Needles Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of needles shows that you need help. This is an internal cry to be shown the way out of your predicaments.

Likely, you’ve been working hard but you have no tangible results to show for this. Some people that go through this experience often wonder whether they are cursed.

They can’t understand why their peers seem to do so much better with relatively less effort.

This dream wants you to understand that most of your problems stem from within. It could be that you don’t believe in your skills and abilities powerfully enough.

A change of attitude will go a long way in making things right. This is where your journey to recovery starts…by embracing a positive mindset of yourself.

All the same, dreams about needles can have both positive and negative connotations. It all depends on the context of the dream, and the dreamer’s feelings.


Here’s a look at some common needles dream and their meanings:

Some Specific Needles Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Needle

This dream points to the danger of leaving unresolved conflicts in the family. The pains you are going through could have their origin in your family.

Someone in your family is jealous of your progress, and they are determined to cause friction between you and other members.

This is something you need to handle with care, as you’d not want to accuse any of your family members falsely.

#2 – Dream of Buying a Needle

You are determined to make your goals and dreams come true. This is good for you, considering that your ambitions are quite many.

Buying needles from the store indicates that you are ready to continue with life despite the challenges you keep encountering.

You are positively motivated to get rid of anything that could get in the way of your plans.

#3 – Dream of Losing a Needle

This dream tells you to steady yourself to withstand the turmoil ahead. You may have to change some aspects of your lifestyle to deal with the problems headed your way.

Dreaming of losing a needle calls on you to act responsibly. You’d not want to do anything that could cripple your chances of being happy in the next stage of your life.

#4 – Dream of Looking for a Needle

This dream shows that you care for the needs of others. You tend to show concern to those who seek your assistance.

People are attracted by the positive aura you exude, and you are ready to share your resources with them.

This is good for you; it will have a positive impact on your health, family, career, and finances.

#5 – Dream of Finding a Needle

Dreaming of finding a needle means you have discovered the source of your problems.

You’ll realize that a simple change of attitude and getting rid of negative energies will change a lot of things for you.

The main cause of issues in your life can be attributed to self-defeating beliefs and attitudes. Coupled with this is your closeness to toxic people and situations.

If you can overhaul the self-defeating beliefs and do away with false friends, you have little to complain about.

#6 – Dream of Pricking Yourself with a Sewing Needle

This dream alerts you that you are at variance with your husband/wife. Although strong emotions exist between you two, you don’t share priorities.

This dream calls on you to meditate over this matter. Have a seat down with your partner to find the best way forward.

You’ll realize that it may be best if you go your separate ways. This could be the only guarantee that you’ll end your relationship amicably.

#7 – Dream of Eating Needles

You are experiencing conflicts on multiple fronts. This dream warns you against being at loggerheads with just about anyone you care for.

It could also mean that some people you care for will hurt you very much. It will feel like everybody you learn has turned their back against you.

You need to pause and consider what the problem could be. Likely, you’ll discover that you have a serious role to play in all this chaos.

Have you ever considered that some of your habits hurt others?

#8 – Dream of Threading a Needle

Dreaming of threading a needle shows that your skills and talents will be put to the test.

You’ll encounter some challenging situations that will call on you to dig deep into your reserves of hidden qualities.

At the same time, this dream tells you to take your duties and responsibilities seriously.

For example, if your family or any other family member depends on you, take care not to let them down.

#9 – Dream of Breaking a Sewing Needle

This dream warns you to be wary of false friends and malicious workmates. Likely, your friends are working in cahoots with your enemies to bring you to your knees.

It could also be that some of your colleagues are trying to make you as uncomfortable as they can. They want to pin you down so that you can stop outshining them.

This dream asks you to adjust quickly to handle the challenges before you.

#10 – Dream of Someone Sticking a Needle into You

Your health is under threat. It’s important that you remember where the needle sticks on your body because this is the most affected part.

This dream encourages you to guard against emotional and physical damage.

#11 – Dream of Sticking a Needle into Someone

This is a sign that you are judging someone too harshly.

You need to consider that there’s a time when you knew nothing much, and you depended on the support of others.

So, instead of castigating someone because of their poor performance, do the right thing and give them a helping hand.

#12 – Dream of Seeing Multiple Needles

This dream is a pointer to a large conflict between you and your loved ones. Likely, this conflict has been caused by inheritance from a departed family member who didn’t leave a valid will.

It could also be caused by feelings of resentment arising from past experiences.

This dream asks you to be kinder and more considerate to your loved ones. Even as you pursue your agendas, remember to protect their interests.

#13 – Dream of Needless and Blood

Although this can be a very harrowing dream, its meaning is not. It indicates that you’ll soon start reaping the rewards of your labor.

It also lets you know that your hard work and positive attitude have not gone unnoticed. Soon, you will receive a great gift from someone you respect and hold in high regard.

This dream encourages you to maintain your chosen life path.

#14 – Dream of Using a Rusty Needle

Someone is spreading lies, rumors, and false stories about you. This will cause you huge problems in the days ahead unless you step in firmly to stop them.

Also, this dream calls on you to be strong. Don’t allow other people to destroy your dreams with their negative innuendos.

#15 – Dream of Sitting on a Needle

Keep your eyes peeled for pitfalls, traps, and snares laid for you.

While you have been busy working for your goals, your enemies have been coming up with new ways to kill your spirit.

The good news is that they will not succeed unless you let your guard down.

#16 – Dream of Lending Your Needle to Someone

It’s good that you dedicate a lot of time and effort to helping others. However, don’t expect them to do the same.

Not everyone is as committed as you. Don’t be disappointed when other people let you down when you need to see their reciprocity.

Sometimes, you have to work yourself out of a rut your own way, on your terms.

#17 – Dream of Stepping on a Needle

This dream warns you that your plans will suffer some setbacks.

You will encounter an unexpected loss in your finances – and this is likely to affect all aspects of your life.

This dream suggests that you need to pause in what you are doing and re-strategize. This does not mean, however, that you should discard all your goals and plans.

You probably just need to tweak them a little.

#18 – Dream of Needles All Over Your Body

Dreaming of having needles all over your body brings back memories of a visit to an acupuncturist. This dream reminds you that your health does matter.

This means that you should prioritize your health above everything else. This is your cue to get rid of bad diets and energy-draining negative habits.

#19 – Dream of Searching for a Needle in a Haystack

This dream indicates an almost impossible-to-accomplish task. It could be that you’ve taken on yourself the responsibility to change your world.

Although this is doable, you are unlikely to accomplish it alone. You need to work hand in hand with like-minded people to create the changes you desire to see.

This dream warns you against biting more than you can chew.

#20 – Dream of Borrowing a Needle

This dream indicates that you have all the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Soon, your life will change immensely, thanks to your rich network of friends and guides.

If you’ve been looking to start a new project or expand an old one, this is a good time to do it.

#21 – Dream of Selling a Needle

This is a sign that you’ll lose someone or something precious. Although you find it hard seeing them go, you understand that it’s for the best.

Sometimes, to gain something important, you must make some sacrifices. This is what your dream wants you to remember.

The loss of one thing opens the door to greater and more auspicious opportunities.

#22 – Dream of Swallowing a Needle

This dream encourages you to look to the future with hope and optimism. Although you’ll always come up against new challenges, never ever give up.

Actually, you’ll come to understand that you can easily convert challenges into opportunities. It is during times of adversity that you have the greatest potential to shape your future.

#23 – Dream of a Needle and a Syringe

Be keen on the intentions of those around you. Some believe that you are the impediment to their own growth and progress.

They’ll go to great lengths to get you out of the way, and this is where it gets dangerous to your health.

Be particularly careful of friends or colleagues that have changed their behavior towards you in the recent past.


Dreaming of needles tells you to start the journey to self-discovery. How well are you in touch with your strengths and weaknesses?

Have you found innovative ways to make your shortcomings work for you?

This dream wants you to be a master of your own life. You need to know that your destiny is in your hands. You should authoritatively take care of it.

This dream holds the promise of a great future for you and your loved ones. It indicates that your relationships will blossom.

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