Owls Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Owls and dreams about them have found their way into many mythologies from across the globe. Indeed, owls have caught the attention of humans since time immemorial.

In the past, seeing owls or hearing them hoot was a sign of bad luck or death.

But, this has changed over time. They are now considered to symbolize many things, both good and bad.

Some people consider them bearers of secrets. They are also seen to represent rebirth, knowledge, and wisdom.

It’s quite common to dream about owls if you have encountered them in real life or in some works of art or literature.

Owl dreams have different meanings depending on the context of the dream, and the dreamer’s personal circumstances.

Here’s a look at some common owls dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Owls Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing an Owl

Your subconscious is saying that you have a good opportunity to pursue knowledge and wisdom. This could be your cue to go for further studies.

It is a sign that you need to acquire a new skill to equip yourself for the tough tasks ahead.

#2 – Dream of an Owl Flying Overhead

This is a warning that your life could be in danger. Some evil person close to you is plotting against you, and part of their plan is to physically hurt you.

Take care of your safety and security. Remember; your security starts with how you carry yourself in public.

#3 – Dream of a Great Horned Owl

This dream bears good news. It promises the end of hard times and the start of abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Make room to accommodate the good things coming into your life.

#4 – Dream of a Screech Owl

Are you sure about the loyalty of the friends you walk with? This dream suggests that you need to be more cautious about whom you confide in.

Some of your so-called friends don’t have your best interests at heart. They are likely studying your ways to bring you down.

#5 – Dream of an Owl in a Tree

This dream calls on you to tap into your wisdom and intuition whenever you find yourself in trouble. You have all the resources to get out of the toughest spot in life.

As such, you should not allow any impediment to stand in the way of your growth and progress.

#6 – Dream of a Dead Owl

This dream calls on you to open your eyes to what’s happening around you. Some evil forces are spreading malevolent energies in your neighborhood.

Be alert to ward off anything that could stifle your growth.

#7 – Dream of Long-Eared Owl

Do you know that you have the skills and abilities to turn your life around? This dream suggests that you have everything you need to re-write the story of your life.

Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. Having this dream tells you to fully take charge of your life.

#8 – Dream of an Owl Screaming

You’ll undergo a period of pain and suffering. You’ll likely lose someone or something precious.

For example, you could lose your source of livelihood soon. This dream asks you to be ready for such eventualities so that they don’t push you under.

If you take positive action starting today, you’ll be able to mitigate the pain and suffering that comes with such happenings.

#9 – Dream of Being Attacked by an Owl

The time is ripe for you to move to the next phase of your life. To achieve this, you have to make some changes to some aspects of your life.

For example, you should rise above the negative thoughts that have been curtailing your progress. Get rid of your doubts and self-limiting attitude.

#10 – Dream of a Barn Owl

This dream tells you not to take anything you get from your inner voice for granted. The intuition guides you to understand where you are heading and how you need to prepare for the times ahead.

It helps you to correctly interpret the onslaught of information you receive daily. As such, when your instincts tell you to pause, please do so.

#11 – Dream of an Owl and an Eagle Fighting

This is a common dream amongst those who experience owl or eagle dreams. It indicates that something good will happen in your life.

The Universe is giving you a chance to turn your life around. This dream is likely to occur when you are just about to get a fortune.

#12 – Dream of a Burrowing Owl.

When the burrowing owl spirit animal makes its way into your dreams, it calls on you to take care of your family.

Pay close attention to your children or those that look up to you for support. It could be that they don’t have anyone else to turn to when they need help, and you are their only hope.

Take this responsibility positively.

#13 – Dream of a Snowy Owl

This dream reminds you that you are not alone in this journey of life. You are surrounded by your angels and celestial attendants.

This is your cue to improve your channels of communication with the spirit world.

Tap into the positive powers of the Universe to fully understand the message borne by this dream.

#14 – Dream of a Talking Owl

Owls operate best when they are quiet, for this enables them to catch their prey with ease. This dream tells you to watch your tongue.

Avoid talking unnecessarily; otherwise, you may give out your secrets inadvertently.

#15 – Dream of Barred Owl

This is a sign that you have decided on a new direction for your life. before you start this journey, however, find out whether it is leading to the right destination.

Will it bring you closer to your life purpose? Will this journey have more opportunities for growth and expansion?

Once you are satisfied that you have made the right decision, it’s full-throttle going forward!

#16 – Dream of Hunting Owls

This is a commendation for carrying yourself with dignity in public. You fully understand what you stand for, and you appreciate yourself for who you are.

You know your true worth and you won’t allow anything to stand in the way of your dreams.

#17 – Dream of Seeing Red Owls

Red is the color of passion, love, and pain. Seeing the red owl in your dreams means that your relationship will emerge unscathed through a trying period.

This is your cue not to give up even when the going seems impossible.

#18 – Dream of Seeing a White Owl

This dream warns you against compromising your dreams just to fit in. considering how principled you are; some people will want you to do something that goes against your beliefs.

This will put this as a requirement before you can join their group. This is where your intuition and inner wisdom come in handy.

Do you think it’s worth it to sacrifice your long-term goals for fleeting pleasures?

#19 – Dream of Seeing a Golden Owl

This dream confirms that your dreams are worth fighting for. This should encourage you to keep working hard and to be positively motivated.

With the right attitude, you’ll attract the positive energy of abundance.

#20 – Dream of Spotting a Grey Owl

Seeing a grey owl in your dreams calls on you to firmly deal with the consequences of your actions. If you made some mistakes that caused harm, graciously accept your failure.

Take responsibility by making the relevant restitution to the aggrieved people.

#21 – Dream of Seeing a Purple Owl

This is a sign of nobility, humanitarianism, and wealth. It reminds you that you have a calling to reach out to the less fortunate.

Many look up to you for advice and guidance. Help such people to believe in themselves. Through your acts of love and kindness, let them know that they too can make it.

#22 – Dream of Seeing Brown Owls

You are down-to-earth, practical, and well-organized. It’s hard to find these qualities in one individual –this means that you are indeed lucky.

This dream encourages you to use your innate gifts and abilities to transform your life.

#23 – Dream of Spotting a Black Owl

This dream warns you against compromising your dreams just to fit in. considering how principled you are; some people will want you to do something that goes against your beliefs.

This will put this as a requirement before you can join their group. This is where your intuition and inner wisdom come in handy.

Do you think it’s worth it to sacrifice your long-term goals for fleeting pleasures?

#24 – Dream of Seeing an Owl with Green Eyes

Have you been relying on anyone for your upkeep or support? This dream tells you that you are now strong enough to become independent.

You have the experience to make wise decisions about your future. This is a gift that you should not waste.

#25 – Dream of Seeing an Owl with Yellow Eyes

You’ll meet new friends that will introduce you to a different perspective of life. This dream encourages you to open your heart and mind to welcome new ideas and opinions.

However, this does not mean that you should relegate your own ideas to the periphery. Your opinion does count, and you should air it every time you get a chance.

#26 – Dream of an Owl on Your Bed

This dream exposes your need for love. You desire to have a partner beside you, listening to all your views about everything and nothing about life.

You desire to be close to someone you can confidently share your thoughts and feelings with. You need someone with whom you can flirt as you open the romantic getaways to the future.

This dream tells you that all this is possible. You just need to take positive action.

#27 – Dream of an Owl Staring at You

Dreaming of an owl staring at you for a long period can give you an uncomfortable feeling. This dream suggests that you are ill at ease with some aspects of your life.

Whatever it is, you need to bring it up to the surface so that you can resolve it.


With the information you’ve just learned, what do you make of the owl dream you had?

Does it excite you? Make you happy or apprehensive? Does it give you a sense of direction concerning your life?

The meaning of your owl dream may not become clear at first. You may have to ruminate on it for some time to understand how applicable it is to your life circumstances.

You may even want to consult about this dream with someone well versed in dream symbology.

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