Are you interested in Bats Attacking Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of bat attack should serve as a wake-up call that you need to embrace new perspectives in life.

This dream encourages you to let go of old ways of thinking.

This entails that you overhaul your outdated and retrogressive beliefs, and replace them with a more progressive way of life.

Dreaming of being attacked by bats warns you of the dangers around you. You can’t afford to be negligent with your safety and security.

This dream warns you of the adverse effect of the negative energies you encounter in this journey. They blind you to your goals and dreams.

This is your cue to get rid of anything that clouds your vision.

At the same time, this dream indicates that you are going through a tough period. This is more so because you are changing from one level of existence to another.

Dreaming of bat attacks reminds you that change can be uncomfortable and painful. However, this is no reason to give up.

This dream encourages you to hold on. Use your innate gifts to handle the challenges you are going through.

To fully decipher the meaning of your bat dream, pay close attention to its context. Also, consider the finer details it presents.

Here’s a look at some common bats attacking dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Bats Attacking Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Attacked by Angry Bats

You will be confronted by difficult times, and your faith will be tested to the core. This dream tells you to face the challenges in your life confidently and courageously.

This dream encourages you to use your inner strength to move forward.

With the right effort, you’ll discover that you can overcome anything on your path to growth and progress.

#2 – Dream of Bats Attacking You in Your House

Dreaming that you’ve been attacked by bats that live around your apartment or house means that someone is out to get you.

The unfortunate bit is that this is someone you like and admire. This person is working in cahoots to create discord in your family.

They may also be targeting to soil your reputation at work.

#3 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Flying Bat

This means some evil forces are conspiring to steal your peace and happiness. They target to attack you at your most vulnerable point.

This attack will come out of nowhere; when you least expect it. Dreaming of being attacked by a flying bat tells you to be constantly on the alert.

Your good observation skills will save you.

#4 – Dream of Attack by a Cloud of Bats

This dream indicates that you have managed to fend off negative influence from crowds. Of late, you have been under a lot of pressure to give in to mob psychology.

Your determination to retain your individuality speaks volumes about your principled nature.

Seeing a flock of bats in your dream encourages you to hold on to your values regardless of the changing circumstances.

#5 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Bat in a Cave

Being attacked by a bat in a cave can be a traumatizing dream, more so if you don’t have an escape route.

This dream indicates that you feel overwhelmed by the problems at work and in your personal life.

Likely, you have taken too many responsibilities on yourself. This dream warns you about being too ambitious.

Take up the responsibilities you know you can handle. You see, it is wrong to promise a lot when you actually can’t deliver.

This dream further tells you to set realistic and achievable targets.

#6 – Dream of Being Bitten by Bats

You are involved in activities that are gradually draining your energy.

If this continues, you’ll be unable to achieve anything much in your professional and personal life. This dream warns you not to jump into any offer before thoroughly interrogating it.

You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law. Dreaming of being bitten by bats encourages you to carry out all due diligence before investing.

#7 – Dream of Being Attacked by a White Bat

This dream indicates death. Someone or some people close to you will be fatally ill. It could also mean that someone you know will be involved in a fatal accident.

This dream also warns you against being careless with your life. Remember, your body is your most precious asset in this life.

Take good care of it.

#8 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Black Bat

This is a sign of misfortune, failure, and bad luck. This dream comes at a time when you feel that all the forces of darkness are conspiring against you.

The small problems you thought you’d deal with at a later date have morphed into something formidable.

Having this dream tells you to take quick action about your life. It motivates you to tackle all challenges related to your health, family, romantic life, and career.

#9 – Dream of Being Attacked by a White and Black Bat

This dream indicates that you’ll lose someone important in your community. They will die from either affliction of old age or the effects of a long-term illness.

#10 – Dream of Being Attacked by Green Bats

You’ll be able to handle most of your issues by collaborating with like-minded individuals.

These are the kind of people who have your interests at heart, and they have something to contribute to your overall wellbeing.

This dream calls on you to tap into the experience and resources of such people. This should not be an impossible feat considering your exceptional communication skills.

#11 – Dream of Being Attacked by Red Bats

This dream indicates that you have been pinned down by some negative emotions for some time now.

You need to work on your personality by getting rid of jealousy, anger, and hatred.

This is the only way you’ll have meaningful and fulfilling relationships with the people you meet in life’s journey.

#12 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Brown Bat

This dream calls on you to take a closer look at the decisions you are making concerning your life. Don’t choose blindly; pay attention to ideas that bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

#13 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Vampire Bat

You will come up against some serious health issues. Dreaming of a vampire bat attack means that your health has been compromised.

This is your cue to take better care of yourself. Have you taken up some habits that are negatively impacting your life?

Do you find yourself in toxic situations or surrounded by people that want to see you fail? All these factors could contribute to your poor health.

#14 – Dream of Being Attacked by Bats in Your Sleep

Dreaming of being attacked by bats in your bed is quite common. This dream shows that a trap has been laid for you to negatively affect your love life.

Having this dream calls on you to keep your eyes open. You need to be alert for potential threats to your family and social relationships.

#15 – Dream of Being Attacked by Giant Bats

The small problems you have chosen to ignore are growing fast. Soon, they’ll be big enough to threaten your life.

This dream asks you to take prompt action when you sense a problem. Always strive to unearth the truth in everything you do.

Also, this dream encourages you to avoid procrastination.

#16 – Dream of Being Attacked by Lots of Bats

This dream tells you to get ready for an influx of problems. What seems to be a small matter will spew forth a myriad of challenges, and you’ll be hard pressed to keep them down.

The important thing here is to make sure you are proactive. Don’t wait for issues to spread to start acting. The first hint of trouble should get you on your feet.

#17 – Dream of Bats Attacking in the Daylight

You have been too complacent. It’s no wonder some great opportunities are passing you by. This dream is a wake-up call.

You need to take decisive action to overcome the challenges in your life.

Usually, bats are most active at night. Seeing them attacking you in the daytime tells you to take unusual measures in solving your problems.

Abnormal problems call for innovative solutions.

#18 – Dream of Bats Attacking at Night

This dream indicates that you’ve been too busy helping others that you’ve forgotten your own needs.

Although it’s a noble thing to help others overcome their challenges, you should pay close attention to your needs, as well.

Having this dream indicates that your disasters need your attention.

#19 – Dream of Being Attacked by an Adult Bat

This means that the issues you are handling are bigger than you think. As such, you shouldn’t underestimate them.

This dream encourages you to face your problems with confidence and courage.

Unleash the resources hidden deep within you to flatten the hills and impediments on your path.

#20 – Dream of a Baby Bat Attack

This dream encourages you to work on your spiritual growth and progress. Working for spiritual awakening is a great step towards self-improvement.

#21 – Dream of Being Attacked by Your Pet Bat

Are you in touch with your darkest, deepest fears? This dream asks you to confront them. It’s only by being comfortable in your skin that you can face the world confidently.

Put to rest your fears, worries, and anxieties. This will create room in your life for positive energies.

#22 – Dream of an Attack from a Fruit Bat

This dream encourages you to see a doctor for a check-up. This dream brings subtle messages about hidden diseases and unfamiliar ailments.

Although you may not have the symptoms of any sickness yet, visit your doctor. You’ll be surprised by what a medical checkup can uncover.

#23 – Dream of Being Chased by Bats

Your decisions and actions are too rash, and they are likely to cause you lots of trouble. This dream wants you to think before you act.

Avoid making decisions in the heat of the moment.


Dreaming about bats attacking is closely related to your personality. This is a sign that something is not right, and you need to fix it as a matter of urgency.

If you manage to repulse the bat attack in your dream, it attests to the strength of your personality.

If this dream progresses to nightmares, it means that things will not work your way. It is a sign that you’ll receive a well-choreographed attack from evil forces.

You have to be strong enough to withstand any onslaught meant to finish you.

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