Teeth Falling Out Dream Spiritual Meaning

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Dreams about losing teeth have something to do with pain, suffering, and loss. In some cases, they indicate death.

However, these meanings get more profound when you go beyond the face value of the dream. You’ll realize that this dream is about losing opportunities, relationships, and jobs.

On a deeper level, a dream about falling teeth shows the death of one phase of your life and the birth of another.

This is more so because every ending has a beginning.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out?


Loss of Control

Dreaming of teeth falling out indicates you are anxious about possible job loss. However, some events outside your control may be edging you out of your field of expertise.

Based on the way things are, you fear it won’t be long before you are rendered jobless. So what should you do to avert or forestall this eventuality?

Learn to make Compromises

To scale the heights of success and achieve your goals, you should be ready to make sacrifices. Being the best in your community takes work.

You should be ready to do what others can’t. If this means going back to school, so be it. Dreaming of losing teeth encourages you to make the compromises necessary to be the best.

Sign of Insecurity and Instability

You will experience some loss as you move from one phase of your life to another. Likely, this will be accompanied by feelings of instability and insecurity.

Dreaming of your teeth falling out prepares you for some significant changes. So get ready to handle the discomfort and apprehension that comes with these changes.

You Are Concerned About Your Self-Image

A good number of people who often dream about losing teeth have a deep-seated fear of getting old. Others fear being less impactful in their communities.

Dreaming of your teeth falling off could signify you fear losing your position in society.

Hidden Symbolic Meaning of Teeth Falling Out

#1 – A Bad Phase is Coming to an End

Have you had it rough in recent days? This dream assures you that this phase of your life is ending.

The unfortunate events you’ve endured will be replaced by more favorable ones.

A dream of your teeth falling out shows you are about to experience growth on all fronts. Moving forward, your life will become more meaningful.

#2 – You’re Grieving Over a Major Loss

Dreaming about your teeth falling out shows you’re crying over a significant loss. Likely, someone or something you treasured a lot has left your life.

This loss could be associated with changes you’ve been forced to undergo. Perhaps, you have lost your loved one, or your relationship is dead.

Circumstances have forced you to learn to stay alone. This can be quite traumatizing, and you may require specialized help to overcome it.

#3 – You’re Scared of Getting Old

Dreaming of your teeth falling out is not an uncommon dream among mid-lifers. It could signify that you fear getting old – a common fear that characterizes the mid-life crisis.

It could also indicate that because you are getting elderly, you’re scared of losing the strength, power, and confidence you exuded in your youth.

#4 – Let Go of Retrogressive Habits

Dreaming of your teeth falling off indicates you are shackled to old, retrogressive habits and thinking patterns.

This dream provokes you to take the right action to set yourself free. But, first, don’t hold on to any lifestyle habits with no bearing on your future.

A dream about falling teeth indicates that every little thing you do impacts your overall goals and dreams.

Choose wisely what to pursue.

#5 – You Are Scared of Saying the Wrong Things

Dreaming of losing teeth indicates you are perpetually scared of embarrassing yourself in public. As a result, you hardly say much.

You’d rather keep your thoughts and feelings bottled up because you don’t know how they’ll be taken when you air them.

However, things don’t have to be this way. You can watch what you say without imposing on yourself a permanent gag order.

#6 – You Suffer from Low Self-Esteem

A dream of teeth falling out means your confidence level has been dented by something that happened to you.

Perhaps, you have a difficult childhood from which you have never recovered.

This dream could be a sign that you feel unloved and unwanted. You have insecurities that have stuck with you since an earlier phase of your life.

You need to work on this shortcoming before attempting to achieve the significant milestones you have set for yourself.

#7 – You Have Major Decisions to Make

Dreaming of teeth falling out shows you have been under a lot of pressure of late. You have some major but confusing choices to make.

The best way to solve this puzzle should start by clearing your mind. Get rid of any negative energies that blur your vision.

The task at hand will become easier and more manageable when you do this.

#8 – You Are Jealous

Do you feel weighed down by the resentment you have been feeling against somebody? For example, seeing someone else’s teeth falling out means you are jealous of them.

This dream cautions you against harboring ill will and evil intentions towards anyone. Learn to build bridges instead of widening the already existing chasms.

#9 – You Miss Your Childhood

Dream of teeth falling out means childhood memories keep stalking you. A day hardly goes by without thinking of the glorious days of your childhood.

You desire to be loved, innocent, and carefree as you were as a child. You were not bogged down by financial and emotional responsibilities as a child.

Although it is not wrong to reminisce about your past, you must embrace the realities of your life. The past is gone; you cannot relive it.

But, you can recreate the peace and happiness you enjoyed in the good old days.

#10 – Tend to Your Personal Hygiene

A dream about losing your teeth is indicative of poor hygiene. Likely, you need to pay more attention to some essential aspects of your hygiene rituals.

For example, do you brush your teeth regularly, per your dentist’s instructions? How often do you take a shower?

This dream reminds you that your hygiene is intricately connected to your health.

#11 – Make Smart Financial Decisions

Dreaming of teeth falling off reminds you to keep a close eye on your financial health. In particular, you should be careful not to fall prey to the wily ways of scammers and fraudsters.

This dream calls on you to do all due diligence before signing new contracts with unfamiliar business contacts.

You need to be sure about their intentions before allowing them to access details about your finances.

Make intelligent decisions that secure your finances. By being proactive, you’ll eliminate worries and stresses brought on by poor financial decisions.

#12 – You’re About to Start a New Project

Are you thinking about starting a new business venture? Dreaming of teeth falling out indicates the time is ripe for your success.

This is an excellent time to put your ideas into action. The stars are in perfect alignment for you, and all your plans will come to fruition.

#13 – You Need to Pay Your Dentist a Visit

Dreaming of your tooth or teeth falling out could signify a hidden dental problem. When was the last time you had a dental check-up?

If it has been a while, this could be a good time to call on your dentist. A regular, routine check will do you no harm.

If anything, it may arrest some dental issues before they become too big.

#14 – You Are Stressed at Work

A dream about your teeth falling off means things are not going as well as they should at the office.

Perhaps, your bosses or colleagues have been pushing you too hard with unreasonable demands. As a result, you feel stressed out and afraid you can’t make it for long in this work environment.

You need to pause and re-evaluate your priorities in life. Should you stick with this job, or are there better prospects in the field?

Meaning of Losing More Than One Tooth?

In many cultures, losing more than one tooth signifies growth and progress.

In some cultures, you are supposed to say some incantations over the fallen teeth before you throw them away.

This is believed to invite the positive energies of good luck and growth into your life. Although there’s no proof that this superstitious belief works, it shows that some people view losing teeth positively.

However, losing more than one tooth is a sign of hard times ahead in other cultures. It signifies that people you love and have come to trust will turn against you.

If three or more of your teeth fall in quick succession (a matter of days), treachery is brewing in your inner circle.

This is a heads-up to safeguard your interests before you get the shock of your life. For starters, stop allowing other people to know too much about you.

Stop being too open to those around you unless the Universe has revealed these people’s real intentions.


Did you dream of your tooth or teeth falling off? This indicates your fear and anxiety about making domestic and career-based changes.

But, the truth is that changes are inevitable. The fallen teeth represent the compromises you have to make to flow with the changes coming into your life.

A dream about your teeth falling out should not scare you at all. Instead, it should motivate you to embrace the opportunities around you.

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