Dream within a Dream Meaning and Symbolism  

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The spiritual world often conveys information to humans through dreams. Therefore, all dreams – especially if they are repetitive or vivid – have meaning.

But, the dream within a dream has a special meaning. Unfortunately, not many people have this dream, even those who don’t have it often.

In a dream within a  dream, you often gain control of your dream and direct it in any way you wish.

When you wake up, you’ll realize you were actually dreaming.

Having a dream within a dream can have a wide range of meanings. These meanings depend on what you are going through.

A dream within a dream could indicate different possibilities in your life. It expands your ideas and allows you to take a peek at situations you have not considered before.

You will likely experience this phenomenon when you need to pay more attention to your life.

What’s the General Meaning of a Dream Within a Dream?

A dream within a dream can be a pointer to a serious issue in your life. Therefore, you need to act quickly to contain a particular situation before it gets out of hand.

This dream draws attention to the fact that you are no longer yourself. You have been separated from your ideals and values and need to get them back.

At the same time, this phenomenon indicates there’s something you are running away from. Likely, you have chosen to bury your head in the sand rather than confront a certain issue.

You need to be courageous enough to deal with your realities.

During a dream within a dream, you can actually control the characters in your dream. You own the setting of your dream and determine the plot and action in this dream.

It may also be a lucid dream – a dream in which you know you are dreaming. You gain control of the dream and determine its environment and characters.

A dream within a dream could signify that your life is getting out of control; some critical aspects of your life are falling apart.

This dream tells you to pay attention to the critical areas of your life. Likely, you have deviated from what truly matters in your life and focused on energy-usurping pursuits.

If this dream causes anxiety or insomnia, this is a sign that you urgently need to get your life back on track.

Specific Meanings of Dream Within a Dream

Your Life is Out of Control

You have lost control of your faculties and must step in decisively and take control of your life. Unfortunately, this is likely to occur when you focus on the wrong things in life.

Having a dream within a dream challenges you to pause and take stock of your life. Then, change what you need to and put your life back on track.

Your Life Has Become Monotonous

A dream within a dream indicates that ordinary, everyday life no longer excites you. The joy of living is slowly ebbing out, and you need to do something before things get too bad.

Do not allow your life to slide into laziness and apathy. Through this dream, your subconscious urges you to reignite the spark of life within you.

You Are Going Through Tough Times

This explanation is scientific as well as spiritual. Having a dream within a dream indicates you are going through trying times.

Psychologists contend that this dream indicates you are confused about a situation that has defied your efforts to resolve it.

Lately, your thoughts and feelings seem muddled, and this dream is an alert you need to regain control of your life.

You Are Hiding Your True Emotions

You have developed techniques to observe your life from a distance because you don’t want to deal with your emotions.

This dream could signify that you have built several layers to protect yourself from your emotions.

Ultimately, you’ll have to peel back those layers and deal with your emotions to be at peace with yourself.

You Are Becoming Impatient

This dream indicates that you want your success now; you are tired of waiting. Well, this is not going to happen.

A dream within a dream reminds you that things will not always work as you want them to. Real success takes time, effort, and a positive attitude.

You should learn to be patient as you keep doing the right things.

Can I Use a Dream Within a Dream to My Advantage?

To benefit from a dream within a dream, you must determine which aspect of your life it relates to.

Generally, this phenomenon acts as an early warning system that you need to take action before things fall apart.

Fortunately, you have a strong spirit and can quickly adjust to resolve the difficulties in your life.

Contrary to what some people think, a dream within a dream is not a sleep disorder. Instead, it draws attention to the areas of your life that you have neglected.

This dream is a unique gift you should learn to use to shape your personality. It nudges you to manage the power of your mind to have better control of your life.

What’s the Hidden Symbolism of a Dream Within a Dream?

#1 – A Deluge of Messages

This dream is a sign that of late, you have been receiving a bombardment of spiritual messages. This is your cue to slow down to work out your connection with the divine realm.

Having a dream within a dream means that the messages you are receiving are intertwined. Since these messages come from your divine guides, they are all important.

Take the time to go through them.

#2 – You Are Anxious

If you’ve had this dream more than a couple of times, you need to relax. This is a sign of anxiety. You are worried about important things in your life, which is reflected in your dream motif.

The divine realm wants you to relax; you can’t solve anything if you are guided by worry.

#3 – You Don’t Want to Face Reality

A dream within a dream could signal that you bury your head whenever a particular matter arises. So you hide from the truth, hoping your reality will magically change.

The truth is that nothing much will happen in your life unless you take charge. The best way of going about this is by confronting your issues head-on.

#4 – Someone is Tapping into Your Energy

This dream indicates that someone is trying to penetrate your soul. This could be a dead loved one or someone in your waking world that is spiritually well connected.

Pay close attention to the dream within the dream to find out what this person wants to deposit into your life.

#5 – Your Soul Needs to Rest

Your soul is searching for fulfillment. This is good; it means you have finally seen the need to search for spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

As much as you can, remain in the dream within a dream until your soul discovers its purpose. Having this dream shows you are close; you just need to put in a little more effort to be correctly aligned.

#6 – You Have a Prophetic Gift

You have the unique gift of a prophet – though it is likely that you have not utilized this gift. A dream within a dream alerts you that you can see what is hidden from the common eye.

This is your cue to master and harness the power of your gift. Tap and develop this gift so that it can benefit you and your world.

#7 – Something Good is Coming

The Universe uses dreams to assure us that things will be okay. You’ll realize that when you have two dreams, one within another, the second one usually has a positive connotation.

Although this is not always the case, it happens to most people who experience a dream within a dream.

The second dream should give you hope and assurance. The future looks bright regardless of how bad things are on the ground.

How to Interpret a Dream Within a Dream

To understand the meaning of your dream within a dream, you need to consider the following:

  • Your state of mind before you sleep

Were you worried or anxious before you tucked in? If this is the case, this dream assures you everything will be alright.

You don’t have to be overly concerned about everything, especially if you have no control over them.

This dream could also be sending you special instructions from the divine realm.

  • What happened in the dream

The events and images in the dream affect your waking life. They are related to your active thoughts and feelings.

  • Pay attention to the first dream.

The most important dream is a dream-within-a-dream scenario is the second dream. However, to fully understand the meaning of the second dream, you need to pay attention to the first one.


Not many people are privileged to have a dream within a dream. It may sound weird to dream and know that you are dreaming.

This dream draws attention to the realities in your life. It nudges you to confront your truths so you can make meaning of your existence in this realm.

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