Are you interested in Eagle Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

A lot has been said and written about the powerful image projected by the eagle. This power is further conveyed in eagle dream symbolism.

Having an eagle dream indicates your willingness to work for your goals and dreams. You are not one to waste opportunities on useless things.

This dream encourages you to identify your hidden skills and qualities, and use them to achieve your highest level of progress.

As with all dreams, the eagle dream has both positive and negative connotations. It all depends on the context of your dream and your feelings about it.

Here’s a look at some common eagle dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Eagle Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Giant Eagle

You are a spiritual being programmed to peace and love. This dream encourages you to study ways to make your world better.

You are a product of what you allow into your mind. With the right effort, you’ll acquire enough skills and information to protect those you love.

#2 – Dream of a Bald Eagle

This dream shows you are willing to go out of your way to achieve your goals and dreams. For example, you are ready to sacrifice material comforts for the sake of your family.

If you have to work hard to take your kids through college, you are ready for it.

#3 – Dream of Keeping an Eagle in Your House

Someone close to you is actively working against your goals and dreams. They have become a thorn on your side, and this keeps distracting you from your goals.

This dream suggests your need to get rid of toxic people in your life. You may also have to move away from a potentially harmful environment.

#4 – Dream of a Caged Eagle

You’ll soon find yourself in an environment that confines your creativity. Don’t lose focus on your goals when this happens.

Rather strive to get out of this situation as soon as it happens. This dream calls on you to use your skills and talents to broaden your prospects.

#5 – Dream of Turning into an Eagle

This dream encourages you to renew yourself to have a clearer view of your goals and dreams. To achieve this, you should prioritize your spiritual needs.

Plug your soul into the source of your spiritual energy. You have to let go of your ego to pursue spiritual enlightenment.

#6 – Dream of Catching an Eagle

This dream suggests that many will turn to you for advice and guidance. This means you have to be more perceptive than most.

You should creatively look into ways of helping your loved ones and friends deal with their challenges. Your good sense of judgment comes into play in such situations.

#7 – Dream of Killing an Eagle

Killing an eagle in your dream is a sign of cruelty. You are willing to use unorthodox and ruthless means to deal with anyone that stands on your path.

This dream suggests the need to consult your intuition and come up with better ways of achieving your goals and dreams.

Learn to think outside the box. You’ll discover you have many skills and talents at your disposal.

#8 – Dream of Feeding an Eagle

If you have settled on the career you want to pursue for the rest of your life, don’t rest until you reach the pinnacle.

This is because you have the potential to be the best in your area of expertise. The accolades you desire to see your life will come your way if you work for them.

#9 – Dream of Seeing a Golden Eagle

Open your eyes to the opportunities around you. This dream indicates you are surrounded by everything you need to prosper.

Use the resources at your disposal to handle the obstacles on your path. Your efforts will enable you to accomplish great projects.

Also, this dream asks you to consider fighting for social justice. Considering your impressive array of skills and abilities, you are cut out for this kind of work.

#10 – Dream of a Black Eagle

Someone in authority is conspiring with your enemies to bring you down. Based on how fast you are growing; this person perceives you to be a threat to their job and position.

They want to cut your wings before you fly.

Get ready to handle the hurdles that will be laid on your path. For example, have a plan B if you are unexpectedly laid off.

#11 – Dream of a White Eagle

Dreaming of white eagles tells you not to give up in the face of hardships. Difficulties come your way to reveal to you how richly endowed you are.

You have the wisdom and intelligence to deal with whatever is thrown your way. Use these qualities to fight for justice and fairness.

At the same time, this dream urges you to uphold integrity. You must never resort to cheating and dishonesty even if you badly want a certain outcome.

#12 – Dream of a Brown Eagle

If you have been looking to grow your material possessions, you’ll get an opportunity to pursue them soon.

Things are working behind the scenes, and everything you do will work in your favor. This dream encourages you to go after the business ventures you’ve been thinking about.

With the right effort, you’ll see your financial goals grow.

#13 – Dream of an Eagle Claw

This dream points to your mercilessness. You’ll not allow anything to stand between you and your goals.

While it is important to accomplish your dream, it’s important you consider how to go about it. Treat others in the same way you’d like to be treated.

Dreaming of an eagle claw asks you to taper your ambitions with an element of humanity.

#14 – Dream of Eagle Wings

Your dreams, no matter how big, are valid. This dream encourages you to keep pursuing whatever you want to see in your life until you achieve it.

You have the resources to achieve what your mind can conceive. Also, you should ask for help when the going gets tough.

Some of the people around you have your success in their hearts.

#15 – Dream of Eagle Feathers

Dreaming of seeing, touching, or wearing eagle feathers shows you are on a steady rise to fame. You are on the right path to achieving your financial goals.

Your activities and efforts are being noticed by important people in your community. However, take care not to allow all this attention to go into your head.

There’s much power in humility.

#16 – Dream of an Eagle Unable to Fly

This is a bad sign. It shows that your past mistakes have finally caught up with you. Unfortunately, the consequences will extend to those you love.

You should be strong enough to handle whatever comes your way. This will be easier for you if you understand that you can never run away from the Law of Karma.

More importantly, this dream asks you to take care of the future by choosing right in the present.

#17 – Dream of Eating an Eagle

Feed your mind on things that make you mentally and spiritually stronger. Your thoughts have a big impact on the kind of life you lead.

This dream reminds you to keep away from things that are likely to corrupt your morals. Not everything you see on the internet is good for your consumption.

Some things you should just see, and leave them where you’ve found them.

#18 – Dream of an Eagle Hunting

If you dream of an eagle hunting and catching prey, it means you suffer from internal conflict. Your ideas and desires are at loggerheads, and this is slowing down your progress.

Usually, internal conflict occurs because of an acquired behavior or from a habit that was instilled in us in childhood.

Find out the cause of your conflict and deal with it. Your heart (desires) and your mind (ideas) should work in harmony.

#19 – Dream of an Eagle Flying High

Don’t be afraid to fly high if you want to change your life. This dream suggests the need to move out of your comfort zone to work on your goals.

You can’t accomplish much if you are unwilling to explore new areas of your life.

Dreaming of an eagle flying high encourages you to experiment with your skills and talents. You can never truly know what you are capable of achieving unless you try.

#20 – Dream of an Eagle Landing Close By

Dreaming of an eagle landing close by (or on your shoulders, arm, or head) shows the future is bright. Everything you need to succeed is in place.

All that’s missing is your willpower and a positive mindset. If you can master this, you’ll achieve any dream that comes to your mind.

#21 – Dream of an Eagle Dying

Someone is plotting to take your blessings away from you by force. This dream gives you a heads-up so that you can take measures to protect your material wealth.

The fame, fortune, and power you enjoy are rightfully yours because you have worked for them. Don’t leave these blessings naked, exposed to unwelcome attention and attacks.

#22 – Dream of an Eagle Killing a Snake

Someone close to you is plotting to upset your love life. This is your cue to keep your private matters private.

Not everyone around you deserves to know what’s happening in your relationship. Learn to handle matters quietly with your partner.

Should you need the input of a third party, consult someone both you and your partner trust.

#23 – Dream of an Evil Eagle

You fear the secrets you have kept hidden from the world are about to be revealed. The truth is that your ego will be crushed when people learn of the fake reputation you have built around yourself.

It’s time to start being honest with yourself.


Eagle dreams are man, and they vary in meaning from one dreamer to the next. To fully decipher the meaning of your dream, you need to recall all elements that accompany it.

For example, what color is the eagle, and what is it doing? Who else does your dream feature? What’s the setting – place and time of day?

How is this dream connected to your plans, goals, and objectives in life?

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