Salt Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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In ancient times in some cultures, people were paid wages with salt. The more salt one owned, the wealthier they were considered to be.

Dreaming of salt shows the need to create the right balance in life. It reminds you that material wealth cannot be sustained without spiritual strength.

Having this dream calls on you to take care of your soul as you pursue a life of comfort and wealth in this world.

Being a source of wealth, salt deposits were a cause of conflict in ancient times, because everybody wanted these deposits for themselves.

Some dreams about salt predict fights, conflicts, and hard times ahead. This dream gives a heads-up to get ready to deal with the changing times.

Here’s a look at some common salt dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Salt Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Buying Salt

This is a sign that you are falling in love with the partner of your dreams. If you have been searching for a love partner for long, this dream wants you not to lose hope.

The search is about to come to an end.

#2 – Dream of Salty Food

This is a pointer to a hidden health issue. Although this problem is hidden for now, it will surface when you least expect it.

It would be a good idea to see a medical doctor for a checkup. Medical exams have been known to nick potentially dangerous conditions in the bud.

#3 – Dream of Food with Too Little Salt

This dream urges you to adopt better lifestyle habits. Pause what you are doing and take stock of what you are doing to enhance your health.

How’s your diet? Do you have a regular exercise routine? How good is your mental and spiritual health?

This dream encourages you to get adequate sunshine and to take up calming exercises such as yoga and meditation.

#4 – Dream of Being Paid in Salt

Dreaming of being paid in salt is a sign that you are a productive worker. You are driven by the desire to achieve and surpass your targets.

People with this dream are some of the most successful people around. They attribute their success to hard work, diligence, patience, and a positive attitude.

#5 – Dream of Paying Someone with Salt

Dreaming of paying someone in salt indicates you are creating positive change in someone’s life. This dream may have nothing with money or material wealth.

It is about the time and effort you spend mentoring someone. It is about the advice and guidance you provide for those who look up to you.

#6 – Dream of Losing Salt in Water

This dream is a warning. It seems that you have taken up some habits that are pushing your loved ones away from you.

Unless you change your ways, you will soon lose your value in the eyes of your family, friends, and colleagues.

This dream asks you not to compromise your integrity for anything.

#7 – Dream of Drinking Salty Water

Dreaming of drinking salty water indicates you are facing a myriad of challenges. It could be that you are sick and you have no one to look after you.

Or, it could be that you need to travel to access better opportunities but you have no means to move from your location.

This dream could mean that you have trouble on all fronts of your life. You need to make a major overhaul to solve this problem.

#8 – Dream of a Salty Kiss

You will encounter challenges that may precipitate a fallout with your partner. Likely, something will happen and put your integrity into question.

You’ll have to work overtime to convince your partner they can still trust you. This will be easier for you if you genuinely mean what you say.

#9 – Dream of Using Table Salt

Someone close to you will shower you with intimacy and kindness.

This will be a big boost for you especially if you have been craving the warmth and closeness of another person.

Additionally, dreaming of using table salt means you are a person of means. If this wealth is not evident yet, it is somewhere around the corner.

#10 – Dream of Fine Salt

This dream indicates you will, for a period, suffer for a situation you did not cause. The good news is that you’ll eventually be vindicated.

Do not overreact when you are falsely accused. Instead, patiently explain your position and make your accuser realize their mistake.

#11 – Dream of a Salt Shaker

This dream holds the promise of a good life in the days ahead. It is a reminder to embrace a positive mindset in your undertakings.

Dreaming of a salt shaker indicates you have a say in the quality and ‘flavor’ of your life. if you desire peace and happiness, you just need to work for it.

A salt shaker dream urges you to be guided by positive affirmations.

#12 – Dream of Pink Salt

This is a sign that your wishes will come true. This is particularly so if you have been working hard.

This dream indicates a good working relationship with your colleagues. The networks and professional connections you have made will serve you well in the days ahead.

#13 – Dream of Pouring Salt

This dream encourages you to keep your wits about you. You’ll need it as you interact with some new people you’ll meet soon.

Your wit and intelligence will help you to overcome any conflicts you encounter trying to meet your goals and dreams.

If you are not happy with what’s happening in this dream, it means you’ll be under pressure to move in a certain direction.

#14 – Dream of Salting Meat

This dream shows your attitude is making a bad situation worse. Likely, you made a mistake and someone is trying to correct you.

However, you make it hard for them because you are either uninterested or disdainful.

To change how you deal with the circumstances in your life, you need a total overhaul of your attitude.

#15 – Dream of Salt and Pepper

This is a sign that you’ll experience new adventures. Likely, you’ll meet someone who’ll encourage you to follow your heart and visit all the places you’ve wanted to.

This dream encourages you to let go of your inhibitions. Be spontaneous in your search for peace, joy, and happiness.

#16 – Dream of Too Much Salt in Mouth

This dream reminds you that words can hurt or heal. You have to be wise on the words to use in any given situation.

A misguided word from you can disrupt someone’s life, particularly if they look up to you for guidance.

Be gentle in your talks, let your words exude wisdom and understanding.

#17 – Dream of Scattering Salt on the Ground

This is a warning that you need to stop meddling in other people’s affairs. It could be that you are doing this deliberately, to hurtto hurt someone.

Remember, whatever you do others comes back to you, in one or another. If you are driven by the desire to scandalize someone, you’ll meet your match one of these fine days.

#18 – Dream of Sea Salt on a Beach

Someone close to you is causing you much pain. They are likely holding you to ransom not to leak your secrets to the world.

This issue will continue being a headache unless you face it head-on. It’s time you confronted your distractor and make them stop.

#19 – Dream of a Heap of Salt

This dream encourages you to take the time to choose wisely when dealing with your future.

Even when you feel rushed for time, never be pressured into making a decision that does not make you happy.

This dream also inspires you to follow your passion. It urges you not to associate with anything that brings you pain and regrets.

#20 – Dream of Being at a Salt Mine

Dreaming of working at a salt mine indicates you are still hurt by something that happened in the past.

This has prevented you from paying adequate attention to your future. Some of your plans lack substance because you did not give them enough time in the formative stage.

This dream asks you to let go of the past. Find an agreeable way to resolve the issue that has been weighing you down.

#21 – Dream of a Salt Cellar

This dream urges you to work closely with people that want to see you grow and prosper.

Some of the people around you are kindhearted, and they’ll be ready to guide you should you ask for their intervention.

#22 – Dream of Rock Salt

This dream indicates you are deviating from your goals. It could be that your mind has been trapped by the desires for temporary gains, making you miss the big picture.

Dreaming of rock salt asks you to remember your purpose in this life and focus on it.

#23 – Dream of Rainbow-Colored Salt

Dreaming of rainbow-colored salt encourages you to use your creativity and rich imagination to achieve your goals and dreams.

Your artistic ability is sufficient to solve your challenges – if you employ it well, that is.


Every dream about salt should be analyzed on its own merit since no two dreams mean exactly the same thing.

Again, the meaning of these dreams differs from one person to the next.

A person may interpret their dream positively, while the same dream could have a negative meaning to another person.

Pay close attention to the details presented in the dream. This will enable you to get a closer look at how it applies in your life.

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