Waves Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Waves Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The strength or ferocity of a wave is determined by what’s goes on below the surface. The is true of waves dreams, as well.

Their significance in your life is determined by your emotions. The behavior of the waves in your dream point to the emotional issues you are dealing with.

Some of these emotions are deep and well hidden from sight. You have to do a thorough self-analysis to realize that they are responsible for some of the problems in your life.

Dreams about waves convey a deep spiritual meaning. To fully decipher this message, you should cleanse your soul and heart of all negativities.

Your dream could be alerting you that you are being spiritually attacked.

The bigger the waves in your dream; the more real is the threat to your spirituality. It’s upon you to find the source of this threat and neutralize it effectively.

Here’s a look at a few waves dreams and their meanings:


Specific Waves Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing Waves Approaching

This dream signifies your fear of something that’s happening in your life. You have learned that some of your plans will not materialize as you had hoped.

You are now unable to move forward because you dread failure. However, you’ll realize that this is not a solution to your problems.

You must take positive action in your life to change things.

#2 – Dream of Being Tossed Around by Waves

You have gone through some experiences that make you question some of your most fundamental beliefs.

Or, it could be that someone is actively working behind the scenes feeding you with misinformation. Either way, don’t make any moves before you are sure of what you want to accomplish.

#3 – Dream of Tall Waves

This means that you have all the support you need right there with you.

If you need help to accomplish something, you just need to reach out to the people in your inner circle.

You’ll realize that with their support, you’ll scale the highest ladder of success.

#4 – Dream of Beach Waves

This dream encourages you to value the little things in life. These are the things that make you relax and enjoy life.

Also, this dream counsels you on the need to create meaningful connections with your family and friends.

#5 – Dream of Dark Waves

Your unconscious thoughts are trying to pass you an important message about your life. This dream asks you to prepare for hard times ahead.

As such, use the resources at your disposal to fortify your life. This is the best way to deal with the adverse effects of the changes ahead.

This is a good time to deal with anything that could make you lose your focus.

For example, if you suffer from any form of addiction, seek the intervention of an addiction expert as soon as possible.

#6 – Dream of Boat Waves

Your life is about to change in ways you never thought possible. You are on the right path to achieving success.

The activities you are involved in are gradually attracting the positive energies of joy, peace, and happiness.

#7 – Dream of Waves Splashing on the Shore

This dream creates an image of a relaxing, idyllic, enjoyable scene. It signals that you should take it easy.

It seems that you’ve been working so hard that you hardly have any free time to yourself. You need to chill out and take in the pleasures of life.

#8 – Dream of High Waves

Do you feel that you’ve wasted all the opportunities given to you in the past? Do you sometimes wish you could be given a chance to start your life all over again?

Well, this dream is a sign of new beginnings. It urges you to be more committed and dedicated to your goals as you start afresh.

#9 – Dream of Catching Waves

This is a sign that you need to rein in some of your emotions. You are slowly building a not-so-good reputation of rubbing people the wrong way.

To change this, you need to put your emotions under control. Avoid over-exposing your negative emotions even when you believe that someone has wronged you.

#10 – Dream of Being Caught in Storm Waves

Do you know your true worth? This dream suggests that you have allowed some people to treat you anyhow they want.

Many of them take you for granted because you don’t want to assert yourself. You must start by respecting yourself so that others can likewise respect you.

#11 – Dream of Escaping Tsunami Waves

This dream indicates that you are not ready to deal with your uncomfortable emotions. You keep running away from your problems in the hope that they’ll disappear.

Well, this will not happen. You must be courageous enough to face the challenges in your life head-on.

#12 – Dream of Sand Waves

Do you feel that you are not growing as fast as you should? This has been brought about by the self-limiting beliefs and habits you have imposed on yourself.

You need to believe more in yourself. With your skills and abilities, there’s nothing you can’t conquer.

#13 – Dream of Small Waves

Some misunderstandings in your family or workplace will blow out of proportion unless they are taken care of.

This image appears in your dreams because you should take the initiative to resolve these misunderstandings.

#14 –Dream of Big Blue Waves

Do you feel depressed, unhappy, and neglected most of the time? This is a clear sign that you are going through deep emotional challenges.

Dreaming of big blue waves alerts you to seek emotional support from an expert counseling psychologist or within your social circles.

Do not suffer in silence.

#15 – Dream of Riding a Big Wave

Soon, you’ll enjoy the rewards of your hard work and positive attitude. This dream encourages you to continue with the work you are doing of elevating your life.

The more you maintain this path, the closer you get to the desires of your heart.

#16 – Dream of Calm, Serene Waves

You will enjoy a period of peace that will enable you to concentrate on your personal growth and work.

This is a good time to pursue all the grand projects you’ve been keeping on hold. Anything you do now will attract positive results.

#17 – Dream of Strong, Heavy Waves

This dream urges you to get your priorities right.

You are likely to see this dream when you think that your achievements are not commensurate with the work you do.

You have a feeling that you are somehow being shortchanged. Of course, you are! The issue is that you have been pursuing the wrong ideas and goals.

Once you get your priorities in order, everything will fall into place.

#18 – Dream of Seeing Rolling Waves

This dream predicts the growth and expansion of your family.

If you have been looking forward to getting married or starting a family of your own, this is good news indeed.

This is a good time to talk to your partner about taking your relationship to the next level.

#19 – Dream of Being Caught in Flooding Waves

If you dream of struggling to overcome flooding waves in a river, it means that you are too abrasive. You tend to bully your way into other people’s conversations.

This is likely to create a strain between you and the people you encounter in your activities. Learn to humble yourself.

Allow others to air their opinions, as well.

#20 – Dream of Waves in a Lake

This dream calls on you to remain true to your values and beliefs. You will encounter many challenges and temptations as you interact with different people.

Ensure that you are not lured by the promise of quick riches and overnight success. Remember: not all that glitters is gold.

#21 – Dream of Surfing on Big Waves

Just like an expert surfer who rides big waves, you are quite skillful. You have an impressive array of skills, abilities, and talents.

This dream encourages you to discover this hidden treasure and put it to good use. You are resourceful enough to help your community tackle most of its problems.

#22 – Dream of Dirty Waves

This dream asks you to be patient, especially when your goals seem to be taking forever to materialize. As long as you continue making positive choices, you’ll achieve your goals at the right time.

#23 – Dream of Frozen Waves

You can’t seem to generate new ideas no matter how hard you try. This dream tells you to explore other avenues of getting insights.

For example, have you tried meditation? What about yoga to unlock the power of your mind? Praying for divine intervention?

Once you unlock your frozen mind, you’ll see before you a world of limitless possibilities.

#24 – Dream of Being Swept Away by a Tsunami Wave

Although this dream can be quite scary, its meaning is not. It indicates that new opportunities are being sent your way.

This is your chance to work to achieve all the great things you’d like to see in your life.

#25 – Dream of Waves Breaking

Things are going to be better. You’ll soon find physical, mental, and emotional relief because you are well-protected.

Extend the feeling of safety to your loved ones by being available whenever they need you.


The waves you see in your dream indicate the life path you have chosen to follow. You’ll encounter good times as well as hardships.

This dream tells you that nothing lasts forever. The sadness, pain, and suffering have an end. As such, you should never allow your hope to diminish even when the going seems impossible.

Regardless of how many problems crash into your life, you’ll be able to repulse them if you are positively motivated.

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