Bed Bugs Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Bed Bugs Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Since the advent of time, dreams about bedbugs have been quite common. They are likely to occur to people who’ve had encounters with bedbugs in real life or in works of art and literature.

Most bedbug dreams reflect what is happening in your life. Having this dream is a sign that you need to deal with the realities of your daily existence.

It could be that you have been going through a rather tough phase. You need to focus more of your time and energy on sailing through this phase unscathed.

This is very much possible if you are positively motivated.

Here’s a look at some common bedbug dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Bed Bugs Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Killing a Bed Bug

This is a sign that you have made the decision to deal with your emotional baggage. It has dawned on you that you can’t accomplish much if you still hold on to these negative energies.

Go about this wisely, for unearthing some of these emotions can be quite harrowing. But, the bottom line is that they have to be dealt with – once and for all.

#2 – Dream of Killing Bed Bugs

You have managed to identify and isolate the people who’ve been causing you problems. If you have not done this already, you need to do it as soon as possible.

These people are so entrenched into your life that they are likely to cause more problems if they are not flushed out.

#3 – Dream of Bedbug Infestation

In this dream, thousands upon thousands attack your home and neighborhood. This indicates that your romantic relationship is under threat from multiple sources.

This dream encourages you to have a candid talk with your partner to set things straight. Also, work together as a united couple to ward off external attacks.

#4 – Dream of Bedbug Crawling Towards You

Gear yourself up for tough times ahead. You’ll go through a period of challenges that may derail your progress if you are not strong enough.

Put your life in order before this happens.

#5 – Dream of Bedbug Crawling Away from You

If you’ve been having trouble with certain aspects of your life, you’ll soon find relief. This should encourage you to take up healthy lifestyle practices.

Eat and drink responsibly. Exercise regularly and take care of your emotional and spiritual well-being.

#6 – Dream of Bedbugs Crawling Through Your Body Openings

If you dream of bedbugs crawling through your nose, mouth, ears, eyes, etc., it means a loss. Likely, a goal or dream you have been passionately working towards will not come to fruition.

Something unexpected will happen to deny you victory.

#7 – Dream of Bedbugs Crawling Out of Your Body Openings

This is a sign of victory. Your determination and drive will see you effectively deal with the challenges and hardships in your life.

You’ll get a way around the pitfalls and traps that have been laid for you. This dream reminds you that you are a victor, not a quitter.

As such, you have to keep going strong.

#8 – Dream of Small Bedbugs

Someone close to you is trying to tarnish your good name and image. This person is working with your enemies to defame you and cause you embarrassment.

Who amongst your close friends has a proclivity to gossip? This is likely to be your culprit.

#9 – Dream of Giant Bed Bugs

This dream bears good tidings. It indicates that the goals you’ve been working on will come to fruition sooner than you expected.

It predicts a long period of peace and happiness in the days to come.

#10 – Dream of a Weird, Scary Bedbug

Dreaming of a bedbug with distorted physical features is a sign that you are doing certain things the wrong way.

Do you come up with a good plan before you embark on your projects? Or, do you just make the plans as you go along?

This dream calls on you to get your priorities right.

#11 – Dream of Catching Several Bedbugs

You are helping your family, friends, and colleagues to isolate the source of unhappiness in their lives. Of course, this means that you’ve been able to deal with your own challenges.

You have learned the secret to unlocking the peace and happiness you so much want to see in your world.

#12 – Dream of Seeing a Strange Bedbug

Something unprecedented is happening in your life. Whether it is positive or negative, you should face this new phenomenon with a positive mindset.

Be ready to make significant changes to key areas of your life. You position yourself better for success by embracing change in your personal and professional life.

#13 – Dream of Being Bitten by a Bed Bug

This is a strong warning sign from the world of dreams. Some people in your life are living through deception.

They are motivated by the desire to ruin your life and disgrace your noble efforts and ideas. Keep your eyes peeled for such characters.

They may force all your dreams to come crashing down.

#14 – Dream of Dead Bed Bugs

Have you been battling some form of serious illness? This dream tells you that you’ll soon recover. Continue taking positive action about your health.

As it’s always said, your health is your wealth.

You can achieve anything you want when you are physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

#15 – Dream of Bed Bugs Moving Around Your Body

This is a sign that something is blocking your financial progress. You need to concentrate on this area to resolve these difficulties.

If you manage to do this in good time, you’ll get your finances back on track within no time.

#16 – Dream of Bedbugs Covering Your Bed

This dream brings to the fore your vulnerabilities. You feel emotionally weak and unprotected. It could be that someone is manipulating you to feel that way.

Have you ceded control of some aspects of your life to anyone? This is the time to take your life back. Remember; you should be fully in charge of your destiny.

#17 – Dream of Crushing a Bedbug Between Your Thumb Nails

Your drive to get rid of your enemies and two-faced friends should be unrelenting. These people have no business being in your inner circle.

You should cut them off and starve them of any information they can use to generate rumors about you.

#18 – Dream of Bloodsucker Bedbugs

This dream tells you that your enemies are closer than you think. Be wary of friends who seem to gossip about other people.

You can be sure that they’ll do the same about you.

#19 – Dream of Red Bedbugs

Have you been wondering who has been talking ill of you behind your back? You don’t have to look far.

The culprit is among your educated friends. This person pretends to be good to you, but they turn against you as soon as you turn your back.

#20 – Dream of a Black Bedbug

You’ve got yourself tied up with people that are not interested in your growth. As such, you’ll not speak the same language when it comes to matters development.

#21 – Dream of a White Bed Bug

You are on the right course to changing the story of your life. Keep up the good work you have been doing.

You can be sure that your effort and positive attitude will open the right doors for you.

#22 – Dream of Brown Bedbugs

This dream calls on you to work on your goals to avoid poverty, loss, and disappointment.

It tells you to act on your thoughts and ideas promptly. Remember; procrastinating is known to kill dreams.

#23 – Dream of Burning Bedbugs

If you dream of burning clothing and other stuff to rid your house of bedbugs, it means chaos. Your life is in dire need of thorough organization.

You have been feeling fatigued and worn-out of late because your life is devoid of any form of order. This has to change if you hope for things to work in your favor.

#24 – Dream of Bedbugs Crawling All Over the House

This signals bad times ahead. You will encounter some challenges related to your child’s growth and development.

Likely, they will contract a disease that you may find difficulty getting rid of. It could also be that they will go through a tough transition period.

This dream reminds you of your responsibilities in the lives of your loved ones.

#25 – Dream of Multi-Colored Bedbugs

This dream tells you to pay closer attention to your love life. Listen to your partner more keenly. Get to understand their spoken and unspoken language.

This will save you in the days ahead. The closer you are to your partner, the easier it will be for you to deal with the challenges you come up against.

#26 – Dream of Bed Bugs Crawling Up Walls

When was the last time you paid your doctor a visit? This dream suggests that you need to go for a medical checkup.

Your health could be worsening without your knowledge. Prioritize your overall health and wellbeing in everything you do.


Dreaming about bedbugs often serves as a warning when we are going wrong. These dreams let us know when our actions are likely to invite trouble and failure.

Having this dream urges you to take positive action in your life. You have to take on a positive mindset to overcome uncertain times, worry, and fear about the future.

Open your eyes to your realities. You’ll realize that by being brave and confident, you can change the story of your life.

So; don’t just dismiss your bed bug dream as something inconsequential. It is loaded with messages just for you.

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