Helicopter Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Helicopter Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The meanings of dreams about helicopters are diverse. They all depend on the dreamer’s unique circumstances and life situation.

To understand the meaning of your helicopter dream, you should consider what it makes you feel.

It also depends on whether you see helicopters often, and if you have actually ridden one.

Some dreams about helicopters expose the unrealistic goals we set for ourselves. If you find your goals too hard to achieve, take a step back and consider whether they are the right ones.

You could be expending too much effort in the wrong direction.

As with all dreams, the helicopter dream points out salient issues about your life. It’s important you pay close attention to every detail it presents concerning your future.

Here’s a look at some common helicopter dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Helicopter Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of a Helicopter Ride

This dream exposes your desire for freedom. You want to break free from some baggage that has been weighing you down for some time now.

You can easily set yourself free if you are positively motivated.

#2 – Dream of a Helicopter Pad

You have been moving too fast for your own good. This dream calls on you to pause and rest. You need to break off every now and then from your busy schedule to reconnect with nature.

#3 – Dream of a Helicopter Flying High in the Sky

You have a burning passion to achieve your goals and dreams. The image of a helicopter flying high in the sky indicates that you’ll make it.

Don’t allow anything to distract you from your chosen course.

#4 – Dream of Being a Helicopter Pilot

You are a hard worker. Your bosses and workmates treasure your contribution to the organization. Soon, you’ll attract lots of accolades, bonuses, and incentives.

However, you should not allow your love for work to replace your family and loved ones.

#5 – Dream of Witnessing a Helicopter Crash

This dream indicates that some of your plans will end up in failure. Likely, you didn’t think these plans through before implementing them.

It could be that someone is deliberately misguiding you into making the wrong moves. This dream warns you about the influence of false friends.

#6 – Dream of a Helicopter Explosion

This dream alerts you that your rivals are planning an onslaught. Take the right measures to strengthen your ‘territorial borders’.

This is the time to keep a close eye on your business affairs.

#7 – Dream of Playing with a Toy Helicopter

You have the potential to achieve anything you set your mind to. As such, do not limit the quality or size of your dreams.

This dream calls on you to dream big. You have all the resources you need to make it.

#8 – Dream of Being a Co-Pilot in a Helicopter

This is an excellent sign. It shows that your work and positive attitude do not go unnoticed. Soon, you’ll start attracting handsome rewards for your labor.

This is a sign of personal growth and promotion at work.

#9 – Dream of a Helicopter Falling from the Skies

This dream tells you to tread slowly in a new project. Although it promises massive returns, you may also suffer big losses.

This dream call on you to prepare yourself mentally when you take huge risks…things could go either way.

At the same time, this dream warns of recurrent problems in your life. You should handle them once and for all when you have a chance to do so.

#10 – Dream of a Turbulent Helicopter Ride

Why did you take this ride in the first place? Are the risks involved worth the potential benefits?

This dream calls on you to put your resources to good use. Misuse of resources will lead to pain, loss, and suffering.

You have enough skills and talents to make your life better and meaningful. But, you don’t have enough to be extravagant.

#11 – Dream of a Helicopter Flying Still

In this dream, the helicopter is neither moving forward nor backward. Neither is it going up or down. This dream calls on you to pause every now and then to take stock of your life.

It is by reflecting on your achievements and failures that you can re-adjust your life accordingly. This dream warns you of moving forward without a clear plan.

This is a recipe for disaster.

#12 – Dream of a Helicopter Above Your House

Some external events will force you to get out of your comfort zone. This dream asks you to be ready for this.

Dealing with change can be uncomfortable – scary, even. But, you should understand that everything is happening for your own good.

#13 – Dream of Breaking a Toy Helicopter Remote Control

Your aspirations will not be put down by limitations placed on you by your family. You are likely to have this dream when you are just about to move out of your parents’ house.

It shows that you want to claim your freedom, no matter the cost.

#14 – Dream of a Helicopter Waiting for You

You have done your work, and you are now expecting the results. This dream reminds you that good work attracts favor.

If you are guided by a positive mindset, you can be sure that your outcomes will be positive.

#15 – Dream of a Helicopter Flying Backwards

You’ll go to great lengths to achieve your goals and dreams. People with this dream are highly determined to see things go their way.

Most end up achieving their goals at a very tender age.

At the same time, this dream calls on you to create the right balance in your life.

#16 – Dream of Running After a Helicopter

This dream means that you are passionate about your goals.

You don’t want your goals to escape you, and this can be seen in your high level of commitment and dedication.

You clearly understand that success is the product of hard work. As such, you’ll spare no efforts to get there.

#17 – Dream of Running Away from a Helicopter

In this dream, a helicopter keeps chasing you across the sky. This is a sign that you feel the weight of someone’s expectations on you.

Likely, your partner or family has standards that are very different from yours. As such, you can’t agree with the targets they have set for your relationship.

Unless things are made easier and clearer, this will lead to lots of disagreements.

#18 – Dream of Learning to Fly a Helicopter

This dream tells you to set clear goals before you embark on any project. It’s important that you map out your path.

Be proactive enough to see any challenges ahead, and take early measures to handle them.

When you find yourself confronted with too many ideas and pieces of advice, take your time to go through each one of them.

Don’t make quick decisions just to impress. This dream dissuades you from playing poker with your life.

#19 – Dream of a Red Helicopter

This dream encourages you to focus your energy and passion on this that truly matters. Don’t waste time on things that add no value to your existence

#20 – Dream of a Black Helicopter

This is a sign that you are willing to go to great lengths to solve your problems. While this is a noble idea, you should take care not to infringe on other people’s rights while at it.

#21 – Dream of a Golden Helicopter

Your efforts and positive disposition are drawing you closer to your goals and dreams. For a long time, you have wanted to be independent.

Keep up the good work you are doing; it’s driving you to your freedom.

#22 – Dream of a Blue Helicopter

This dream encourages you to move through life courageously and confidently. Be brave enough to face the challenges in your life head-on.

#23 – Dream of Jumping Off a Helicopter

You are ready to face all sorts of perils for the sake of your loved ones. Your family and loved ones take the number one slot in your list of priorities.

You are willing to take the plunge to help your family members achieve their personal dreams. People with this dream are great love partners, brothers, sisters, parents, or children.

#24 – Dream of a Helicopter Bursting into Flames

This dream tells you that you are going about your business and professional engagements the wrong way.

Likely, someone has convinced you to take shortcuts and save money. You find yourself using substandard materials in the process.

This is dangerous for your career in the long run. It may bring short-term financial gains, but you’ll eventually fall from grace.

Change your business tactics before you suffer this kind of loss.

#25 – Dream of a Helicopter Shooting and Attacking

This is a sign of danger ahead. If you have been going about your activities with little regard to tomorrow, this has to change.

You need to be a bit more cautious. Seek cover and protect yourself from toxic changes in your world. In other words, this dream asks you to open your eyes to what’s happening in your environment.

#26 – Dream of a Helicopter Landing

This dream alerts you that one phase of your life has come to an end, and you are about to start the next one.

This tells you to get ready for change. Although change brings about new challenges, it also comes with lots of opportunities.

#27 – Dream of a Helicopter Hovering Close to the Ground

Someone is closely monitoring your moves. If you are new at your place of work, you are likely on probation or some kind of warning.

This dream calls on you to tread cautiously. Ensure that your thoughts, words, and actions originate from a place of positivity.

#28 – Dream of a Helicopter Flying Upside Down

This dream shows that you are overdoing yourself. You are likely doing too much for one person.

You keep pushing the limits. You need to pause every now and then to catch your breath and regain your lost energy.

Otherwise, you may suffer the negative effects of burnout.

#29 – Dream of a Military or Police Helicopter

Do you wonder why some people are hesitant to come to your aid when you want them to? It’s because you are fond of crying wolf!

You ask for help even when you can deal with the issues at hand. You like drawing attention to yourself by playing the victim.


Dreaming of a helicopter is related to your desire to achieve greatness socially and professionally. This dream confirms that your dreams are valid.

You’ll rise as high as you allow yourself to ascend. This is your cue to get rid of self-limiting attitudes and doubts.

At the same time, this dream shows that your ambitions are not cheap. Helicopters are not cheap – not everyone can afford to buy one.

Dreaming of a helicopter draws attention to your uniqueness. This should tell you never to sacrifice your values and principles for the sake of conformity.

To progress in life, you should be comfortable with standing out from the crowd.

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