Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Deceased Mother

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The Bible has demonstrated that dreams occur as a means of the divine world communicating with us.

This means you should never take any dream for granted, especially if you remember it vividly on waking up.

Dreaming about your deceased mother could be a message from your mother or a dead loved one.

It could also be an appropriate way for your angels to reach out to you to tell you something important concerning your life.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Deceased Mother

God sends us dreams to guide us about particular issues related to our lives. For example, if you have been dreaming about your dead mother frequently, you may be grieving.

This dream encourages you to heal. Your deceased mother in the dream stands for mourning, sadness, loss, grief, and tragedy.

Your angels want you to acknowledge that these things derail your focus from the essential things in your life.

Dreaming of your dead mother is an implicit reminder that mourning has a shelf life; it cannot go on forever.

Also, seeing your dead mother in a dream means that your mother is still attached to you.

You need to help each other to safely transit this stage, for it can be hurtful to you if neither of you is willing to let go of the other.

Payers can come in handy at this point. Pray for yourself and your mother’s soul to come to terms with what has happened.

Specific Deceased mother Biblical Meaning

#1 – Dream of Your Deceased Mother in a Casket

Dreaming of your dead mother in a coffin may have nothing to do with your mother. Instead, this is a sign from heaven that someone close to you intends to hurt you.

This person is pretending to be close to gain your trust and learn your secrets. God uses this dream to warn you about someone that has been sent into your life to corrupt your faith.

#2 – Dream of Being Hugged by Your Deceased Mother

This dream is a sign from heaven that you are not alone in life’s journey. You are likely to have this dream if you have been experiencing a heightened sense of insecurity.

It could be that you don’t want to take risks for fear of failure. But, on the other hand, your angels want you to get out of your comfort zone and do your best with the opportunities at your disposal.

Seeing your dead mother hug you in a dream encourages you to eliminate anything that clouds your thinking and judgment.

#3 – Dream of the Death of Your Deceased Mother

The Universe uses this sign to urge you to handle your past trauma. Although God has sent many opportunities in your life, you can’t see them.

This is because your traumatic past keeps getting in the way of your plans. This trauma makes you waste your time and energy on things that have nothing to do with your future.

#4 – Dream of Your Deceased Mother Calling You

Your angels want you to let go of anything that has outlived its usefulness.

You could be entangled in a relationship that has seen better days, one whose light has gone out, never to shine again.

God wants you to anticipate the next phase of your life. The past is gone; let anything connected to your past go.

Hold on to the things you need to enjoy a better, more fulfilling life.

#5 – Dreaming of Your Dead Mother Being Sick

If your mother is deceased, but then you dream of her being sick, it means you are being unreasonable with your dearest and closest.

This dream warns you against acting inconsiderately towards those who look up to you. Otherwise, you may lose the love and trust of your loved ones, and it would be an uphill task to regain these things.

#6 – Dream of Your Deceased Mother Resurrecting

Seeing your deceased mother alive again in a dream shows you are dealing with tough times. Likely, you have encountered some challenges you’ve never seen before.

This could also be a heads-up from your angels of adversities ahead of you. So do not allow negative energies to camp in your life.

#7 – Dream of Being Served Food by Your Deceased Mother

This dream means that you miss the tender love and care you used to receive from your mother. Your mother brought you up well; she nurtured you and ensured you did not lack anything.

This dream also indicates you are well equipped to handle the adversities in your life.

If you feel some things are not going according to plan, just look within for the resources you need to get everything back on track.

#8 – Dream of Your Dead Mother Cooking

This dream urges you to use the support system of the people around you to achieve your goals. Heaven has sent you the backing you need to live your life to the fullest.

You’ll access this support through your mentors, family, friends, teachers, and spiritual leaders. These people will provide you with the resources you have been asking heaven for.

Hidden Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Deceased Mother

Maternal Protection

Just because your mother has crossed to the other side does not mean she no longer watches over you.

Dreaming about her is a sign that she is close by, monitoring your growth and progress. She wants to comfort you if you are still grieving.

Your mother wants you to know it shall be well, and you’ll never be alone in life’s journey.

Focus on Your Life

You are likely to have this dream if your mother doted on you. You miss her greatly because she used to guide and help you make all the critical decisions in your life.

Likely, you had to consider your mother’s input for every significant move you made in your career, relationship, or personal progress.

Now that she’s gone, you feel lost and helpless.

Dreaming about her tells you to take charge of your life. Focus on making your dream a reality. Learn to stand on your feet regardless of how tough things may seem.

Change is In the Air

Dreaming of your deceased mother alerts you that change is coming. Likely, your mother’s death will trigger an event to force you to transform some aspects of your life.

Or, it could be that you’ll encounter new people and experiences that will convince you to change your lifestyle.

Either way, change is good for you at this time. So tightly embrace the changes taking place in your life.

You’ll Overcome Your Challenges

Your deceased mother will appear to you when you feel that you cannot go on. The problems you find yourself in seem impossible, and you cannot see an end to your suffering.

This dream encourages you to take chances. However, the issues in your life will not change much if you are unwilling to take risks.

Do not concentrate so much on what could go wrong that you become blind to the possibilities in front of you.

When you start taking risks, you’ll realize that your problems are resolving themselves.

This is the direction the Universe wants you to take.

Improve Your Management Skills

Seeing your dead mother in a dream could indicate you are grieving over a considerable loss. Fortunately, this loss is likely to be about your finances.

The Universe wants you to know you will recover. However, before this happens, you must learn a few things about managing your life.

This dream could be a prompt that you need to up your financial management skills. Learn to live within your means, and to put the resources at your disposal to good use.

Attend to Your Spiritual Needs

We associated our mother with nurture. Our mothers instinctively know when we need something; they quickly intervene to make us stronger.

Seeing your deceased mother in the dream signifies that something in your life is amiss. In all likelihood, you have neglected your spiritual life in favor of the more mundane aspects of your existence.

This dream calls on you to tend to your soul. This is the time to hold firmly to your beliefs. Then, retrace the steps to your place of worship if need be.


Although dreaming about your dead mother can be a scary dream, it should not make you overly worried.

This dream simply means your angels are trying to tell you something. It could be they want you to know your mother is safe on the other side.

This dream could also be a pointer to some of the changes you need to make in your life. These changes are likely to be personal – that’s why heaven is using the symbol of your mother.

However, by following the path you are advised to, you’ll realize an exponential increase in many areas of your life.

Sometimes, dreaming of your deceased mother assures you that the Universe has put mechanisms to support you on the journey ahead.

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