Pegasus Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The legend of the Pegasus winged horse has its origin in Greek mythology where it plays an important role as and Zeus’ trusty warhorse.

It is also the bearer of lightning.

With time, the Pegasus has gained universal acceptance as a symbol of immortality, creativity, love, loyalty, fidelity, and fortitude.

Having a dream featuring the Pegasus is a sign of hope. It doesn’t matter how bad things look on the ground – you will emerge a winner.

All the same, don’t expect success to fall on your lap on a silver platter…You have to work for it. Dreaming of the Pegasus reminds you to set your priorities right.

It also tells you that you are not alone on this journey of life. There’s always someone willing to give a helping hand when you need it.

Never suffer in silence.

Here’s a look at some common Pegasus Dreams and their interpretations:


Specific Pegasus Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Riding Pegasus

This dream indicates that you have good ambitions.

You desire to achieve many great things in this lifetime, and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and see it happen.

This dream could also mean that your social skills are admirable. You know how to choose your friends.

Also, you are good at promoting peace and harmony in your community.

#2 – Dream of Riding Pegasus with Your Partner

This dream talks about the vitality of your sexual relationship. If the Pegasus in your dream is agile and active, things are working out well for you and your partner.

If the Pegasus is sleepy or sluggish, however, it means trouble. This is a red flag that communication channels are breaking down in your love life.

#3 – Dream of Your Partner Riding Pegasus Alone

Things are happening in your relationship when you least expect them to. It seems that you are getting caught off guard more often than not these last few weeks or months.

This is a sign that you are out of touch with your partner’s needs. When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk?

# 4 – Dream of a Slow-Moving Pegasus

This mythical creature is known for its lightning speed. Dreaming of a slow-moving Pegasus, therefore, means that something’s wrong with your plans.

Or, it could be that the plans are okay but you are going about them the wrong way. This dream suggests that you need to change tact.

#5 – Dream of Falling Off Pegasus

In this dream, you are blissfully riding a winged horse when something happens and you are suddenly thrown off balance.

This is a warning that you have lost control over some important aspects of your life. From here, things will escalate from bad to worse unless you quickly regain control of your life.

This dream warns you that you could end up losing your freedom unless you take better care of your needs.

#6 – Dream of Pegasus Flying into Deep Space

In this dream, you see Pegasus flying far into the Universe, beyond your line of vision. This is a sign of your limitless potential.

This dream challenges you to explore the unchartered areas of your life. You have the ability to overcome any hardship you’ll encounter on the way.

Don’t fear exploring and experimenting with your wide array of gifts.

#7 – Dream of a Baby Pegasus

Dreaming of a small, winged horse or a baby Pegasus indicates that you need to mature up in some areas.

It could also mean that you are not very competent in some fields of knowledge you’ve studied before.

This dream is not meant to castigate you. rather, it shows you the areas you need to improve to make your life more fulfilling.

#8 – Dream of Someone Trying to Kill Pegasus

This scenario is likely to present itself in the form of a nightmare. It shows that someone is trying to bring you down by whatever means they can find.

This tells you two things. One, be careful what you share with people whose intention in your life is not clear.

Two, guard your achievements from negative forces.

#9 – Dream of an Injured Pegasus

This dream indicates bad things to follow.

Soon, you’ll be expected to deal with the aftereffects of poor decisions made by either you or your partner.

This dream could also mean that although you have been working so hard, it has all been in vain.

This is likely because you had your priorities wrong, and you’ve spent all your time and energy on the wrong projects.

Dreaming of seeing an injured Pegasus tells you to be careful with the choices you make.

#10 – Dream of Being in Love and Seeing Pegasus

If you are single and searching, this dream holds the promise of a bright future. You’ll soon find a partner who’ll make your heart sing with joy.

If you are in a relationship, this dream foretells good things happening. This should inspire you to keep nurturing your relationship.

#11 – Dream of a Black Pegasus

This dream encourages you to pause what you are doing and take stock of your life. Methodically go through the process of self-evaluation.

You’ll realize some glaring gaps in your life. You are lagging behind in areas you should be miles ahead.

A closer look will reveal that negative forces have taken over a substantial part of your life. For example, you are surrounded by a breed of people whose sole intention is to fleece you.

They keep giving you poor advice so that you can mess – and they gain in the process.

Also, some of your habits have compromised your social standing or reputation at work. You need to get rid of all negative energies that may have attached themselves to you.

#12 – Dream of Pegasus Approaching in the Horizon

Seeing the pure-white winged horse coming into view from the horizon is a magnificent sight to behold.

This dream fills you with a sense of wonder about the Universe and your place in it. It assures you that you are not unworthy to carry out your duties and responsibilities.

As such, go about playing your role in this life with your head held high.

#13 – Dream of a Hostile Pegasus

This sign warns you of impending danger while you travel. You’ll want to keep an eye out for careless drivers on the road.

It’s also a good idea to take your automobile for a mechanical checkup before you embark on a long journey.

If you have been planning to travel by ship or airplane for leisure, you may want to cancel the trip for now.

You could also look for alternative ways to reach your destination.

#14 – Dream of Fighting the Pegasus

This dream calls on you to book an appointment with your doctor for a health check. Likely, you’ll be battling a myriad of symptoms related to changes in the weather.

The good news is that this is not something to be overly concerned about.

However, you still need some kind of medical intervention to ease the discomfort that comes with these kinds of ailments.

#15 – Dream of Pegus Whinnying

This is a strong warning that your health is fast deteriorating. Likely, you have ignored all the red flags and things have been escalating.

You’ll suffer a major health setback unless you take immediate action. Seeking the support you need now will save you from a major health tragedy.

#16 – Dream of Mounting Pegasus to Cross a Water Mass

Your plans have the blessing of your divine guides. This means that you can go ahead full throttle to implement them.

If there’s an important project you’ve been waiting for the right moment to implement, this is the right time.

Proceed with this project expecting good results. Things will work out in your favor.

#17 – Dream of the Pegasus Hopping from on Cloud to Another

The meaning of this dream depends on the type and conditions of the clouds. For example, if they are dark and heavy, it shows great difficulty ahead.

You’ll have to wade through a sea of challenges before your path clears.

If the clouds are light and bright, you’ll easily resolve the hurdles on your path.

#18 – Dream of Pegasus Running Amok

In this dream, you are trying to ride the Pegasus but it has completely run out of control. It is jumping from one end of the sky to the next trying to throw you off.

This is a sign of grave danger. It tells you that some actions you recently took are threatening the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones.

This dream calls on you to revisit these decisions and make appropriate adjustments.

Going forward, ensure that you are considerate to your family and loved ones. Where possible, ask them for their input before you implement an idea.


According to ancient Greek myth, Pegasus was assigned to bring lightning to Zeus, the father of all gods.

This assignment required him to act with speed and agility.

As such, this creature is as nimble as he is loyal. He moves with the speed of the wind to carry out his mandate.

Dreaming of seeing Pegasus in your dreams tells you to boldly claim the rewards you desire to see in life.

If you desire growth and success, don’t wait for them to find you. Like Pegasus, you have to be bold and swift to attain them.

Intelligence, speed, and agility are your chief weapons.

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