not everyone wants to see you grow and prosper.

Some people are scared of your progress because it makes them feel inferior. They’d like to use anything they know about you to sabotage your efforts.

#2 – Dream of a Dog Chasing Its Tail

This is a sign that you keep running away from the challenges in your life. As such, you don’t make much progress despite the efforts you put into pursuing your goals.

This dream is a gentle reminder that growth comes from solving problems. It’s only by solving the issues on your journey that you become stronger, wiser, and more mature.

#3 – Dream of Buying a Dog

This signifies new beginnings. If you have been thinking about changing jobs, a golden opportunity will present itself soon enough.

This dream tells you this is a good time to fall in love and start a new relationship. It also encourages you to get to know your partner better if you are in a relationship or marriage.

Dreaming of buying a dog asks you to open your life by forming genuine friendships. Good friends can play a crucial role in your journey to success.

#4 – Dream of a Blind Dog

This dream encourages you to make use of the destiny helpers in your life.

Never fear talking to your mentor, spiritual minister, or counselor about the challenges you are going through.

Dreaming of a blind dog informs you that you have people to guide you against making fatal mistakes. However, the responsibility for making the final decisions rests with you.

#5 – Dream of a Dog Hit by a Car

Dreaming of a dog being run over shows your partner is about to change the dynamics of your relationship.

They’ll do something that will completely shock you or make you joyful.

#6 – Dream of an Injured Dog

This dream indicates you will experience some sad moments in the day ahead. It could be that you will lose something or someone you value.

Dreaming of an injured dog also draws attention to your empathetic nature. You have a way of connecting to the disadvantaged people in your community.

This is a special gift that you should use to bring love and light to someone suffering in your life.

#7 – Dream of Dogs Attacking One Another

This dream draws attention to your strong personality. You know what you want in this life, and you know how to get it.

Count yourself lucky that you are sure of your life’s trajectory. Many people keep going round in circles, with no clue where they are headed.

#8 – Dream of a Dog Drowning

A lot is happening around you that you feel completely overwhelmed. You are ill-prepared to emotionally face all the issues that keep cropping every now and then.

This dream indicates you need rest to tend to your emotional needs. Create some time to listen to your inner being.

You need to replenish your emotional reservoirs.

#9 – Dream of a Lost Dog

You have allowed negative energies to find a place in your life. As such, you feel confused and uncertain most of the time.

This dream asks you to deal with these negative energies before working on anything else. You can accomplish much in your endeavors when negative energies take charge of your life.

To see your goals and dreams more clearly, you should welcome positive energies into your life.

#10 – Dream of Dog Trying to Bite You

Someone close to you is consorting with your enemies, and it won’t be long before they publicly betray you.

This dream alerts you to safeguard your interests in any dealings you have with this person. But first, you have to identify who the traitor is.

#11 – Dream of Dog Biting Your Leg

This signifies that the journey ahead is a rough one; you need all the help you can muster. But first, you need to create the right balance in your life.

You can sort out some of the challenges in your life more easily if you have the right spiritual-material balance.

Once this is done, you can now focus on what lies ahead.

Remember, you have in your inner circle people of goodwill. Let them know the kind of support you need to excel in life.

#12 –Dream of a Brown Dog

This is a sign of stability and security. Brown is the color of the earth, achievement, and success. seeing a brown dog draws attention to your need for protection to accomplish your goals.

You need to create emotional harmony to see things from their right perspective.

Dreaming of a brown dog encourages you to look forward with optimism. Success is not such a tough thing to achieve if you focus on it.

#13 – Dream of a Friendly Dog

This dream indicates you have all the support you need to lead a satisfying life. You have created a healthy relationship with your family, neighbors, and colleagues.

This dream confirms that the path you have embarked on will lead to growth and success.

#14 – Dream of a Black Dog

Create the right balance in your life to avoid being frustrated at the smallest disappointment. When your emotions are well controlled, you appreciate that failure is part and parcel of life.

Failures and disappointments will not send you into depression. Rather, you’ll see them as signs telling you to keep working harder.

#15 – Dream of a White Dog

White is universally taken as a symbol of peace and integrity. Dreaming of a white dog encourages you to uphold integrity wherever you go.

It also reminds you to be an agent of peace and harmony. Use your skills and talents to sow seeds of forgiveness and hope where there is discord.

Seeing a white-colored dog in your dream also asks you to be appreciative of the chance to work for your dreams.

Not everyone is as blessed as you. Be grateful for the love, support, and protection you enjoy to pursue your dreams.

#16 – Dream of a Sad Dog

This dream indicates that some of your plans will backfire. This will not be too hard on you if you are positively motivated.

Everything that happens in your life has a role to play in the overall order of things. Perhaps, your plans will backfire because you need to pursue a better path in life.

Or, it could be there’s an important lesson you need to learn before taking on a major project. Either way, this dream asks you not to be put down when things don’t go according to plan.

#17 – Dream of Travelling with a Dog

Dogs make some of the best companions for man. If you dream of taking a journey with a dog, it means that you are well protected.

You will receive the support you need to fruitfully implement your personal and business plans. This dream indicates luck and good fortune in your chosen path.

#18 – Dream of Running Away from a Dog

This is a warning that some people you met only recently have intentions to harm you. This is your cue to watch the kind of people you associate with.

Also, avoid visiting shady locations – the kind of places where you can easily be taken advantage of.

#19 – Dream of a Dying Dog

This dream indicates you feel by a myriad of issues in real life. You may be so anxious that you may not be aware of the origin of your problems.

This dream calls on you to still yourself. This will enable you to think clearly about the best approach to tackle these issues.

#20 – Dream of a Dead Dog

You are soon partying ways with someone you love. This could be your partner, relative, friend, or colleague.

How this goes depends on your feelings in the dream. If you feel relieved that the dead dog is out of its misery, it means your partying will be a happy one.

However, if you are sad that the dog is dead, it means your partying will be acrimonious.

#21 – Dream of a Dog Barking

If the dog is barking menacingly or growling, it means that someone wants to take advantage of you. This dream warns you to be wary of the people you invite into your life.

If the dog is barking happily, however, it means the start of romance or a fruitful business relationship.

#22 – Dream of Cleaning Your Dog

This dream calls on you to have more faith in your skills and abilities. Don’t give up on your dreams just because you have been pushing too hard with little to show for it.

Your efforts and positive attitude have not been wasted. Soon enough, you’ll start enjoying the fruits of the good work you have been doing.


Dreaming about dogs draws attention to your need for protection.

Likely, you have left some areas of your life unguarded, and someone may take advantage of this to rob you.

It could also be that you are giving out sensitive information with little regard to the damage this may cause.

If you are fond of speaking too much and listening little, try to reverse this. Listen more and speak less.

Take a good look at the details presented in your dream as this makes it easier to decipher it.

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