Demon Dream Meaning

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Are demons real? The concept of the existence of demons is debatable and hard to prove. However, what’s unquestionable is that people do experience demon dreams.

If you’ve had such a dream recently, you need to consider the level of your dream to understand how it’s affecting you in your waking life.

What’s the General Meaning of Demon Dreams?

Demons are beings that appear in a variety of forms such as Satan or Belcebu. How you perceive their shape and form depends on the kind of religious literature you’ve been exposed to.

They appear in your dreams when you are encountering negative influences in your love life, at the office, or in the family.


Most of these dreams are ominous. They indicate that you are headed the wrong way and you need to take the right measures to avert a bad experience.

Also, a demon dream can be the result of the bad experiences you’ve gone through. Such experiences have made you uncomfortable, and this is reflected in the kind of dreams you have when you sleep.

Some of these dreams are so strong, that you may feel that actual demons are present in your life.

However, should you continue to sense the presence of demons in your waking life, it is best that you talk to a doctor.

The doctor will help you to unravel any underlying issues. You may be surprised to discover that the demonic presence is an illusion created by some medications.

Also, it’s advisable that you seek immediate help if the demon in your dream or vision is asking you to harm yourself or other people.

Some Specific Demon Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Demons Dressed in White

In this dream, you interact with ghosts or demons in one way or another. For example, they may invade your home.

This means the loss of a loved one. This does not necessarily mean that they will die. Rather; it means that you need to take better care of your loved ones to avoid

#2 – Dream of Being Chased by Demons

This is a call for you to change your attitude in your waking life. If the demons persecute you in the dream, it means that your attitude is causing you to make wrong choices.

#3 – Dream of Fighting with Demons

This means that the negative choices you made in the past have finally caught up with you. You are feeling guilty, and this is seen in the nightmares you are experiencing at night.

You need to make peace with your past.

#4 – Dreams of Being Attacked by Demons 

This indicates your spiritual vulnerability. You need to take up spiritual practices so that you can put a rein on your spiritual life.

#5 – Dreams of Being Possessed by Demons

Such dreams indicate that you are in danger from someone close to you. You need to choose your friends wisely.

Keep the company of like-minded people. Choose to be with those who share your values and principles.

#6 – Dreams of Demons and Witchcraft

These dreams indicate that you are getting into a new phase of life and that you need to tread carefully as you move on.

You will encounter many pitfalls on the way.

#7 – Dreams of Demons at the Burial Ground

This dream means that your negative attitudes are killing the joys of your loved ones. You need to have a more positive mindset when it comes to family discussions and engagements.

Take up your responsibility in the family to support others to achieve their goals.

#8 – Dreams of Killing Demons

Such dreams indicate that you are letting go of all negative energies from your life. You have finally managed to control your darker side.

#9 – Dreams of Demons Hiding in a Corner

This is an indicator that your family and loved ones are experiencing some conflicts. They don’t want you to know about it.

But, your intervention is instrumental in creating peace and harmony in your family.

#10 – Dream of Providing Shelter to Demons

This dream indicates that some of your actions are working against the efforts of your community. Get to know what’s happening around you so that you don’t inadvertently upset people.

#11 – Dream of Talking to Demons

Again, this dream warns you about the company you keep. Someone in your inner circle will try to mislead you.

#12 -Dream of Bowing to Demon 

This means that you are giving up on your spiritual journey. It’s a wakeup call that you need to put more effort in your search for spiritual awakening. Success is just around the corner.

#13 -Dream of Washing Demons

This is a warning that violence begets violence. Avoid all acts of bloodshed.

#14 – Dreams of Angels and Demons

This dream means divine love and protection. It is a reminder that you are not alone. The celestial beings are working hard to protect you from all forms of evil.

#15 – Dreams of Angels and Demons Fighting

This represents your internal conflicts involving good and evil. Your conscience is urging you to change your ways.

The angels represent good deeds while the demons stand for wrong choices.

#16 – Dream of Overcoming Demons

This is a sign that you will soon get back on track. You will regain the traction you have lost in the recent past. Keep working harder in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Your life is about to change for the better.


What’s the Spiritual Interpretation of Demon Dreams?

Dreaming of demons reflects on how the people around you are affecting your spirituality. You are being urged to be careful about what you feed your mind and heart.

Also, these dreams are indicators of your attitude. You need to be more thoughtful, compassionate, and kind.

Avoid taking thoughtless actions that could put your family and loved ones at a disadvantage. Avoid being indifferent to those who seek your help.

These dreams further indicate that negative behavior harms your spiritual growth and progress.

This means that you should avoid all forms of selfishness and laziness.

A demon dream points to possible pride that has gone out of hand. You need to remember your roots. Be modest as you handle those you encounter in life’s journey.

Additionally, dreams of demons bring to the fore your innermost fears. This allows you to confront them more effectively.

What’s the Hidden Meaning of Demon Dreams?

The hidden meaning of a demon dream points to a misdirected life path. You are being warned that your sinfulness and misconduct will lead to conflict.

In some way, these dreams indicate the consequences of your actions. They can serve as guidance for you to act with the end goal in mind.

Also, you will realize that these dreams are a reflection of your attitudes. When you exude negative emotions, your spiritual growth becomes slower and less clear.

This means that you need to embrace positivity as you move through life. Have good intentions. Be motivated by the desire to achieve virtuous results.

Demon dreams reveal the spiritual challenges in your life. If you keep encountering these creatures in dreams, think critically of your life’s circumstances.

You’ll discover that you need to change certain aspects of your behavior. Be positively motivated in everything you do.


Encountering demons in your dreams can be a scary experience. It’s important that you relate the details of the dream to the situations in your life.

Ordinarily, people perceive demons as evil entities. They are associated with evil energies – guilt, misery, anger, fear, and death.

However, demon dreams don’t happen to torment you.

These dreams come into your life to open your eyes to the direction of your life. They occur so that you can reflect on your life.

The message you derive from your dream applies to the unique circumstances you are going through.

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