Are you interested in Bananas Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

People who dream about bananas experience pleasant sensations during the dream.

In most cases, banana dreams have positive connotations.

All the same, the meaning of this dream depends on its context. What type of banana did you see in your dream?

Was it green, fresh, rotten, raw, cooked, or ripe? What about its texture? What was happening in the dream?

Were other people involved?

If you relate the answers to these questions to what’s happening in your life, you’ll arrive at the message borne by this dream.

Here’s a look at some common bananas dreams and their meaning:


Some Specific Bananas Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Banana

This dream is a sign of approval for the good work you are doing. You have made the right choices, and you are true to your values and beliefs.

This dream reminds you that the benefits you enjoy in life come from your hard work, commitment, and dedication.

#2 – Dream of Buying Bananas

You are headed for good times. Your luck is about to change in ways you never thought possible. Dreaming of buying bananas tells you that your positive outlook is working in your favor.

This is your cue to keep up exuding positive energy.

#3 – Dream of Raw Bananas

This dream tells you to never rush on making decisions. You are still immature and inexperienced in some areas of life.

It’s okay to consult or seek help whenever you find yourself in a particularly tough spot.

#4 – Dream of Cutting Bananas

You have been pushing in the right direction, and the results are beginning to show. This dream encourages you to continue making the right decisions about your life.

Soon; you will not only improve your material stability, but you’ll also be able to achieve the inner peace you’ve been yearning for.

#5 – Dream Eating Bananas

Change is in the air.

Most of the changes you’ll experience will be positive ones. This is a good time to make your moves by taking advantage of the changing circumstances.

For example, have you been looking forward to quitting your job to focus on something else? Go for it!

#6 – Dream of Planting Bananas

This dream talks about the state of your life. If you are happy about eating the banana, you are healthy and wealthy.

If you didn’t like the banana, this is a warning. You are likely to face an attack on your health and finances.

#7 – Dream of Seeing Many Bananas

A wind of positive change is sweeping through your life. It will positively affect your health, family, relationships, finances, and career.

This dream encourages you to open your heart and mind to the positive vibes from the Universe.

#8 – Dream of Selling Bananas

Your fortune is gradually rising. Before long, you’ll be able to create the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself and your loved ones.

Before you get there, however, be happy where you are. Don’t postpone your happiness and peace for anything.

#9 – Dream of Eating Fried Bananas

This dream reminds you that perseverance is a virtue. This tells you to hold on when the going gets tough.

Remember, success does not just happen. It is a product of hard work and perseverance.

#10 – Dream of Throwing Away Rotten Bananas

This is a good time to declutter. You are likely surrounded by things you no longer need. It could also mean that you have accumulated too much emotional baggage.

Take stock of your life and release whatever does not work for you.

#11 – Dream of a Banana Meal

If you dream of eating a dish or meal made from bananas, it means that you are happy with the way things are going.

You are satisfied with the progress you are making both at home and at the workplace.

Indeed, your achievements are quite impressive, and many people admire your work.

Many secretly would like to emulate you.

#12 – Dream of Missing a Banana Meal

You are not happy with the status quo. Your goal when you started your career was not to end here.

This dream encourages you to take positive action to set things right. Don’t cry so much over missed targets and spilled milk.

As long as you breathe, you have a chance to get it right.

#13 – Dream of Sharing a Banana Meal

This is a sign that you have a wonderful opportunity to transform someone’s life. Has someone recently approached you for advice and guidance?

Do you feel an urge to reach out to someone who seems to have totally lost it? This dream nudges you to take positive action about someone.

Help them to make more meaning of their lives.

#14 – Dream of Falling on a Banana Peel

This is a warning. You are likely to make a big mistake that will ruin your goals and plans.

This dream asks you to be more alert about the circumstances in your life before you rush into making decisions.

Don’t make decisions for the sake of it. Think through every plan before you start implementing it.

#15 – Dream of Harvesting Ripe Bananas

Your future is gradually taking the desired shape. You have been working hard, and the results will soon attest to this.

This dream encourages you to maintain this course; soon you’ll achieve your goals and dreams.

#16 – Dream of Harvesting Raw Bananas

You are making decisions too hastily. This dream warns you of arbitrarily changing your plans and goals.

Be patient enough to follow one course of action until you succeed.

#17 – Dream of Transporting Bananas

If you dream of moving bananas from one place to another, watch your environment. Not everyone in your circle is happy with the progress you are making.

Some people are keen on your failure, and they will go to great lengths to make it happen.

#18 – Dream of Bananas Decaying in the Farm

Your love relationship is under threat. You need to act with speed to identify the source of this threat – which could either be internal or external.

If it’s an internal threat, you’ll find that talking to your partner honestly is likely to resolve things.

You can deal with external threats by protecting your relationship from prying eyes. Not every person in your life should know the intimate details of your love life.

#19 – Dream of Green Bananas Turning Yellow

This means a change in your circumstances. If you have been struggling to make ends meet, things are about to change for the better.

Your efforts and positive attitude have not been in vain. Soon, you’ll be able to afford a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones.

#20 – Dream of Insects Attacking Bananas

There’s trouble ahead. This could mean big trouble or small trouble, depending on your willingness to deal with it in good time.

This dream is a pointer to the role of your attitude in making your life better. A positive attitude encourages you to handle issues as soon as they occur.

A negative attitude is the father or procrastination.

#21 – Dream of Seeing Fresh Bananas

This dream bears good news about your romantic relationship. It tells you that you’ll find a resolution to some problems you’ve been facing in the recent past.

Also, this dream encourages you to be more candid with your partner. Let them know what you are going through.

Make it easier for them to understand you.

#22 – Dream of Seeing Stale Bananas

This dream pushes you to find out the course of fear and worry in your life. What’s pushing you towards instability and insecurity?

Once you put a finger on the root cause of your problems, it will be much easier to turn your life around.

#23 – Dream of Being Served Banana Pudding

This is a sign that you’ll have an easy time at work. Your boss and colleagues are pretty much impressed with the good work you have been doing.

Your ideas are quite innovative, and you’ve become the person-to-see whenever anyone is stuck with certain concepts.

#24 – Dream of Seeing a Banana Tree

Have you been looking forward to expanding your family? Getting married or having a child, perhaps? This dream predicts the growth of your family.

It shows that your family relationship will continue to improve.

#25 – Dream of Receiving a Banana Gift

This dream points to your sexual life. If your sex life has been unsatisfactory, this is a good time to talk to your romantic partner.

Share with them your feelings about your sex life. Together, explore ways to reignite the fire. You’ll be surprised at the kind of excitement and joy this approach can bring to your sex life.

#26 – Dream of Gifting Someone Bananas

Do the people in your life have your best interests at heart? Do they contribute anything meaningful to your growth and progress?

This dream encourages you to take stock of your life, with an eye to the kind of people you keep around you.

#27 – Dream of Banana Juice

Soon, you’ll meet new friends and potential business partners. This is the time to position yourself to take advantage of these associations.

You’ll realize that you’ll make major strides in life by collaborating with like-minded people.


When bananas appear in your dreams, it is a sign that you are headed for great things. This means that you shouldn’t settle for anything else.

Expect good things to follow your positive intentions and actions.

A banana dream is a powerful sign of financial improvement. It shows that your effort to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better will bear fruit.

So; pause in what you are doing and consider the details presented in your dream. What are they saying concerning the situations in your life?

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