What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Wondering what it means to dream about someone? This guide is for you!

People dream about other people all the time. You can dream about people from your past or present life.

Some of these people may be alive, while others are long gone.

Most of the people we dream about are known to us. However, it’s not uncommon to dream about strangers.

As such, you should not be really concerned that you’re dreaming about people. However, you should sit up and pay attention when you repeatedly dream about a particular person.

Suppose the dream is so vivid and impactful that you keep thinking about it upon waking up. In that case, it is a special message from the Universe.

What’s the Spiritual Message of Dreaming About Someone?


You Are Spiritually Connected to This Person

Through dreams, your unconscious mind may tell your conscious what’s happening behind the scenes. For example, this is what happens when you keep dreaming about someone.

It signifies that a special bond exists between you and this person. You both have important roles to play in each other’s lives.

You Need Emotional Support

Dreaming about your ex could signify that you need emotional support or companionship. You need to have someone to share the intimate details of your life with.

Dreaming about someone, dead or alive, shows this person is important to you.

You’re Grappling With Unique Challenges

Dreams expose the challenges we’re going through. Dreaming about someone indicates that this person can help you with the unique challenges you’re battling.

The context of the dream will enable you to make a good decision on how best to proceed.

Symbolic Meaning of Dreaming About Someone

#1 – You Think A lot About Them

Dreams bring the thoughts that occupy our minds in our waking state to the fore. These thoughts could be obvious, or might be well tucked away in the unconscious.

Dreaming about someone means you think about this person a great deal. This person can help you arrive at the solutions to the challenges in your life.

#2 – You Are in Pain

This dream indicates you’re going through a traumatizing period. You have suffered a significant loss, and your brain is still processing this grief.

Dreaming about a dead loved one shows you have not let go; you wish you could have them back in your life.

#3 – Tend to Your Shortcomings

This dream shows your unwillingness to handle the troublesome aspects of your life. Instead, you believe that someone else should address your issues.

Well, this is not likely to happen. The Universe wants you to understand you are solely responsible for your happiness.

Suppose you look up to someone else to solve all your problems. In that case, you’ll unlikely never know the meaning of absolute peace and happiness.

#4 – Embrace Your Strengths

Dreaming about someone could signify you are not very confident about yourself. You believe that the other person is better than you, and that you can’t have a good life without them.

This dream calls on you to stop looking without for strength. All the strength you need lies within the beautiful gifts and talents bequeathed to you by the Universe.

It’s high time you brought these skills and abilities out to serve you and your community.

#5 – Face Your Realities

If you dream that someone is chasing you, you’re running away from elements of yourself. Instead, this dream alerts you to face your realities and deal with them head-on.

There’s no way you’re going to progress outside your realities. As such, stop being embarrassed about who you are or what you stand for.

This is another way of telling you to defend your values and principles to the hilt.

#6 – A Dead Loved One Wants to Get in Touch

Dreaming about a departed loved one shows the other person is trying to reach out to you.

They want you to make some effort so that you can communicate with them through the spiritual veil separating this world from their world.

You may have to seek the services of an accomplished psychic or medium to do this.

#7 – It Is a Telepathic Message

Suppose you are particularly close with the person in your dreams. In that case, they could be trying to reach out to you telepathically.

This person comes into your dreams because they miss you. This is your cue to make an effort to see them.

Pay them a visit – wherever they are – and find out how they are doing. If this is not possible at the moment, a well-thought-out call or email should do.

#8 – A Sign of Endings and Beginnings

This dream shows you’re coming to the end of a particular phase you associated with the person in your dream.

For example, dreaming about your parents repeatedly could indicate you are moving from childhood to adulthood.

This is likely to be the precursor to moving away from home.

Alternatively, it could be that you associate the person in your dream with the next phase of your life.

#9 – The Answers You Seek Are Within Reach

The Universe may use this dream to help you solve a particularly tough problem. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the person you dream of.

Who are they? How are they dressed? How is their surrounding? What’s this person’s profession? These questions will guide you on where to seek answers to your challenges.

#10 – Stop Seeking Validation

Dreaming about someone in authority, or someone you consider superior, signifies you seek validation in your waking life.

Although consulting your parents, mentors, and bosses is a good idea, you should have faith in your abilities.

Don’t depend on other people’s approval to find meaning in what you do. Instead, as we said earlier, learn to create your own happiness.

#11 – Baggage from Your Past

Dreaming about your ex could signify you’re reeling under the weight of unresolved issues from your past.

This dream could be a clear sign that you walk about wearing the yoke of anger, resentment, regrets, and hatred.

You need to resolve any pending issues as soon as possible to be truly free. Pay attention to the context of your dream to understand how best to approach this issue.

#12 – It’s a Reflection on Your Emotional State

In some cases, dreaming about someone has nothing at all to do with that person. Instead, it is a reflection of what’s happening in your life.

For example, if the person in your dream represents pain, it could be you suffer bouts of emotional distress.

If this person stands for balance, peace, and love, you would like to see these things in your life.

Do You Dream About Someone All the Time?

If you dream about a particular person, most of the time, you need to focus on the details presented in the dream.

For example, who is this person to you? Which aspect of your life do you associate them with? You’ll realize that this person’s image is a trigger for you to act in a certain direction.

This dream urges you to attend to certain aspects of your life.

This dream could also mean you have a special connection to this person.

Although this connection may not be obvious or immediately evident, you’ll appreciate it if you pay attention to the context of the dream.

Dreaming about someone all the time indicates unfinished business with this person. Make a deliberate effort to reach out to this person to tie up any loose ends.

Talk to them and find out how they feel about your parting ways. For example, if this person is dead, they likely want you to know they are safe, and that you should stop worrying about them.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Stranger?

It can be challenging to decipher what dreaming about someone you hardly know means. This is because you may initially need help understanding what to make of them.

What are they doing in your life? Where have they come from, and what do they want.

Dreaming about a stranger indicates you are connected to this person in one way or another.

The Universe wants you to know that your paths will cross, and you’ll have significant roles in each other’s lives.

Pay close attention to the finer details presented in the dream. This will give clues on the areas of convergence with the person in your dream.

Additionally, dreaming about a particular person means this person is already in your life. You may not have a chance to acknowledge them – the Universe wants you to create the time to do this.

This is your cue to pay close attention to the people you interact with regularly. You’re likely to find someone representing the direction you’d like your life to take.

Alternatively, you’ll find a number of people representing a particular theme that has much to do with your hopes and dreams.


This dream provides a rich understanding of how you relate to someone or something in your life.

It indicates what you believe or feel about this person.

Dreaming about someone could also reflect what’s going on in your life. Likely, you associate this person with the solutions to the challenges you’re grappling with.

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