Crabs Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Crabs Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Crab dreams indicate what’s happening in your personal life. This dream is closely linked to the goings-on in your family and love relationship.

It may also provide you with useful pointers to your health and career progression.

Depending on the setting of the dream, it could be a sign of the changes you should make to elevate your life.

A Crabs dream warns you of the dangers of making choices detrimental to your overall growth and progress.

Crab dreams may indicate the difficulties you are going through in trying to make it in life.


Some of these difficulties will hurt your love and friendships if they are not dealt with in good time.

Dreaming about crabs has its positive aspects as well. For example, it indicates new beginnings. If you have lost your partner in one way or another, this dream asks you not to despair.

Soon, you will get a new love partner.

In real life, crabs are known for their tenacity. Dreaming of crabs encourages you to persevere regardless of what’s happening in your life.

This dream assures you that you have everything you need to make it in life. You just need to be positively motivated.

Some Specific Crabs Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Catching a Crab

This dream shows that you are going through emotional turmoil. You can’t seem to keep your emotions in check

This is a sign that you should pause in what you are doing to create the right balance in your life. Your emotions are being messed up by the negative stimuli you are receiving from your environment.

You must take care of this.

#2 – Dream of Being Bitten by a Crab

This is a good sign.

It indicates that you will soon receive some news that will compel you to take positive action about your life.

#3 – Dream of Cooking Crabs

This is a sign that you will receive many openings to turn your life around. This is good news especially because you have been looking to make your life better.

You are being encouraged to open your mind’s eye to the great opportunities in your environment.

#4 – Dream of Eating Crabs

This dream indicates that something good is in the offing. You have been working hard, and you will soon receive the rewards of your labor.

This dream asks you to have no doubts about the direction you have taken in life.


#5 – Dream of Seeing Many Crabs

This is a sign that your negative attitude is bound to attract negative energies into your life. You tend to be irresponsible and hardheaded.

This is bad for your goals and dreams.

If you desire to see your love grow to the next level, you’d better change the way you handle your life.

#6 – Dream of Crabs Walking on You

Dreaming of crabs scuttling all over your body means that you are dealing with a tough situation. You need support to go through the difficulties that life has served you.

This is your cue to reach out. Don’t be afraid to accept support when it’s extended to you.

#7 – Dream of Catching Crabs with Friends

This dream indicates that you have the love and support you need to achieve your goals and dreams. This does not mean, however, that you should allow your own abilities to go to waste.

This dream encourages you to augment the support you receive from others with your own talents.

#8 – Dream of Seeing/Eating a Boiled Crab

This is a sign that you need to reflect on your inner being. You need to get in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

This dream calls on you to get a grip on your life by putting your priorities in order.

#9 – Dream of Being Chased by Crabs

This dream tells you that you are avoiding dealing with some important issues in your life. Also, it could be that you are keeping some of your emotions hidden from people that love you.

#10 – Dream of Seeing Colored Crabs

This is a sign that fresh energies will find their way into your relationship.

Your love life will get a much-needed boost; you and your partner will be able to amicably resolve the problems in your relationship.

#11 – Dream of Being Attacked by Crabs

This dream shows that a problem you have been avoiding could morph into something you can’t handle.

This is a sign that tells you to deal with problems as soon as they occur – especially when it comes to issues related to your love life.

#12 – Dream of Crabs Swimming

This is a sign that your relationship is in trouble. This dream indicates that you need to handle the emotional issues that affect you and your partner.

#13 – Dreaming of Crabs on the Shore

Dreaming of a crab on a seashore asks you to take caution. You will get some great opportunities in life.

However, you should not accept everything that is thrown your way. Be choosy on what you admit into your life.

#14 – Dream of Crabs Floating on Water

This dream exposes the oscillations in your moods. You tend to be happy one moment and grumpy the next.

This points to an emotional imbalance that you need to deal with as a matter of urgency. You can’t achieve much with your life when your emotions are not in check.

#15 – Dream of Seeing a Heap of Crabs

This is a sign that there’s an issue in your life that you have kept pending. Whether handling this issue was a wise decision or not, this is the time to deal with it.

This dream asks you to deal with your past so that you can move on to better things.

#16 – Dream of Crabs Moving Fast Across the Shore

Dreaming of crabs scuttling across the shore indicates your readiness to adjust to the changing times. This a good thing, considering that we live in very interesting times.

Success goes to those willing to readily adjust to the ever-changing demands of the global village.

#17 – Dream of Stepping on a Crab

To dream that you have accidentally stepped on a crab means that you should tone down on your negative habits.

Your behavior is getting in the way of meaningful relationships with your family and friends.

This dream warns you against making reckless statements and decisions where your loved ones are concerned.

#18 – Dream of a Running Crab

This dream asks you to keep a close watch on your possessions. Someone close to you is working in cohorts with fraudsters to rip-off you off.

Also, this dream could mean that your negative attitude could alienate those close to you. This is your cue to put on a more pleasant disposition.

#19 – Dream of Crabs feeding

This dream indicates that you may experience some health issues in the coming days. This dream acts as a heads-up.

You need to take measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from any sickness that may befall your family.

#20 – Dream of a Crab Crushing Prey

Crabs use their powerful pincers to grab and crush prey before feeding on them.

Dreaming of a crab crushing prey warns you against failing to listen to good advice from your family, friends, and mentors.

This dream reminds you that there’s a price to pay for being stubborn and negligent.

#21 – Dream of Seeing a Dead Crab

This dream indicates that your negative habits and actions threaten the stability and security of your love relationship.

This is your cue to change your ways. Carefully evaluate your attitude towards your partner.

See the areas you need to adjust to avoid disappointing yourself and your loved ones.

#22 – Dream of Female Crab Laying Eggs

Female crabs lay thousands of eggs at once.

Dreaming of this occurrence indicates your creativity and ability to provide lasting solutions to the problems in your life.

This dream challenges you to give your best to your family and loved ones.

#23 – Dream of Crabs Fighting

This dream is related to some premonitions you have about your own life. You fear that your plans will not turn out as well as you’d like them to.

This is a sign that you need to make adequate consultations before you make any serious moves concerning your life.

Additionally, to dream of crabs fighting indicates your independence. You are ready to fight for what you believe in.

Having this dream shows that you are ready to protect your values and beliefs. This is a good thing, considering that we live in a world that seems to have lost direction.



Dreaming about crabs indicates that you will encounter some hardships in life’s journey. This dream encourages you to use your skills and talents to deal with the difficulties you come across.

You have the tools you need to overcome the setbacks you encounter along the way.

Some dreams about crabs are closely linked to the challenges you encounter as you try to get into a new romantic relationship.

There will be setbacks and heartbreaks before you get your true love. This dream encourages you to hold on.

In due course, you will get a partner that is worthy of you.

Dreaming of crabs could also show that you feel overwhelmed by the many duties and responsibilities in your life.

You feel that the world demands too much from you.

The truth is that you have a hidden strength. This dream exposes something about yourself that you could not have otherwise known.

You are resilient, and nothing can put you down for long.

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