Deceased Parents Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Since parents are seen as nurturers and caregivers, dreaming about them in their death can be traumatizing.

But this dream can carry a lot of weight, especially if you are going through a rough patch in your life. Dreaming of your deceased parents shows that you need advice and guidance.

It could also indicate that you are grieving over some significant loss in your life. This dream can serve several purposes depending on what you are going through in your waking life.

It can warn, counsel, rebuke, and give you a heads-up of good times ahead.

Whatever the case, you must pay close attention to the finer details it presents. This will help you to arrive at the correct interpretation of your deceased parents’ dream.


Here’s a look at some common deceased parents’ dreams and their meanings:

Specific Deceased Parents Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Chatting with Your Dead Parents on Social Media

Dreaming of chatting with your dead father and mother on social media indicates you need advice and guidance.

Likely, you are at a crossroads, and you think that the only people who can help are your parents. After all, they have been the best source of support in the past.

#2 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Giving You Money

Although you are in some kind of a financial rut, you know everything will be fine.

This dream assures you that things will work in your favor and you’ll be able to resolve the problems you are facing.

#3 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Playing with You

deceased parents playing with you dream

You have a burning desire to express your inner child. This dream tells you that it’s okay to have a laidback, carefree attitude once in a while.

Don’t allow the cares of adult living to put you down.

#4 – Dream of Departed Parents Trying to Attack You

Someone you trust and look up to wishes to harm you. Although you expect this person to love you, they may end up taking advantage of you in one way or another.

This dream encourages you to be vigilant at all times.

#5 – Dream of Deceased Parents Calling Out to You

Fear, worry, and anxiety have crept into your life. These fears are stifling your growth and progress, and you need to do something about them.

#6 – Dream of Sharing a Meal with Your Dead Parents

You miss the care, love, and nurture that your parents used to provide for you. Deep down, you feel that you never had enough of them, and you wish they were here to share your life with them.

#7 – Dream of Deceased Parents in Heaven

deceased parents in heaven

Your subconscious wants to assure you that your parents are in a good place. This means that you should not worry unnecessarily about their departure – allow them to rest in peace.

#8 – Dream of Deceased Parents in Hell

This does not mean that your parents are actually in hell. It means that at the time of their death, they left some unfinished projects.

Likely, these projects were very dear to them. It would be a good idea to complete these projects if you are in a position to.

#9 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Holding Your Hands

parents holding hands dream

You are likely going through tough times, and you long for the love, care, and support your parents provided for you.

This dream encourages you to reach out. There’s someone close to you that you can trust to give you the assistance you need.

#10 – Dream of Kissing or Hugging Your Dead Parents

Some of the things going on in your life worry you, and you don’t seem to know where to turn for help.

You are looking for comfort from someone who can nurture you to achieve your dreams.

#11 – Dream of Talking with Your Deceased Parents

Although many people surround you, it is not enough. Your subconscious is guiding you to look for genuine relationships.

Just like your parents were your first friends, you need to create friends that truly care.

#12 – Dream of Receiving Instructions from Your Deceased Parents

You feel overwhelmed by the challenges you are going through. This is worsened by the perception that you can’t seem to find the right advice or guidance.

It could also mean that you are remembering the solid pieces of advice your parents used to give you.

#13 – Dream of Deceased Parents Crying

Your parents departed unexpectedly, and there are things they’d have wanted to do with you before their death.

This dream is a pointer to unfinished projects and assignments. What do you think you should do with these?

#14 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Dying Again

The pain of losing your parents still haunts you. You have not overcome the grief of this loss, and this is getting in the way of your goals and plans.

This dream asks you to accept reality so that you can move on. As painful as it is, you have to let go.

#15 – Dream of Dead Father Trying to Reconcile with Dead Mother

Your dead parents would not have wanted you to be at odds with your siblings and anybody else in your life.

This dream calls on you to make amends where you have gone wrong.

#16 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Fighting with Wild Animals

Some areas of your personal and professional life will face opposition from someone or some people that you trust.

Keep your eyes peeled for two-faced friends and relatives.

#17 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Coming Back to Life

You have changed your ways, and you have opted to do things that would make your parents proud. This dream encourages you to maintain your newfound way of life.

Your efforts will attract the results you desire to see in your life.

#18 – Dream of Your Dead Parents Being Sick

The loss of your parents hit you hard, and your mind has not fully wrapped itself around the idea of their death.

You keep replaying the loss of your parents.

It could also mean that your conduct has put your family, relationships, job, and business in a shaky position.

#19 – Dream of Your Dead Parents Singing and Dancing

Get ready for good news, for something great is about to happen in your life. This dream heralds a season of plenty for you and your loved ones.

Although it may not look like it right now, things are about to change for the better. Hold on to your faith.

#20 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Turning into Some Other People

You have a yearning to see your parents and relive some of your memories with them.

This is not possible, so you’ll likely have to create a loving and trusting relationship with someone else.

#21 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents in a Car

This dream exposes your desire to advance in your personal and professional life.

You feel that your life has stagnated for too long, and you need to do something to get it moving fast in the right direction.

Look within for the inspiration to achieve this.

#22 – Dream of Your Deceased Father Quarreling with Your Dead Mother

There’s an urgent need for you to create the right balance and harmony in your life. The various departments of your life seem to be out of sync.

This will compromise your growth and progress – unless you urgently do something about it.

#23 – Dream of Being Afraid of Your Deceased Parents

You are scared of what you are getting yourself into of late. Although the activities are bringing in money, deep down, you know that you are not doing the right thing.

This feeling of guilt will keep gnawing at your conscience until you start doing something more reputable.

#24 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Calling You Back Home

If you have moved out of your parents’ house and you have this dream, it means that you need someone to take care of you.

You can’t seem to get adequate support from those around you. Your subconscious is pushing you to seek new alliances and partnerships with caring partners.

#25 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Chasing You Away

Of late, you have gotten yourself involved in things that will ruin your life. This dream calls on you to drop bad habits and a harmful lifestyle.

You also need to watch out for the kind of friends you bring into your life.

#26 – Dream of Dead Parents Laughing

This is good news, for joy, peace, and happiness will soon locate you. You are about to enter a season where things will go well in all aspects of your life.

#27 – Dream of Deceased Parents Yelling at You

This is a pointer to your pent-up anger, resentment, and other negative emotions. Something or someone is making you angry, and this is causing you not to focus on your life.

It’s time to deal with this emotional turmoil.

#28 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents Flying

Your parents had a lot of faith in you before they departed. They died in peace knowing that you would put to good use all the values and virtues that had been instilled into you.

This dream reminds you not to let them down.

#29 – Dream of Your Deceased Parents in Your House

This dream draws attention to the advice and guidance you received from your deceased parents while they were alive.

They instilled in you important values that you can lean on to make wise decisions about your future.

#30 – Dream of Departed Parents at a Graveyard

You are doing things that make you feel guilty because they contradict the teachings of your parents. This dream points out that you are going astray with your thoughts and conduct.

It’s time to turn your life around and do things that your parents would approve of.

#31 – Dream of Dead Parents Playing with Your Children

The time and resources you spend away from home are creating a strain on your family. This dream encourages you to give more time and attention to your partner and children.

You need them more than you need your job and other social engagements. Be there for them when they need you.

#32 – Dream of Your Dead Parents Nursing a Baby

This dream calls on you to discover your hidden skills and talents. This is a sign that you are not doing enough with your hidden gifts.

Challenge yourself to be better and more efficient each new day.

deceased parents dream symbolism

Deceased Parent Dreams Final Thoughts

Dreaming about your deceased parents can bring either positive or negative messages. It all depends on what your dead parents are saying or doing and how this dream makes you feel.

Deceased parent’s dream relates to many important aspects of your life. Depending on the context, it will touch on your health, family, relationships, and professional engagements.

It also has a bearing on your emotional and spiritual health.

Understanding Deceased Parents Symbolism

Losing a parent is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. Dreams about deceased parents can be emotional and confusing, but they can also hold important symbolism.

Understanding the meaning behind these dreams can help you process your grief and find closure.

Dreams about deceased parents can have different meanings depending on the context and the specific details of the dream. Some general interpretations include:

  • Grief: Dreams about deceased parents may be a way for the mind to process and cope with grief. You may be reliving memories or revisiting unresolved feelings about the loss.
  • Regret: Dreams about deceased parents may bring to the surface unresolved conflicts, regrets, or unexpressed emotions. These dreams can serve as an opportunity for you to address these issues and find closure, even if it is only within the realm of the dream.
  • Unresolved Issues: Dreams about deceased parents can also be a way for you to work through unresolved issues with your parents. You may be seeking forgiveness or closure for things left unsaid or undone.
  • Coming to Terms with Death: Dreams about deceased parents can also help you come to terms with the reality of death and the impermanence of life. You may be exploring your mortality and the legacy you will leave behind.

It is important to remember that dreams about deceased parents are not always literal.

They may be symbolic representations of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. It is also important to seek support and guidance from loved ones or a therapist to help you process your grief and find closure.

Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones

Dreams about deceased loved ones, including parents, are a common experience. These dreams can be very vivid and often leave you feeling emotional upon waking up.

While some people believe that these dreams are a way for the deceased to communicate with the living, others view them as a reflection of our own fears and anxieties about death and the unknown.

Interpreting Dreams about Deceased Parents

If you have been dreaming about your deceased parents, it is important to consider the details of the dream and how it made you feel. Here are some possible interpretations:

  • Your deceased parents dying again: If you dream about your deceased parents dying again, it could symbolize a fear of losing them again or unresolved grief. It could also represent a fear of your own mortality.
  • Your deceased parents coming back to life: If you dream about your deceased parents coming back to life, it could symbolize a desire for them to be back in your life or a need for closure. It could also represent a hope for a new beginning or a fresh start.
  • Helping your deceased parents in your dream: If you dream about helping your deceased parents, it could symbolize feelings of guilt or regret over unresolved issues or past mistakes. It could also be a sign that you’re ready to let go of the past and move on with your life.

It is important to remember that dreams are highly personal, and their meaning can vary depending on your own experiences and beliefs.

If you are struggling to interpret your dreams, consider speaking with a therapist or counselor for guidance.

The Concept of Afterlife

The concept of afterlife refers to the belief that there is a continuation of life after physical death.

Different cultures and religions have different beliefs about what happens after death, but the idea of an afterlife is a common theme across many of them.

One idea is that after death, the energy that makes up our consciousness is released and becomes part of a universal energy.

This energy can then be reincarnated into another physical form, allowing for the possibility of coming back to life in a new body.

For those who believe in a more specific afterlife, the idea of being reunited with deceased loved ones is often a comforting thought.

This can include the belief that your deceased parents may come back to life in some form, whether it be as a spirit or in a new physical body.

Regardless of specific beliefs, the concept of the afterlife can bring comfort and hope to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. It can provide a sense of continuation and connection beyond physical death.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult experiences you may go through. Grief is a natural and normal response to loss, but it can be overwhelming. It’s important to find support and take steps towards closure.

Finding Support

You don’t have to go through this alone. There are many resources available to help you cope with your loss. Consider reaching out to:

  • Family and friends: Your loved ones can provide emotional support and help you with practical tasks.
  • Support groups: Joining a support group can connect you with others who are going through a similar experience.
  • Therapists or counselors: Professional help can provide you with coping strategies and a safe space to express your feelings.

Moving Towards Closure

Closure doesn’t mean forgetting your parent or the memories you shared. It means finding a way to move forward while still honoring their memory. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Create a memorial: A memorial can be something as simple as a photo album or as elaborate as a garden or bench in their honor.
  • Talk about your parent: Sharing memories and stories can help keep their memory alive and provide comfort.
  • Take care of yourself: Grief can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Make sure to prioritize self-care and seek professional help if needed.

Remember, everyone grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way to cope with loss. Take things one day at a time, and be patient with yourself as you navigate this difficult time.

Guilt and Its Impact

Losing a parent can be a traumatic experience, and it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, including guilt.

Guilt is a common emotion experienced by those who have lost a parent, and it can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health.

Guilt can stem from a variety of sources, including feeling like you didn’t do enough for your parent or feeling like you could have prevented their death.

These feelings of guilt can be overwhelming and can lead to a range of negative emotions, including depression, anxiety, and stress.

If you’re struggling with feelings of guilt after losing a parent, it’s important to recognize that these feelings are normal and to seek help if they become overwhelming. Talking to a therapist or counselor can be helpful in processing your emotions and finding ways to cope with your loss.

It’s also important to take care of your physical health during this time. Grief can take a toll on your body, and it’s important to prioritize self-care.

This can include getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise.

Remember that it’s okay to feel guilty after losing a parent, but it’s important to find healthy ways to cope with these feelings.

Seeking support from loved ones and professionals can help you navigate this difficult time and move forward healthily.

Symbolism in Skills and Energy

When a parent passes away, it can be difficult to cope with the loss. However, many people believe that their deceased loved ones are still with them in spirit.

One way that this can manifest is through symbolism in skills and energy.

Skills that were important to your parent may appear in your life after their passing. For example, if your father was a skilled carpenter, you may start to notice an interest in woodworking or find yourself drawn to furniture with intricate designs.

This could be a sign that your father is still with you and encouraging you to pursue your interests.

Energy is another way that deceased parents can communicate with their loved ones. You may feel a sudden burst of energy or motivation when thinking about your parent or notice a change in the energy around you.

Some people believe that deceased loved ones can manipulate energy to send messages or provide comfort.

It’s important to remember that these symbols and signs are personal and unique to each individual.

What may be a sign from a deceased parent to one person may not be the same for another. Trust your instincts and pay attention to the signs that feel significant to you.

Overall, symbolism in skills and energy can be a comforting reminder that your deceased parent is still with you in spirit.

Embrace these signs and allow them to bring you comfort and peace during the grieving process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you dream of your deceased father?

Dreams of deceased fathers can have various spiritual meanings. It could symbolize an unresolved issue with your father that needs to be addressed.

It could also represent a need for guidance or protection from your father.

What does it mean when you dream of your deceased mother?

Dreams of deceased mothers can also have different spiritual meanings. It could symbolize a need for nurturing or emotional support.

It could also represent a desire to reconnect with your mother or a need to come to terms with her passing.

What is the symbolism of seeing a dead person in a dream?

Seeing a dead person in a dream could symbolize a need to confront your fears of death or the unknown. It could also represent a need to let go of the past and move forward.

What is the significance of dreaming of a dead person asking you to come with them?

Dreaming of a dead person asking you to come with them could represent a need to let go of the past and move on. It could also symbolize a need to confront your fears of death or the unknown.

How can you interpret vivid dreams about dead loved ones?

Interpreting vivid dreams about dead loved ones can be challenging, but it could represent a need to process your grief or come to terms with their passing.

It could also symbolize a need to reconnect with them or receive guidance from them.

Can dreaming of deceased parents hold any significance?

Dreaming of deceased parents can hold significant spiritual meaning. It could represent a need to address unresolved issues or receive guidance from them.

It could also symbolize a need for emotional support or a desire to reconnect with them.

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