High School Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in High School Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming about high school is not confined to those in schools.

Your high school dream is likely to be a reflection of a past memory. For some reason, something that you did in the past has resurfaced.

In this case, this dream signifies unfinished business.

It could be that you feel insecure or doubtful about the outcome of certain decisions. You are worried that the future may not bring the rewards you seek.

Dreaming of your high school indicates your desire to go back in time and change some of your decisions.

People who are done with schooling tend to dream of high school more than they do about elementary school.

Dreaming about high school could be a sign that your problem is serious, it goes beyond basic aspects of your life.

This means that you should pay close attention to this dream. It speaks volumes about your future.

People dream about school regardless of age or social standing.

Here’s a look at some common high school dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific High School Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being a Student in High School

This dream shows that you rely on past lessons to make decisions about where you are headed. This means that you are unlikely to make the same mistake twice.

Also, this dream indicates that you’ll always choose logic over emotions in deciding critical issues about your life.

#2 – Dream of Going Back to High School

You need to recall some factual information you learned in high school. Likely, you desire to learn something new, but you have to depend on prior knowledge to achieve this.

This dream also shows that your school days were not wasted. You did your best with the resources and tools handed to you.

#3 – Dream of Being Late for Class

You are afraid of taking the next step in an important phase of your life. This dream exposes your hesitancy.

You are afraid of moving on because you don’t know what the future holds. This kind of uncertainty will kill your joy of living.

Sometimes, you should have faith in yourself and just take the plunge.

#4 – Dream of Meeting Your High School Teacher

This dream shows that you are intelligent. You have what it takes to guide and advise those who look up to you.

You have a sacred duty towards your mentees. Take up this responsibility with pride.

#5 – Dream of Meeting a High School Friend

Dreaming of seeing an old high school friend shows your social professional connections are intact. You need this kind of link in the next stage of your life.

You are doing the right things to attract wealth, peace, and happiness. This dream encourages you to maintain this course; it is the path to a fulfilling life.

This dream could also mean that you’ll soon reconnect with an ex-lover. This is more so if you have been going through a particularly rough patch in your love life.

#6 – Dream of Holding a High School Re-Union

Dreaming of holding a high school re-union indicates success. You are content with the milestones you have covered and the accomplishments you have made so far.

This does not mean, however, that you should fold your arms and sit on your laurels. On the contrary, it should motivate you to work even harder.

#7 – Dream of Being at a High School Cafeteria

Something is slowing down your progress, but you haven’t put a finger on it. This dream indicates you have to address this issue to see the results of your work.

Having this dream indicates that something is negating your efforts. Unfortunately, you have not isolated this problem.

#8 – Dream of Walking Down Your High School Hall Way

You are going through an important transitional phase of your life, and this is making you anxious. You are scared of the adjustments you have to accommodate in the new life you are stepping into.

#9 – Dream of Sports in High School

In this dream, you are playing your favorite sport in high school.

Maybe you had some impressive achievements as an athlete in high school, and you long for the good old days.

This dream reminds you that you can be quite resourceful when circumstances call for it.

#10 – Dream of Going to the Wrong Class in High School

This is a sign of stress and anxiety. It seems that you feel the weight of your responsibilities on your shoulder.

You have too much to do, and too little time to accomplish it. The additional duties you recently took up are taking their toll on you.

This dream warns you of the dangers of being over-ambitious. Don’t bite more than you can chew.

#11 – Dream of Working with a Former Classmate

You’ll recover the most important things you lost in the previous years. After a long period of struggles, the good, old days are back.

This dream is a sign that you’ll get trusted support to overcome your hurdles. Friends will come to the rescue when you need them most.

In matters of the heart, this dream indicates you’ll get a way out of your current predicaments.

#12 – Dream of Enrolling in a High School

This dream indicates a breakthrough. For some time now, you have your growth and progress have stagnated.

This dream indicates you’ll get an infusion of new ideas. You’ll be able to grow your business and earn more profits.

#13 – Dream of Being Pregnant in High School

Dreaming of being pregnant in high school (or getting a high school girl pregnant) means something is blocking your progress in your waking life.

Likely someone is sending tons of negative energies your way. Be wary of the kind of people you allow into your inner circle.

This dream calls on you to get away from toxic people and friends.

#14 – Dream of Graduating from High School

Life has a lot to offer, and this dream calls on you to cast your eyes beyond the horizon. You’ll accomplish many things in life – only if you are willing to move out of your shell.

You are denying yourself many wonderful opportunities by sticking to your comfort zone.

Also, this dream calls on you not to give up. although you’ve been working hard without accomplishing a lot, success is just around the corner.

#15 – Dream of Sitting a High School Exam

This dream shows that you have not fully accepted yourself. You likely suffer the effects of an embarrassing period in your childhood.

The picture you project to the public is totally different from the person you are on the inside.

You let the world know that all is well with you. In actual sense, you are hurting on the inside. You need to identify the source of your problem and weed it out.

#16 – Dream of Having an Affair with Your High School Teacher

Dreaming of having an affair with your high school teacher shows that your love is rather complicated.

It seems you have met someone else, and they are complicating your feelings for your current partner.

You are at a loss on how best to proceed. When it comes to this, listen to your heart and do the honorable thing.

#17 – Dream of Cheating in a High School Exam

You feel that people are unfairly judging and picking on you. They are critical of almost every move you make.

This is weighing you down considering that you desired to be viewed highly in your community.

Also, this dream indicates that you fear failure. This means you are unable to move and try new things.

It’s no wonder that some aspects of your life have been declining of late.

#18 – Dream of Flunking in a High School Test

This dream indicates low self-esteem and a severe lack of confidence. Although you’d like to improve your life, you don’t want to take on any challenges.

You must be ready to move out of your comfort zone if you desire to grow. This dream encourages you to isolate the source of your problems and deal with them.

#19 – Dream of Dropping Out of High School

This dream exposes your doubts about your abilities, skills, and accomplishments. You are not sure of yourself.

Having this dream warns you against depending on external inspiration. You need to look within for intrinsic motivation.

You should believe that you have what it takes to overcome your struggles.

#20 – Dream of Doing Homework in High School

Is there something you need to learn to equip yourself with better decision-making skills? This dream encourages you to go for it.

You’ll get a good opportunity to increase your skills.

To fully decipher the meaning of this dream, pay close attention to the type of homework you are handling.

This will tell you the aspects of your life you should work on.

#21 – Dream of Skipping a High School Class

This dream shows you are dodging responsibility. Likely, you have abandoned your family and loved ones.

You are keener on working hard and making money than being with your family.

This dream calls on you to take your personal and social duties seriously. Don’t allow the opportunity to do something worthwhile for your family to pass you by.

#22 – Dream of Arguing with Your High School Principal

Are you going through conflicts and disagreements at the workplace? Do you feel less lucky than your former high school classmates?

This dream calls on you to count your blessings. You are likely paying too much attention to your shortcomings and less to your achievements.

#23 – Dream of Attending a PE Class in High School

This dream calls on you to take better care of your health. It reminds you that your health routine should be all-encompassing.

You should not only care for your physical needs, but your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well.

Your body is your most important asset in this world. Take good care of it.

#24 – Dream of Being in High School Uniform

Your efforts and positive attitude at the workplace have not gone unnoticed. Soon, you’ll get a promotion and the pay rise you have been longing for.

This dream also indicates that the good work you have been doing in your family will lead to growth and progress.

#25 – Dream of Riding in Your High School Bus

Dream of traveling by your high school bus indicates adventure that will lead to important lessons. You are about to have fun touring your country or abroad.

Your experiences will have great learning moments, and you’ll be better and wiser after your travels.


Dreaming about high school calls on you to put your life in order. Positive energies of wealth, abundance, and prosperity tend to move towards good organization.

This dream shows that you are seriously thinking about improving your business. You are keen to make the right connections to improve your livelihood.

Dreaming of high school indicates that your school days have a big influence on your current life. Likely, the passions you follow today were ignited at school or college.

It also means that you heavily rely on past lessons and experiences to make decisions about your future.

If you are still in school, this dream shows your anxiety. Likely, you are faced with a trying period ahead, and you don’t know how to go about it.

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