Yellow Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Yellow Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Having a dream that prominently features yellow has its place in dream symbology. The color yellow is generally associated with joy, happiness, and vivacity.

In some cultures, this color is closely linked with creativity and enlightenment. Dream symbologists connect it to optimism, sunshine, and spring.

However, as with all dream symbols, yellow has two sides – positive and negative. This color can also stand for fear, cowardice, and illness.

To understand the meaning of your yellow dream, pay close attention to the finer details it presents.

How does the dream make you feel? Does it make you look forward to great experiences, or does it make you fearful?

What’s your experience with the color yellow?

Dream symbologists advise you to consider the context in which the color yellow appears to you.

You’ll realize that there’s a lot you can learn from applying the meaning of yellow dreams in your life.

Here’s a look at some common yellow dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Yellow Dream Meanings

#1 – Dreaming in Yellow

In this dream, everything appears in yellow. The earth is yellow, the sky is yellow, and so is everything you see.

This dream indicates that your life is being controlled by one strong emotion. If you feel happy about this dream, it means that you are generally happy about yourself.

You are optimistic that things will turn out alright in the end.

This dream could also indicate that you are jealous.

#2 – Dream of a Yellow Bird

This is a sign of freedom. It seems you’ve been reeling under some emotional burden for some time now.

This dream tells you that this is about to end. You’ll enter a more joyful phase of your life.

#3 – Dream of Dying Something in Yellow

This dream indicates positive change. You have made a firm decision to change the aspects of your life that have been slowing you down.

This means you can look to the future with optimism. You know the period ahead will attract lots of success in all areas.

#4 – Dream of Yellow Hair

Yellow is closely associated with the flowering of plants in spring. Dreaming of yellow hair indicates rebirth after a long period of stagnation.

It shows that something (or someone) has triggered a powerful awakening in your creative, spiritual, and intellectual faculties.

This dream alerts you that it’s time to work for the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

#5 – Dream of Yellow Bananas

Most types of bananas turn yellow when they ripen. Dreaming of seeing or eating such bananas indicates growth.

The wealth, abundance, and prosperity you have been working for will soon locate you.

#6 – Dream of a Yellow Rose

This dream indicates that your love life is taking a new, exciting direction. If you have been searching for a suitable love partner, you’ll soon find them.

Dreaming of a yellow rose could also be a sign of loss. Someone close to you will fall seriously ill, and you may even lose them.

#7 – Dream of a Yellow Buttercup

Dreaming of this yellow flower is a sign of romance. It encourages you to re-ignite the fire of passion in your relationship.

This dream reminds you that it’s the little things that count in a relationship. As such, don’t take the small pleasures for granted.

#8 – Dream of a Bouquet of Yellow Flowers

Dreaming of yellow flowers is a sign of joy, optimism, and good things to come. Receiving a bunch of yellow flowers is a good omen.

It shows that your pain will be replaced by something positive.

All the same, some dreams about a bunch of yellow flows indicate loss and death.

Thus, it is important you pay close attention to the details presented in the dream to decipher its meaning correctly.

#9 – Dream of Riding a Yellow Train

This is a sign of danger ahead.

It seems that some of the choices you have made in the recent past are sending you down a treacherous path.

This dream tells you to be extra careful going forward. You should avoid getting involved in deals that you don’t fully understand.

#10 – Dream of Yellow Daffodil

Daffodils dot the landscape to indicate that winter is over. Dreaming about these flowers shows rebirth.

It is a sign of hope after a long period of pain and suffering. This dream tells you to look forward to better times ahead.

You are about to recoup all your losses.

#11 – Dream of a Yellow Tree

This dream indicates that you are going through positive changes.

If the tree is strong and healthy, it means that these changes will affect your family, friends, and loved ones, as well.

An image of a sickly yellow tree shows that you have to work extra hard to help your loved ones deal with some serious challenges in their lives.

#12 – Dream of Yellow Shoes

Do you feel that some of your acquaintances make fun of you at every turn? Well, this dream confirms that they do – and more so when you are not around.

Dreaming about yellow shoes is a sign that you are a subject of ridicule. This should tell you to change the type of people you associate yourself with.

True friends will not ridicule you. Instead, they’ll enable you to overcome the challenges you’re grappling with.

#13 – Dream of the Yellow Iris

Dreaming of the Yellow iris (or yellow water iris) means awareness. This dream encourages you to discover some parts of you that you have neglected.

Likely, you have a lot of unused skills and talents. This dream is encouraging you to get in touch with these aspects of your life.

#14 – Dream of Painting a House Yellow

This is a sign of good days ahead. You have finally managed to let go of your worries and anxieties. This means you are ready to welcome into your life the joys of living.

With the right effort, you’ll change your pain to gain. What seemed previously impossible will become possible.

#15 – Dream of Driving a Yellow Car

Dreaming about riding a yellow car tells you to unleash your creativity. This dream draws attention to your creativity and great sense of imagination.

You can achieve a lot by putting these gifts to good use. You must appreciate that it’s for good reasons you are so richly blest.

#16 – Dream of Being in Yellow Clothes

This dream indicates that you are outspoken. You are proud of your thoughts and opinions, and you never lose an opportunity to tell the world what you stand for.

People who dream of being in yellow clothes have a great sense of justice. They campaign for noble causes like equality, fairness, and justice for the marginalized.

#17 – Dream of a Yellow Sapphire

This means that you are worried about the progress of someone close to your life. It seems they have found themselves in a mess, and only you can sort them out.

This dream suggests that you talk to this person to find out exactly what they need. You’ll realize that they have the inner resources to handle their challenges.

They just need to little push in the right direction from you.

#18 – Dream of Trees Shedding Yellow Leaves

This is a common sight in autumn. In dream symbology, the falling of yellow leaves signifies the end of a phase.

You have come to the end of one stage of your life, and you should get ready for the next one.

#19 – Dream of Riding on a Yellow Boat

Dreaming of riding in a yellow sea-going vessel indicates exploration and experimentation. This dream shows your eagerness to understand all aspects of your life.

This is a good thing considering you have many unexplored gifts and talents. It’s high time you discovered and started using them.

#20 – Dream of a Yellow Belt or Scarf

This dream calls on you to take control of your life. Apparently, you are scared of dealing with certain aspects of your life.

You have what it takes to steer your life in the desired direction. You just need to believe in yourself.

#21 – Dream of a Yellow Goggles or Cap

Dreaming of being in a yellow cap or goggles indicates your desire to travel the world. You are not content to stay in one place – your inquisitiveness won’t allow it.

This dream suggests that your fame and fortune lie far beyond the horizon.

This is another way of saying you must move out of your comfort zone to discover what the world has in store for you.

#21 – Dream of Yellow Food

In foods, yellow is associated with good nutrition. Many nutritive sources of food are yellow – potatoes, pears, yellow apples, and bananas.

Dreaming about eating yellow food shows that you take your health seriously. You are keen on your diet, and you participate in regular physical exercises.

Having this dream is a sign of abundance and general wellbeing.

#22 – Dream of a Yellow Lawn

You are very particular about your outer appearance. As such, you wouldn’t want to involve yourself in activities that could ruin your reputation.

Also, this dream asks you to watch your habits and lifestyle.

#23 – Dream of a Yellow Restaurant

You’ll soon receive a boost of new energy to help you focus even more on your goals and dreams. This energy is likely to come from something you have been pursuing.

Likely, some of the projects you’ve been working on have posted stellar outcomes. This is enough to inspire you to do greater things going forward.

#24 – Dream of Yellow Skin

This is a warning that your health is taking a serious hit from your poor choice of habits and lifestyle. Take your essential needs seriously.

There’s not much you can achieve if your health is compromised. Your well-being should be your top priority.


What does the yellow dream remind you of? Do you associate it with good or bad things that happened in your past?

What do you feel about seeing this color now?

The answers to these questions will help you arrive at the right interpretation of the dream. Of course, you should also pay attention to any other objects that appear in your dream.

Generally, dreaming of yellow points to a future characterized by peace, happiness, and clarity.

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