What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

Are you interested in what it means to dream about your ex? This guide is for you!

Dreams about your ex usually have a negative connotation. However, this is not always the case.

Some dreams about your ex could be a powerful indicator that you have been secretly longing for a chance to make it right with your former lover.

A dream about your ex may invite you to take a close look at your goals and plans, and evaluate any impediments you’ll have to overcome to achieve your dreams.

Why Do I Dream About my Ex?


Dreaming about your ex may have nothing at all to do with them. Instead, it could be your unconscious communicating about your poor life choices.

Pay close attention to the details and context of the dream, and then ask yourself the following:

  • Are you happy with your personal and professional life?
  • Is someone (or something) trying to influence you negatively?
  • Do you believe you are responsible for your own happiness?

You’ll realize that some dreams about your ex want you to pay attention to unfinished business. However, this does not mean you should start planning to get your ex back.

There’s a reason why the two of you parted ways, and this reason should not be overlooked as you try to interpret your dream.

Also, dreaming about your ex does not mean you are tied to them. So don’t be surprised to discover that your dream may not be about your ex; it’s about other aspects of your life you need to attend to.

Dreaming about an ex makes most people feel lost and confused. This dream can be inconvenient because it awakens memories and feelings you thought you had overcome.

Whether you have moved on or not, don’t allow this dream to make you lose the gains you have made. This means you approach it with a sober mind to decipher what it means.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex?

#1 – You Have Not Moved On

This dream exposes the pain and hurts you bear due to the breakup. Likely, you think about your ex a lot in your waking life.

This dream brings to the surface the thoughts that dominate your mind in your waking state.

#2 – You Have Moved On

If you dream about breaking up with your partner, again and again, this is actually a good thing. It means that you have learned to live without them.

You appreciate that your ex can no longer cause you pain and anguish.

#3 – Your Self-Esteem is Low

This dream could signify that you have some aspects of yourself that your ex thought were beautiful.

Your thinking is that if your ex thought you were great, why did they leave you? They must have been lying to you!

You are a beautiful soul and must learn to treat yourself as such.

#4 – You Need to Change Your ways

This dream indicates you are stuck to old habits and retrogressive thinking patterns. Your old relationship represents the poor life choices you are stuck with.

This is your cue to overhaul your life; it’s time to unleash the new you to the world.

#5 – You’re Unhappy with Someone in Your Life

Most people associate their ex with negative feelings. Dreaming about your ex, therefore, could signify you are unhappy with someone in your life.

This could be your boss, workmate, neighbor, or any other person you interact with regularly.

#6 – You’re Considering a New Relationship

Dreaming about your ex means you are thinking of getting into a new relationship. You are weighing this by comparing your prospective partner with your ex.

This is understandable, considering you don’t want to make the mistakes you did with your ex.

#7 – You Miss Certain Things About Your Ex

You have come to the point where you can appreciate that your ex was not all bad.

Although you had significant differences and conflicts of interest, there are certain qualities about your ex that are irreplaceable.

This is a sign you are beginning to think rationally; you can now accept your portion of the blame in the relationship.

#8 – You Miss Your Ex

You feel that the breakup was not fair. But, given another chance, you’d ensure that things take a different direction.

Dreaming about your ex could be a sign that you miss them. You miss their tender love and care, and you long for the companionship they gave you.

What do you think this dream suggests you should do? Here’s a look at a few pointers:

Talk to Your Ex

If you are on talking terms, reach out and talk about what happened. This is not necessarily meant to bring you back together (though it might); it’s supposed to give you peace and a sense of closure.

Write to Your Ex

If talking to your ex seems a bit complicated and inconvenient, write them a letter and open up about your feelings.

This is a good way of handling the emotional burden of a breakup. Interestingly, you may or may not give them the letter.

Either way, you find emotional release and closure.

Talk to Someone You Trust

Have an intimate chat with a trusted friend about what transpired between you and your ex. This will enable you to handle the emotions you’re going through.

Seek the Help of a Therapist

An expert therapist will help you resolve any lingering pains and hurts after a breakup. Then, you can safely open up in such an environment without fearing being judged.

#9 – Focus on Self-Care and Self-Love

Dreaming about your ex reminds you to take better care of yourself. So take this as a prompt to indulge in acts of self-care and self-love.

This dream could be a sign you’ve sunk into destructive habits. Turn the tide around by deliberately pampering yourself.

#10 – You Crave Intimacy

A dream about your ex could signify you crave intimate connections. This is your cue to reach out to your current partner, family, and close friends for emotional support.

#11 – You Desire to Forgive Your Ex

Although your ex hurt you badly, you appreciate that the only way forward is by forgiving your ex. This dream shows you have no desire to hold on to grudges.

You hope you and your ex will give each other a chance to start afresh.

Dreaming of your ex indicates you can no longer hold on to anger. You understand that holding on to pain can never lead to anything good.

#12 – You Attribute Your Success to Your Ex

Dreaming that you are working on the same project as your ex is a sign of creativity. In addition, it indicates you appreciate your partner for the creative energies they brought into your life.

Though you are no longer together, you know they played an instrumental role in your growth. As a result, you’re likely to remain best friends for life.

#13 – Your Efforts Are Barren

Dreaming about your ex could be an indicator of the frustration you feel in life. Perhaps, you have been pushing hard for certain results, but they are not forthcoming.

Well, have you thought about changing tact? Approaching this issue from a different angle will probably bear the results you seek.

#14 – You’re Scared of Being Hurt Again

Dreaming of your ex could signify that you’re scared of moving on. You are afraid of starting a new relationship because of its risks.

The pain of the breakup is still raw in your mind, and your mind keeps warning you to tread carefully when making new partners.

#15 – You Are in the Healing Phase

Dreaming about your ex reminds you to take it slow in the dating game. Be wary of getting into a new relationship due to a rebound.

Take your time. Once you are past the recovery stage, you’ll be able to make rational decisions about your love life, moving forward.

Is It a Bad Sign to Dream About your Ex?

Many of us want to forget our exes when they move out of the door. This is more so if the breakup was acrimonious and had more than its fair share of drama.

However, the truth is that dreaming about your ex may not be all bad. It can be annoying, irritating, and inconvenient, but it doesn’t mean it should make you fail at your plans and goals.

Dreaming about your ex may indicate you have some unresolved issues with your former lover. However, it could also indicate some challenges in your life unrelated to your ex.

A dream about your ex might indicate some significant changes coming your way. This is your cue to prepare your mind and heart to move with the flow of life.

This dream is a good sign as it tells you what to do with your current partner. Likely, your current relationship requires lots of tender love and care.

This is your cue to up your game and demonstrate to your new partner what they mean to you.


You may be perplexed when you start having dreams about your ex. This is because whether the breakup was awkward or cordial, you don’t expect your ex to visit you in your dreams.

Dreaming about your ex may either have something to do with them or is entirely unrelated to your former relationship.

Interestingly, dreaming about your ex may not always be a bad thing. So pay close attention to the details to understand what to make of this dream.

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