Doll Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Doll Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Having a doll dream is usually stimulated by what we are going through in our waking life. These dreams are a reflection of who we perceive ourselves to be.

If you have had a doll dream meaning, you will realize that it reflects on your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

This is how your subconscious processes what you’ve had to contend with in the past.


Doll dreams can be evaluated from several perspectives – depending on how you relate to dolls in your waking life.

Some Specific Doll Dream Meanings

#1 – Dreams of Broken Dolls

Most dolls are meticulously made – piece by piece until they are complete. If you dream of broken dolls, it means trouble.

Some aspects of your life are not going right, and you need to take immediate remedial action.

You need to identify the troubling aspects of your life so that you can solve the problems as soon as possible.

#2 – Dream of Killer Dolls

Killer doll dreams come in the form of nightmares. Although this dream can be really scary, it represents a wake-up call.

This dream calls on you to deal with your worries, insecurities, and uncertainties. These negative energies are denying you joy, peace, and happiness.

Negative energies will slowly but surely kill your dreams – unless you do something about it.

#3 – Dream of Fighting with a Doll

This dream indicates that you have allowed your self-esteem to sink at an all-time low. Just like the above dream, the dream of fighting with a doll is a wake-up call to the dreamer.

You are being encouraged to start appreciating yourself. It’s high time you viewed yourself as worthy of respect.

#4 – Dreams of Porcelain Dolls

This dream is a positive one. It shows that you are guided by hope and optimism in your bid to solve the problems in your life.

This dream encourages you to channel the cheerful attitude you enjoyed as a child to making your life easier.

Dreams of porcelain remind you that you have the emotional strength to overcome obstacles.

#5 – Dreams of Baby Dolls

This dream is a reflection of your fears when it comes to taking care of a child or children. You feel that the responsibilities of nurturing a child can be too overwhelming.

Dreams of Baby Dolls encourage you to take a more positive attitude when it comes to caring for children.

This responsibility is not as bad as you fear!


#6 – Dream of Playing with a Baby Doll

This is a positive sign. It indicates your readiness and willingness to take up your responsibilities at home.

You are keen to take care of your family and loved ones.

#7 – Dream of Stabbing a Doll with a Knife

This dream points out that you are not doing so well in handling the issues in your waking life. You need to look for better ways to create meaningful relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues.

This dream encourages you to be more sensitive towards those you encounter in life’s journey.

#8 – Dream of Voodoo Dolls

This dream asks you to be on the lookout for people that are out to bring you down. Be wary of false friends who will slander you behind your back.

There is a good chance that some people come into your life to study your ways so that they can pull you down.

#9 – Dream of Encountering a Pretty Doll

This dream holds the promise of wealth and prosperity. Your efforts and positive attitude will attract the kind of results you seek.

Dream of encountering a pretty doll tells you to keep up the good work you have been doing.

#10 – Dream of Receiving a Doll in Your Mailbox

This is a sign that positive changes are coming your way. If you have been expecting some money, it will come soon enough.

Your businesses will thrive. As such keep going strong in your endeavors.

You will also receive some good news in the family. Your relationships with family and friends will greatly improve.

#11 – Dream of Evil Dolls

This sign indicates that your past is catching up with you. You feel lonely and abandoned. This dream encourages you to make amends.

Do the best you can to bring closure to your painful past. This will enable you to rise above your pain and disappointment.

#12 – Dream of a Possessed Doll

When you dream of possessed dolls (such as Annabelle, Robert the doll, Letta the Doll, and Okiku), it means that you have allowed your fears to take the better of you.

Most of your waking life is characterized by paralyzing fear.

This dream is a wake-up call that you need to deal with the source of your terrors. You should go through life guided by optimism and a positive mindset.

#13 – Dream of a Bleeding Doll

This is a sign that you are going through a trying period in your waking life. Seeing a bleeding doll in your dreams means that you feel drained by stress.

This dream encourages you to take positive action to remedy your situation. You may want to consider taking up expert help.

#14 – Dreams of Wooden Dolls

This dream calls on you to focus on the important things in your life. You have likely been spending your time and energy on non-issues.

You need to find your way back to your goals and dreams.

#15 – Dream of Rubber Dolls

Dreaming of plastic or rubber dolls is a pointer to the fake friends who want to see you fail. This dream encourages you to watch the kind of company you keep.

Associate yourself with people that want to see you grow and prosper.

#16 – Dream of Multiple Dolls

If you see many dolls – all at once – in your dream, it indicates that you feel fatigued and overwhelmed by the cares of the world.

This dream indicates that you feel lost, and that you need to rediscover yourself. This entails that you make a spiritual connection with the divine realm.

#17 – Dream of Multi-Colored Dolls

This dream indicates that your life is about to change for the better. You have been working hard and you will soon start reaping the rewards of your labor.

Your efforts and positive mindset will serve you well.

#18 – Dream of Dolls Turning into Monsters

This dream indicates that you are being betrayed by somebody you love and trust. This may lead to a big loss unless you take quick action to remedy the situation.

This dream is a wake-up call for you to find out who amongst your friends is planning this betrayal. This will enable you to stem the disappointment that may arise from their actions.

#19 – Dream of a Talking Doll

This is a sign that you are naïve, and you can easily be taken advantage of. You need to show more maturity in the way you relate to your family, friends, and colleagues.

This dream encourages you to be more decisive when it comes to making decisions.

Also, dream of a talking doll could mean that you feel alone and emotionally naked. You feel that you have no one to lean on in tough times.

#20 – Dream of Playing with Dolls

If you dream of playing with your doll, it indicates that you have managed to run your life quite efficiently.

You have almost everything in your life under control.

If you are playing with someone else’s doll, this is a sign that you have managed to create meaningful relationships with your family and friends.


#21 – Dreams of Buying a Doll

This is a sign that your financial situation will improve in the near future. You will encounter great opportunities that will empower you to meet your material needs.

This dream encourages you to keep your eyes peeled for the opportunities that are being sent your way.

Some opportunities knock only once and you would not want to miss this chance when it happens.

#22 – Dream of Beautiful Dolls

Having this dream is a good omen. It indicates that your home life will change for the better. If you have been praying for a child, this is a good time to look for one.

Your efforts will attract blessings and your home will know peace and bliss.

#23 – Dream of Barbie Dolls

This indicates that you are physically and emotionally attracted to someone. You desire to help them to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

This dream may be referring to a lover, child, parent, or friend with whom you are very close.

#24 – Dreams of Dolls Coming to Life

The meaning of this sign depends on what the doll does when it comes to life. If the doll becomes threatening in any way, this means that you need to confront your fears and insecurities.

This dream calls on you to deal with these insecurities before they bring about unwanted situations.

If the doll is friendly, it means that you will find a way out of your problems. It indicates that you are on the right path to achieving your goals and dreams.



Since time immemorial, some people have used dolls for religious ceremonies while others use them for art and for their aesthetic appeal.

They are also used as toys by children.

To correctly interpret your doll dream, you need to consider how you interact with dolls in your waking life.

Having a doll dream calls on you to take action concerning certain areas of your life. The doll symbol reminds you to start taking an active role in your life.

This dream encourages you to participate in your life instead of watching from the sidelines.

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