Heavy Rain Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of heavy rain points to strong emotions. It is a sign that the dreamer is having serious problems with their feelings.

This is more so if the rain is accompanied by a storm or destructive floods. Seeing yourself caught up in heavy rain indicates that your emotions have become uncontrollable.

This dream brings to the fore your need to unleash all the emotions that you’ve withheld for so long. All the same, the exact meaning of this dream depends on your feelings about it.

Did it make you feel scared or were you happy? Were you apprehensive about your future or altogether indifferent?

Consider all the details presented in the dream for a correct interpretation.

Here’s a look at some common heavy rain dreams and their meanings:


Common Heavy Rain Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Caught Up in Heavy Rain

This is a sign that your emotions are running out of control. This dream urges you to do something about this before you ruin your own life.

This dream carries a glimmer of hope. It is possible to put your emotions under control if you face the root cause of the problem.

#2 – Dream of Heavy Rain and Storm

storm dream meaning

Seeing heavy rain accompanied by a storm in your dreams means a significant change in your professional life.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your line of work, this is a good time to make your move. It could also mean a hefty pay rise or a promotion.

#3 – Dream of Heavy Rain with Thunder and Lightning

dream of heavy rain with thunder and lightning

This dream wants you to avoid large water bodies, especially if it is raining or snowing heavily. An accident is likely to happen in a river, lake, ocean, sea, or pond near you.

Ensure that your children and loved ones are also safe during this period.

#4 – Dream of Being Trapped in Heavy Rain

In this dream, you find yourself unable to move anywhere because of the unrelenting rain. This is a sign that you are trapped in the past.

This dream calls on you to free yourself from the emotional baggage of your past.

Otherwise, you won’t accomplish much with all those negative energies swirling in your head.

#5 – Dream of Heavy Rain Approaching from in Front

Change is in the air, and you should get ready for it. The significant thing about the change coming your way is that it gives you no option, really.

You have to move with it or forget your dreams and goals. As such, get ready to move with the flow of life.

Welcoming change comes with many benefits.

#6 – Dream of Heavy Rain Approaching from Behind

Some issues from the past keep following you around. This is causing a high level of sadness to you and your loved ones.

This dream urges you to rise above the fear of the tragedies and mistakes that occurred in the past. Rather, pay more attention to the possibilities ahead of you.

It’s impossible to make meaningful progress when your mind is on both the past and the future.

#7- Dream of Seeing Heavy Rainfall Through the Window

seeing rain through a window

This means that something significant will happen that will completely change your outlook on life. It’s likely that this event will be out of your control.

Actually, you may have to start all over again. If you take this positively, you’ll realize that it’s a good opportunity to get it right.

#8 – Dream of a Destructive Heavy Rain

This symbolizes your deepest emotions. Some unresolved emotional challenges play a significant role in your decision-making process.

You carry too much burden from unpleasant life experiences. Maybe, it’s high time you considered talking to a counseling expert for professional help.

#9 – Dream of Heavy Rain Causing Traffic Snarl Up

Dreaming of a traffic jam caused by heavy rain means emotional stability. Your life seems unstable because your emotions are always getting in the way.

You can’t think straight or take positive action without some negative emotion rearing its ugly head.

It’s time you dealt with this aspect of your emotional health once and for all.

#10 – Dream of Getting Wet Under Heavy Rain

This is a bad sign, for it shows that your work may not get the approval you need to take it to the next level.

If you had applied to some authority for your business plans to be approved, you may be disappointed.

You may have to start afresh or look elsewhere for another business idea.

#11 – Dream of Heavy Rain Causing Road Accidents

Although road accidents can be grisly, this dream has a positive connotation. It means that you have managed to stop the challenges slowing your growth.

#12 – Dream Heavy Rain Causing Plane Accident

This is a sign that rage is consuming you from the inside. Your head seems to be perpetually on fire because of the anger that has taken over your life.

Of course, there isn’t much you achieve in this state of affairs. You must deal with the source of your rage before you can think of anything else.

#13 – Dream of Heavy Rain Causing Rail Accident

The train in this dream symbolizes your plans and goals, while the heavy rain stands for fear. You have allowed fear and worry to take control of your life.

As such, all that you can see are the hardships and impossibilities ahead. You don’t want to invest because you are afraid of losing money.

You don’t want to ask for a promotion or pay rise because you fear being fired.

#14 – Dream of Heavy Rain Causing Sea Accident

This dream encourages you to fight against the waves of fear and hopelessness that will attack you from time to time.

You must remember that you are used to fighting for your life from an early age. Don’t allow any negative feelings to dampen your fighting spirit.

#15 – Dream of Heavy Rains Washing Away Crops

In this dream, you see heavy rain sweeping over farmlands and causing irreparable damage. Swathes of croplands are being swept away, and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

This is a sign of hopelessness and helplessness. You feel that your life had been taken over by some people, and there’s no way out.

The truth is that you can set yourself free. You just have to try harder to be more focused on what you want to achieve.

#16 – Dream of Heavy Rains Carrying Away Animals

In this dream, you see floods caused by heavy rains sweeping away animals. This is a sign that poor thinking habits will destroy your most treasured assets.

This dream calls on you to change the course of your life by changing your thoughts. Positive thoughts will always bring you to a peaceful space.

Here, you can concentrate on creating a good life for yourself and your loved ones.

#17 – Dream of Rescuing Someone from Heavy Rain

This is a sign that you don’t have to be overly concerned about your loved ones.

They have pretty much mastered their lives, and they know what to do to overcome the obstacles on their path.

This means that you should pay more attention to your own needs and shortcomings. Spend more time in your affairs and less in the affairs of others.

#18 – Dream of Trying to Find Shelter from Heavy Rain

This dream calls on you to be patient while solving the issues in your life. Don’t expect solutions to present themselves miraculous.

You’ll have to get some of the answers the hard way – by trial and error. As such, don’t delay when your gratification is delayed.

Life is a learning process, and patience is one of the major requirements for success.

#19 – Dream of Being Swept Away in Heavy Rain

You have allowed other people to make decisions for you. Out of fear of rejection, you don’t air your opinions in public.

You tend to go with what others have decided – even when you know that their reasoning is flawed. There’s no bigger mistake you can make in life than this.

#20 – Dream of Someone Else Swept Away in Heavy Rain

This dream encourages you to get more involved in other people’s lives.

Take every opportunity at your disposal to help people understand where they are coming from and where they are heading.

It’s by helping others in this manner that you add more meaning to your own life.

#21 – Dream of a Flock of Birds Caught Up in Heavy Rain

When your heart tells you to do something, engage your mind, as well. This dream tells you to stop acting impulsively.

You are bound to make many mistakes when you fail to think through your plans before implementing them.

This is another way of saying that every action has a consequence. As such, be keen on the choices you make.

#22 – Dream of Seeing Heavy Rain from Your Car

This is a sign that the challenges in your life will not stop you from accomplishing your goals and dreams.

This dream encourages you to be positively motivated in everything you do. Even when you find yourself caught up in the storms of life, know that there’s always a way out.

#23 – Dream of Witnessing Heavy Rain from a Distance

Although things are going well for you now, you should not be complacent. This image paints a picture of the challenges ahead.

Use this period of peace to invest more in your future. If you suspect that there could be a change in your finances, save some more.

Acquire new skills to make yourself more competitive in the world out there. Whatever you do going forward, have the future in mind.

#24 – Dream of Running from Heavy Rain

This is a sign that you are determined to get in touch with your innermost self. Your struggles will be lessened if you can create inner peace.

This is the key to embracing the changes in your life. It enables you to see the future more clearly.

#25 – Dream of Waiting for Heavy Rain to Subside

A secret that you’ve been keeping for a long time has been eating you from the inside. Though you now feel the need to let it out, you don’t know how this will be received.

This dream calls on you to listen to your heart. Get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom for advice and guidance.


Dreaming of deluges, floods, and heavy rain indicates a transformational moment. The conditions are right for you to change the aspects of your life you’d like to do away with.

This is your chance to transform your life and to position yourself to enjoy life to the maximum.

This dream could also serve as a warning. Some of your habits will drive you into big trouble. It’s high time you thought of overhauling your old thinking patterns.

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