Getting a Tattoo Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in getting a tattoo dream meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Getting a tattoo in real life can mean many things. For example, it could be a sign of affiliation to a closed group.

Dreaming of getting tattoos could be a statement of religious or personal beliefs.

A tattoo dream is a sign of a powerful message from the subconscious. Much like angel numbers, this dream tells you a lot about your life.

It talks of your hopes and dreams. This dream draws attention to your goals and aspirations, and the challenges you have to overcome to get there.

Dreaming of a tattoo that belongs to you relates to something personal. It could be that you are unique, and your subconscious is urging you to use this to your advantage.

To decipher the meaning of your tattoo dream, you need to closely observe the details it presents.

Here’s a look at some common tattoo dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Getting a Tattoo Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Getting a Fresh Tattoo

This dream indicates that you feel strong enough to determine your destiny. You are not afraid to take charge of your life.

You also have a lot of respect for the Law of Karma. You understand that good deeds attract blessings, and doing bad deeds is a curse on oneself.

#2 – Dream of Tattooing Yourself

The self-limiting beliefs you keep holding on to will be your downfall. This dream calls on you to have more faith in your abilities.

You have what it takes to turn your life around.

#3 – Dream of Tattooing Your Partner

The strength and health of your love relationship are in your hands. This dream encourages you to nurture your relationship.

Be there for your partner whenever they need you. Let them know that you will stand with them in good and bad times.

#4 – Dream of Tattooing Someone Else

There’s much you can do for your neighbors and community at large. Explore what value you can add to your neighborhood.

Your good actions will always come back to you, in one way or another.

#5 – Dream of Undoing a Tattoo

Dreaming of Removing a Tattoo shows you are unhappy with some actions you took in the past. Likely, you are facing the consequences of a rash decision you took.

Face this challenge stoically, for it is not meant to last forever.

#6 – Dream of a Faded Tattoo

This is a sign that you will encounter hurdles in some of your investments. You’ll likely have serious cash crises in the coming weeks or months.

#7 – Dream of a Bad Tattoo

You are still reeling from the effect of some bad decisions you took in the past. This dream tells you to let bygones be bygones.

You can’t define the rest of your life based on past failures and mistakes.

#8 – Dream of Getting a Face Tattoo

There’s something about you that you don’t want even your closest friend to know. You have serious some skeletons in your closet, so to speak.

This dream tells you that you can still achieve your goals without announcing your shortcomings and vulnerabilities to the world.

#9 – Dream of Getting a Finger Tattoo

You love your job, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all assignments are carried to perfection.

This dream indicates that you continue to earn a lot of admiration for the stellar results you achieve. Use your status and position to help others believe in their own abilities.

Teach them that they too can get to enjoy the work of their hands.

#10 – Dream of Getting a Tattoo on Your Palm

In real life, palm tattoos are not very common. Seeing this imagery in your dream means your work is blessed.

Generally, hands symbolize your livelihood. This dream indicates that your source of livelihood has been safeguarded.

This means you can go about achieving your goals fearlessly. The obstacles and challenges you meet on the way should not impede your progress.

#11 – Dream of Tattooing the Hand

If you are single, this dream indicates that someone will ask for your hand in marriage or a serious relationship.

If you are in a relationship, this dream indicates that someone will hurt you. You will be disappointed by someone you have brought to your inner circle.

#12 – Dream of a Tattoo Falling Off

Dreaming of a tattoo falling off or disappearing shows you love your freedom. You’ll not sacrifice your sense of individuality for anything.

You are likely to have this dream when facing the threat of being denied your freedom. The authorities have likely slapped a gag order on you.

#13 – Dream of Getting Whole-Body Tattoo

Dreaming of your whole body covered in tattoos shows a total change. You have a good opportunity to transform all the aspects of your life that have been pulling you down.

This dream underscores the importance of change. It’s only by going through change that you get the opportunity to unleash your full potential.

#14 – Dream of Having an Unfinished Tattoo

This dream shows that there’s something you urgently need to do to free yourself of baggage from the past.

You need to take an inventory of your life to discover what’s missing.

#15 – Dream of Getting a Wrist Tattoo

This is a sign that your social and professional circles will expand.

This dream asks you to keep your eyes open for the opportunities that come with the new additions to your life.

Also, this sign means you’ll share more quality conversations with your love partner. Your love will grow in strength and health.

#16 – Dream of Getting a Shoulder Tattoo

You are looking for a shoulder to lean on. It seems that challenges weigh you down at every turn. You need someone to hold your hand until you are strong enough to walk on your own.

This dream tells you that the help you seek is available. You just have to speak out when you feel the going has become too much to bear alone.

#17 – Dream of Getting a Neck Tattoo

This dream indicates that you tend to over-rely on others. You believe that you are too weak to make decisions by yourself.

Considering how richly blessed you are, this should not be the case.

Dreaming of getting a neck tattoo calls on you to use your spiritual, emotional, and mental strength to carve your path in this life.

#18 – Dream of a Collarbone Tattoo

You are trying to hide the results of your actions because you are ashamed of what you did. Likely, you got yourself involved in antisocial activities, and this is reflecting negatively on you.

This dream tells you that you don’t need to hide. You need redemption.

#19 – Dream of Getting a Chest Tattoo

This dream urges you not to hold any grudges. When someone wrongs, be quick to let them off the hook when they proffer an apology.

You’ll be able to concentrate on your goals and dreams more easily when your mind and heart are free of unnecessary burdens.

#20 – Dream of a Back Tattoo

Are you going through some tough times? This dream calls on you not to suffer in silence. You need to reach out to your family and friends for support when things go awry.

You can be sure that someone in your inner circle is in a position to help you out of your predicament.

#21 – Dream of Getting a Butt Tattoo

Some bad things you did in the past have resurfaced to embarrass you. You’ll have to be strong enough in dealing with the consequences of your actions.

At the same time, this dream indicates that someone will misinterpret your moves or intentions. This person is likely to spread embarrassing information about you.

#22 – Dream of Getting a Lower Back Tattoo

This dream urges you to go slow on your spending. Splashing money around in a bid to impress your peers will leave you broke and land you in trouble.

Dreaming of a tattoo in the lower back tells you to budget prudently and closely follow that budget.

#23 – Dream of Getting a Leg Tattoo

This dream indicates that you will go places and experience different cultures. You have a great sense of adventure.

Also, this dream means that you’ll face numerous obstacles as you try to make it in life. You’ll face criticism and bashing from people you have considered friends.

Don’t allow any of this to deter you; keep going strong.

#24 – Dream of a Stomach Tattoo

This is a sign that someone or some people are out to defraud you. Be careful of deals that sound too good to be true.

This dream asks you to conduct all due diligence before signing any documents or contracts. Your vigilance will save you from incurring a massive loss.

#25 – Dream of Getting a Knee Tattoo

This dream indicates that you are not ready to compromise your uniqueness. You want your individuality to shine through.

This is good because no one will be able to put you down. You will be respected for your strong stand on important issues in the community.

#26 – Dream of Getting a Tattoo in Your Pubic Area

Dreaming of tattooing your private parts means you must expose your secrets to someone to get financial help.

You are likely to have this dream when you are faced with a serious financial crunch. You are almost being declared bankrupt, and you’ve realized that you can get support from only the most unlikely sources.


Dreaming about getting a tattoo underscores your uniqueness. You are not one to be bundled up with the rest of the clueless crowd.

This dream shows you know where you are coming from, and you are proud of what you stand for.

People with this dream tend to be aggressive, determined, and focused. They don’t spend eons deciding their next course of action.

Once a problem presents itself, they are quick to get on their feet and take positive action.

It’s no wonder that you are always at the center of attention, drawing admiration from friends and foes in equal measure.

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