Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend shows that you are bothered by some unresolved conflicts from the past.

This dream shows that your emotional pain and suffering have a beginning, and it can thus be stopped.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream could be a sign of unreciprocated love.

The meaning of this dream depends on the details it presents, and what you feel about them.

Here’s a look at some common ex-boyfriend dreams and their meaning:


Some Specific Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meanings

#1 – Recurring Dreams of Your Ex-Boyfriend

You miss your ex-boyfriend, and you have a hidden desire to have him back in your life. Or, it could be that you want to meet for a cup of coffee for old times’ sake.

Whatever the case, this dream wants you to examine whether this is exactly what you want. Do you think meeting your ex-boyfriend will end well?

How will your current partner interpret your sudden interest in your ex?

#2 – Dream of Your Ex-Boyfriend Getting Married

In this dream, your ex-boyfriend marries someone else. This shows you are not very sure about the direction your current relationship has taken.

This dream could also mean you are still emotionally attached to your ex-boyfriend, the breakup notwithstanding.

You have not outgrown the hurt of the breakup. Sometimes, you harbor a secret wish to get back with him.

#3 – Dream of Being Romantically Involved with Your Ex-Boyfriend

If you have not found true love, this dream alerts you that you’ll soon find it. This is your cue to maintain a positive mindset.

There’s someone out there just right for you, and he’ll help you to overcome the pain and disappointment of your past.

If you have already moved on after the breakup, this dream indicates good times ahead. You’ll have better experiences than those you shared with your ex-boyfriend.

This dream encourages you to keep investing in your relationship.

#4 – Dream of Stalking Your Ex-Boyfriend

In this dream, you are all over your ex-boyfriend’s social media life.

This is a sign that you are loving, caring, and considerate.

You miss the moments you shared with your ex, and you’d like to replicate them with your present boyfriend or husband.

This dream could also be a sign that your current relationship has become boring. You need to be careful how you respond to this.

Making a mistake at this point could make you lose your current partner, as well.

#5 – Dream of Sharing a Meal with Your Ex-Boyfriend

This dream indicates you have outgrown your pain and disappointment. You are ready to put your past relationship behind you and move on to other things.

It’s good that this signal is coming at this time. In the next few days and weeks, you’ll realize there’s a lot you can do with your life.

This should motivate you to quickly resolve any vestiges of pending issues. Address these issues and see new opportunities spring up just about everywhere you go.

#6 – Dream of Dancing with Your Ex-Boyfriend

Your mind is trying to work out how your relationship fell apart. You are sort of confused and unsure how to proceed.

You are happy one moment that you have moved away from this man, and you totally miss him the next.

Dreaming of dancing with your ex-boyfriend indicates you need time to go through the healing process.

It is okay to mourn the loss, but don’t lose focus on what’s important for you.

#7 – Dream of a Dead Ex-Boyfriend

This is a warning sign. It shows that someone or something from your past threatens your current life. Stop everything you are doing and address this threat.

Otherwise, it will attack at your most vulnerable point.

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend could also mean that you’ve forgiven him for the hurt he caused you. Although you will not forget his misdeeds, you’re ready to let bygones be bygones.

#8 – Dream of Cheating with Your Ex-Boyfriend

In this dream, you cheat on your current boyfriend with the ex. This is a sign that your current relationship does not meet your expectations.

You have severally been disappointed, and you are beginning to wonder whether your partner is serious at all.

This dream signifies a lack of emotional connection with your partner. You miss some of the fire and passion you experienced with your ex-boyfriend.

#9 – Dream of Ex-Boyfriend Rejecting You

This dream warns you against entertaining going back to the past. The past is gone, and the things you want to get from it are no longer tenable for you.

This means you need to focus on the future. Use your energies, time, and resources to build new relationships.

Try reaching forward as opposed to backward.

Dreaming of being rejected by your ex-boyfriend also means you have not taken the time to heal your wounds.

You are moving too fast for your own good. Slow down, and give your heart time to recover.

#10 – Dream of Receiving an Apology from Your Ex-Boyfriend

In this dream, your ex-boyfriend comes in person or sends an emissary with an apology for their misconduct.

This dream is not a sign that your partner longs to have you back. Rather, it indicates you still have feelings for him.

Deep down, you know you’d forgive him if he apologized and changed his ways.

You have to be very careful going forward, all the same. You see, it’s very hard to change a person steeped in his ways.

Is there a chance you can change your ex-boyfriend now when you couldn’t manage to do so when you were together?

#11 – An Annoying Dream of Your Ex-Boyfriend

This dream may have nothing to do with your ex-boyfriend. It shows that you are not very happy with your current partner’s habits and lifestyle choices.

This is your cue to engage your present partner about dealing with negative habits. This might be a sensitive issue for him; you need to approach it tactfully.

Work jointly with your partner in handling the matter. At no time should you make him feel rejected because of what’s happening.

#12 – Dream of Having Wild Sex with Your Ex-Boyfriend

This dream theme could be a sign that you are going through a period of dry spell. Likely, you don’t have a new partner. If you do, he stays far away, and you don’t get to see him as often as you’d like.

You have a secret wish to experience the intimate moments you shared with your ex-boyfriend.

Think about this matter critically. Even if you are not in a new relationship, do you really want your ex-boyfriend back?

Listen to your heart for the direction it gives you. When it comes to matters of love and relationships, your heart will never misguide you.

#13 – Dream of Saving Your Ex-Boyfriend

In this dream, your ex-boyfriend is in danger and you take quick action to save him. This is a sign that you have become confident after the breakup.

You can even interact with your ex-boyfriend and transact business without being bitter or angry at him.

Dreaming of saving your boyfriend shows you have grown in wisdom and maturity.

#14 – Dream of Visiting Your Ex-Boyfriend and His Family

You miss the togetherness you enjoyed with your ex. Your subconscious is pushing you to recreate those moments in your relationship.

With this may give you temporary pleasure, it is bound to backfire in the long run.

Every relationship is unique; it is unfair to expect your current boyfriend to behave like your ex.

#15 – Dream of Killing Your Boyfriend

You have made a decision to get out of toxic situations and relationships. This is the right move to make if you hope to take charge of your life.

This dream asks you to focus on positive energies only. Don’t create room for any form of negativity in your life.

#16 – Dream of Calling Your Ex-Boyfriend

This dream shows you are lonely, and you need to experience the kind of closeness that only a lover can give.

It could also be a sign that you feel bitter, guilty, or remorseful about something you did in the past.

You are not happy with the way things have turned out, and you wish you could take back your mistakes.

#17 – Dream of Fighting with Your Ex-Boyfriend

This dream signifies change. You are moving from the old into the new. Get ready for this because change does not come naturally for most people.

You will experience a level of discomfort and even pain, but it’s all for your own good.

This dream urges you to let go of your old thinking patterns and embrace new ways of solving your issues.

Let go of outdated ideas and embrace progressive ones.

#18 – Dream of Meeting Your Ex-Boyfriend’s New Partner

You are about to embark on an important journey in your life, and you feel anxious about it. This dream encourages you to be brave.

Just like meeting your ex’s new partner can be disturbing, some aspects of this journey will shake you. Keep pressing on; your strength is your security.

#19 – Dream of Your Ex-Boyfriend Meeting Your New Boyfriend

This is a sign of inner conflict. Your ideas and desires are at loggerheads.

This makes you move round in circles, taking too much of your time from important business.

#20 – Dream of Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend

Dreaming of kissing your ex-boyfriend is a sign of trouble. Your conduct and attitude are inviting new problems into your life.

Unless you hold yourself together, your poor habits will soon mess up your personal and professional undertakings.


Dreams about your ex-boyfriend are a reflection of what’s happening in your life. Your dream could be a pointer to some aspects of your love life.

Having this dream inspires you to deal with the stress, insecurities, and worries in your love life.

It challenges you to confront your unconscious thoughts and handle the issues they bring up.

You’ll realize that by being honest with yourself, you can resolve all emotional issues from your past.

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