Are you interested in Marriage Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

A dream about marriage can be interpreted in various ways depending on what happens to the couple. It also depends on what the dreamer feels about it.

The meaning of this dream also depends on what the dreamer is going through in their personal life.

Are they at that point in life looking for a suitable partner? Are they happily married? Who’s their partner? Does this partner feature in the dream?

Or, is their marriage is on the rocks? Could it be that they are divorced and the pain of the separation still hangs on?

To the unmarried, this dream could be a sign of nervousness about the life that awaits them. They may be feeling anxious that the person they love will get married to someone else.

Here’s a look at some specific marriage dreams and their meanings:


Common Marriage Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Married

This signals your dedication and commitment to a certain cause. This dream challenges you to get in touch with your purpose in this world.

It’s only by understanding what your mission is that you’re able to unleash your full potential.

#2 – Dream of Wedding Guests Dressed in Black

A member of your family is about to marry a dirty character. The person they want to marry has been deeply implicated in questionable activities against society.

The problem is that your family member may be too infatuated to realize this. It falls on you to bring this matter to light.

#3 – Dream of Attending a Marriage Ceremony

This dream shows that you are constantly thinking about marriage. If you are not married, you long to do so.

If you are married, it means that you look back to your wedding with nostalgia.

#4 – Dream of Your Partner Getting Married to Someone Else

To those in a relationship, this dream indicates tough times. You are likely going through a rough patch.

If you are single, this dream suggests that you should be careful in the choice of your partner. Not everyone that claims to love you actually means it.

#5 – Dream of an Old Couple Getting Married

When was the last time you had your doctor check on your health? This dream suggests that this is a good time to do so.

Signs are that you could fall seriously ill one of these days. You need to take the right measures before this happens.

#6 – Dream of Getting Married to Your Boss

This dream could mean either of two things. It could be that you love your job and everything about it.

You are comfortable with the pay, promotion, and other human resource policies. You have no problem with your boss, colleagues, or employees.

This dream could also mean that you are uncertain about the security of your job. You are not sure whether you’ll still retain your position and earning power in the foreseeable future.

#7 – Dream of Getting Invited to a Marriage Ceremony

If you dream of getting invited to a wedding, people find you friendly. You have a good relationship with your family, neighbors, and other members of your community.

The wedding invitation indicates that you have been given some form of social recognition. People listen when you talk, and they are likely to come to you for advice and guidance.

#8 – Dream of Stopping a Marriage Ceremony

If the bride or the bridegroom’s face is clear in the dream, they could be your potential enemy. Likely, this person has a lot of malice towards you.

They are doing everything in their power to tear down your successes. Nothing is safe from their wrath – not your family, relationships, health, or career.

As such, be wary of people that behave suspiciously around you. Trust your instincts to help you sniff out this enemy.

#9 – Dream of Marrying the Wrong Person

If you dream that you have just married someone you were not meant to marry, you need to change your attitude about love.

If the decisions you make are not positively motivated, you’ll invariably end up making mistakes. This will keep happening until such a time that you embrace a positive mindset.

#10 – Dream of Being Involved in Marriage Preparations

The days ahead will be characterized by peace and happiness. This sign affirms that your efforts to create harmony in your life have been worthy.

You’ll enjoy a well-balanced time, where you’ll have enough time to enjoy good times with your partner and loved ones.

#11 – Dream of an Exotic Wedding Ring Before Marriage

This dream indicates that you have good thoughts and intentions about your love relationship. You are determined to do your best to ensure that it flourishes.

This dream points to your commitment and dedication when it comes to matters of the heart.

#12 – Dream of an Exotic Wedding Ring After Marriage

You fear that your partner is entertaining thoughts of cheating.

Unless your fears are resolved as soon as possible, it could lead to a build-up of resentment and negative energies.

If your fears have any substance talk to your partner about them. It’s important that you go about this in a way that will hurt neither of you.

#13 – Dream of Looking at Wedding Photos with a Married Partner

You are experiencing too many fights and quarrels in your relationship for comfort. Granted, a little argument is healthy for your relationship.

But if fighting is all that you do, this relationship turns toxic. You need to sit down with your partner to determine the way forward for your relationship.

#14 – Dream of Marrying an Ex

This is a sign that you have recovered from the pains of a previous relationship. You are well healed now, and you can consider dating again.

#15 – Dream of Being in a Wedding Dress Before Marriage

You feel that your life is average, and there’s nothing much to write home about. The truth is that there’s a lot you can change to make your life better, healthier, and more exciting.

You just need to have the right mindset.

#16 – Dream of Being in a Wedding Dress After Marriage

Your heart goes to the ordinary people. You’d like to spend all your energy in public service or humanitarian work.

Most people that have this dream have a history of volunteer work. They have a good foundation for showing love, care, and concern for others.

#17 – Dream of Trying on a Wedding Dress in Readiness for Marriage

This dream shows that you are quite anxious about the next phase of your growth. You feel as anxious as a bride or bridegroom to be.

This dream suggests that you relax. Take it easy by spending time with your partner and loved ones. Create the time to commune with nature.

Most importantly, avoid overthinking, for this is one of the main causes of stress.

#18 – Dream of Cleaning Stains Off a Wedding Dress Before Marriage

This is a sign that you miss someone who’s been an important person in your life. Likely, you shared part of your childhood with this person.

This dream shows that you are nostalgic about the good times you shared.

#19 – Dream of Sewing a Wedding Dress in Readiness for Marriage

You are leaving yourself naked to attack from negative spiritual agents. This dream calls on you to fortify your soul with the right spiritual food.

It could also mean that you are not keen to guard your plans and secrets. Almost everyone in your life knows all about your projects and the moves you plan to make.

#20 – Dream of Marrying Your Enemy

You are likely to have this dream when you’ve been thinking of ways to outwit your enemy. It tells you that you don’t always have to be confrontational to resolve issues.

At times, all you need are your soft diplomacy skills.

#21 – Dream of Being an Usher in a Marriage Ceremony

Things will no longer be as you used to know them in your family. There’ll be some major changes that will affect your partner and loved ones.

These changes will bring more benefits than losses, and it’s important that you welcome them with open arms.

#22 – Dream of Marrying Within the Family

Although this dream may sound gross, its meaning is not. It shows the kind of qualities you look for in your ideal partner.

For example, if you dream of marrying your cousin or sibling, it means there’s something you find admirable about them.

You’d like to see these qualities in your romantic partner.

#23 – Dream of Someone Breaking Up Your Marriage

This means that someone well known to you is sowing seeds of discord in your love life. This is likely to create friction between you and your partner.

This dream warns you against letting out your secrets. You see; no one would have the weapons to fight you if they knew nothing much about the intimate details of your relationship.

#24 – Dream of Getting Married to a Married Person

This dream reveals that you feel scared about the possibility of never getting married. This feeling is compounded if you have been thinking of settling down and starting a family.

#25 – Dream of Being Married in a Polygamous Family

This dream signals that you’ll get help from unexpected sources. Your rivals will likely be moved to put their resources at your disposal.

This dream could also mean hard times ahead. You have to work closely with your partner to tackle the challenges that will come your way.

#26 – Dream of Being Married Overseas

You acknowledge that love can conquer everything, and you are ready to prove it. This dream indicates that you are willing to make peace with your rivals for the sake of the common good.

#27 – Dream of Being Married to a Stranger

You feel very lonely, and you long for the warmth and tender love of a caring companion. This could also be a sign of depression arising from some things that happened in the recent past.

You need to deal with the root cause of these feelings before you think of anything else.


You dreamt about marriage because your routine has changed – or is about to change.

This dream indicates that you are going through a phase that will force you to change some aspects of your personality.

The good news is that the message borne by this dream is not meant to mislead you. It shows your hopes, dreams, and desires for what they truly are.

As such, it empowers you to make the best decisions concerning your life.

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