Child in Danger Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of a child in danger reminds you of your responsibilities. Likely, a good number of people look up to you for advice and guidance.

You are likely to have this dream if your maternal or paternal instincts have been aroused recently. Dreaming of a child in danger tells you of your duty to defend and save your integrity.

What happens in this dream and how you react points to your genuine personality. For example, if you take measures to save the child, you are kind and compassionate.

This dream shows that you mind your environment, and you are willing to sacrifice your resources for the common good.

Pay close attention to the details presented in this dream.

Here’s a look at some common child in danger dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Child in Danger Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Child in Danger

This dream predicts a misfortune in your social and professional circles. Either you or someone you love will lose a lot in the coming days.

Either way, this affects you and you must take positive action to mitigate it.

This dream calls on you to be careful as you get into a new business or social arrangements. Be sure about the person you are dealing with.

#2 – Dream of a Child Walking into Danger

Dreaming of a child walking into a danger zone means you are in the wrong company. Your newfound friends and acquaintances are not as good as they want you to believe.

Before long, they will compromise your values and force you to turn against your beliefs. This dream asks you to make a conscious effort when it comes to the choice of good friends.

#3 – Dream of Helping a Child to Avoid Danger

Finally, you have realized that you have been pursuing the wrong goals. Likely, you were misguided into fighting for the wrong causes.

You have done many bad things that you regret. This dream indicates a period of healing and recovery.

This dream encourages you to be sensitive and considerate in handling people.

#4 – Dream of a Child Running Away from Danger

This dream calls on you to face the problems in your life head-on. It makes things worse when you keep sweeping challenges under the rug.

To improve your life, you actually have to look deeper into the issues you’ve been taking for granted. Never leave issues unresolved as this only adds to your burden.

#5 – Dream of a Child be Lured into Danger

In this dream, someone is tempting a child to do or say something that will clearly harm them. This dream draws attention to your ability to protect your loved ones.

You are being called upon to be there for your children. Protect them from the vices that have become commonplace in this modern world.

#6 – Dream of a Child Expecting Danger

In this dream, you see a child seated on the road or rail tracks waiting to be knocked over. Or, it could be that this child is in a situation where they expect something negative to happen to them.

This dream means that the good work you have been doing has attracted attention.

Your superiors are proud of what you have been doing for the organization, and they will reward you accordingly.

The authorities will respect you for the good example you are setting. Indeed, it’s likely you will win another grant for more projects.

#7 – Dream of Warning a Child of Impending Danger

This dream shows that you are getting too involved in someone’s life. They feel that you are becoming a bother, and they are looking for a way to express this to you.

This dream is a heads-up that you need to go slow on your intrusion into other people’s lives. Otherwise, you’ll end up embarrassing yourself – or being deserted by a friend, altogether.

#8 – Dream of a Child Falling into a Trap

In this dream, someone (most likely a pedophile) has laid a trap to ensnare a child in illegal activity. The person in your dream keeps sending the child suggestive messages through online platforms.

This dream calls on you to watch what you consume. Not everything out there is good for your consumption.

You need to consume clean content to generate great ideas.

In the same way, be keen on the choice of your company. As is oft said: show me your friends, and I’ll tell you your character.

Bad company ruins good morals.

#9 – Dream of Someone You Know Putting Your Child in Danger

You are worried that someone close to you is changing negatively. You can’t see to find the cause of their unwelcome transformation.

You need to pay closer attention to what they are doing in their routine lives. Could it be that they have gotten mixed with the wrong crowd?

Is it that they no longer believe in a bright future as they used to? This dream tells you that your intervention is highly sort-after.

#10 – Dream of Putting Your Child in Danger

Finally, you are ready to heed the advice of your mentors and elders.

You are ready to admit that your habits have been destructive, and that your choice of lifestyle has not been the best.

Once you get rid of the vices, the next logical step is to take better care of your health and relationships.

This dream alerts you of the need to reach out to all who you have wronged. It’s time to make amends.

#11 – Dream of Saving Your Child from Danger

This is a sign of fatigue. It means that you’ve taken up more responsibilities than you can handle. Although you keep pushing yourself, you are unlikely to finish your tasks.

This dream reminds you of the importance of delegation. Allow some of your colleagues to offload the less pressing of your assignments.

But remember, delegating does not mean you abandon your responsibility.

#12 – Dream of Someone Saving Your Child from Danger

Dreaming of someone saving your child from danger means you are surrounded by people who mean well.

Likely, you are highly suspicious because of past experiences.

This dream encourages you to form meaningful relationships with your neighbors, colleagues, and new acquaintances.

You can achieve a lot with their support.

#13 – Dream of Your Child Putting You in Danger

This is a sign that people are likely to take advantage of you because of your gullibility. You believe almost everything you are told without seeing the need of verifying it.

This dream reminds you that not everyone you encounter in this life wishes you well. Actually, a good number of those you encounter in this journey are actively working for your downfall.

Learn from the many times you’ve been let down before.

#14 – Dream of Children in Danger of Drowning

This signals a stressful period ahead for you and your loved ones. You’ll go through a lot because of the inability to take care of your needs.

This dream could also be a sign that someone close to you will get sick.

This is likely to affect their productivity, and you’ll be called upon to help them meet some of their needs.

#15 – Dream of Children in Danger of Being Burnt Alive

This dream indicates that your spendthrift nature is messing up your finances. In turn, this will negatively affect every aspect of your life.

If this goes on unchecked, you’ll soon find yourself out in the streets, begging.

This dream inspires you to take positive action to change your life. Avoid shopping for unnecessary items.

#16 – Dream of Child Putting Family in Danger

You have been relying too much on old knowledge to solve emerging problems. This dream challenges you to equip yourself with information on current trends.

Also, dreaming of a child putting your family in danger tells you to stop your childish ways. It’s time you started applying mature solutions to your problems.

Listen to your mentors and elders for guidance on this.

#17 – Dream of Children in Danger of Being Buried Alive

This dream draws attention to the qualities you need to positively transform your community. For example, you are kind, compassionate, and generous.

You are very much concerned by other people’s pain and suffering. Your empathetic nature guides you to reach out to the less fortunate.

You can make much headway by dedicating some of your time and effort to charity. By helping others, you get inner peace and satisfaction.

#18 – Dream of a Stranger Saving a Child from Danger

Things are not as bad as they seem; you need to relax. You are clearly fueled by the fear of failure. Unfortunately, you have allowed this fear to permeate every aspect of your existence.

You can’t seem to find time to enjoy anything in peace. You constantly worry about what would happen if you don’t make it.

#19 – Dream of Child Being Saved from Danger by the Police

This dream shows that you are highly protective. Your strong intuition guides you to seal any loopholes that would make your family susceptible to attacks.

Your reliance on your gut has enabled you to crack some tough problems in your community. For this reason, more and more people have come to rely on you.

#20 – Dream of Child Saved from Danger by Child Protection Services

Dreaming of an officer from the child protection services saving a child means you have lost control over your life.

You need urgent help, preferably from a professional counselor or someone who knows you well. This dream suggests you need to get support to regain your life.

#21 – Dream of Child in Danger of Contracting Debilitating Disease

Your pursuits are exposing you to evil influences, and it won’t be long before you lose your faith. This dream calls on you to watch out who you associate with.

#22 – Dream of Child in Danger of Dying from a Disease

This dream is likely to scare you, especially if it concerns your child. It advises you to pay more attention to the future than the past.

You likely spend most of your waking life thinking about what was and what could have been. If you desire to achieve your dreams, focus on the future.

#23 – Dream of Child in Danger of Being Involved in an Accident

You need to find an exciting hobby to escape the boredom that’s creeping into your waking life. Listen intently to your heart, you’ll get the activities to pursue.

The goal here is to make your life more exciting without compromising your principles.


The broader meaning of a child in danger dream may point in a general direction. However, paying attention to the finer details helps you to personalize this meaning.

The details help you to relate your dream to the circumstances and situations you are going through.

Having this dream indicates that something you hold close to your heart is in danger. It could be that someone is working behind the scenes to cripple your business plans.

This dream warns you to be wary of people fighting to get too close to your partner for no good reason. Such people could be busy planting seeds of discord to separate you from your beloved.

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