Are you interested in Kangaroo Symbolism and Spirit Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

In one way or another, a Kangaroo looks like an overgrown rabbit that has decided to stand on its hind legs.

This comparison has its merits as both animals share several important traits. For example, they are intelligent, loyal, and protective.

Kangaroos are natives of Australia. But they can be found on zoos in other continents. As such, most people associate these animals to closeness to nature.

The Kangaroo spirit animal stands for independence, ambition, strength, and leadership. It is associated with people that have an abundance of raw energy.

They have what it takes to rejuvenate themselves and leap away from adverse situations.

Kangaroos are keen to protect their young ones. They are ready to use all their resources to cater to the needs of their young ones.


Each of the hind feet of the Kangaroos has 4 toes. This number is symbolically important. It stands for decisiveness, practicality, self-control, and strong foundations.

When you keep encountering this spirit animal, take it as a sign that good things are coming your way. Get ready, for many new opportunities will soon leap into your life.

What’s the Significance of the Kangaroo Spirit Animal?

When the Kangaroo is your spirit animal, you gain a lot from this association. It draws your attention to the different facets of your existence.

You will see the need to take advantage of all blessings in your life once you understand the importance of this spirit guide.

You’ll come to appreciate that you are more richly blessed than you previously thought. Thus, you can achieve far much more than you thought possible.

The Kangaroo spirit animal is encouraging you to be the best that you possibly can. This means that you have to take a leap of faith.

You need to see beyond the obvious. Trust your abilities, and stop questioning your decisions and capabilities.

Be confident as you face the future. Don’t allow the hurdles that stand on your way to belittle your efforts.

Additionally, the Kangaroo spirit guide signifies your ability to overcome adversity. You have all the resources you need to overcome the challenges you come across.

All you need is to be positively motivated. Accept your innate and acquired abilities, and use them to create a difference in your life.

This spirit guide further signifies gratitude. You are being called upon to be grateful for all the blessings in your life.

Embrace the opportunities being sent your way. Don’t look at how big or small they are. Remember, sometimes you have to start small before you grow in stature.

People with the Kangaroo totem are good at protecting the young and the weak. They take up their roles without complaining.

The Kangaroo draws your attention to your inner strength. You are being called upon to use this gift to help the less fortunate around you.


Symbolic Meaning of the Kangaroo Spirit Animal

The symbolic meaning of Kangaroos represents different facets of life. You are associated with this spirit animal because you are aggressive, outgoing, and forceful.

At the same time, you are loving, kind, and nurturing. The Kangaroo spirit animal stands for love and support.

People with this spirit animal display unconditional love to their family and loved ones. They are quick to reach out to support a family member or friend that needs their intercession.

People look up to you for protection because they know that you can take care of them. Go ahead and show some love and care.

Remember, you are not in any way vulnerable or frail by showing love. Kangaroos are some of the toughest creatures you can find out there. Yet, they have a great capacity for love.

In spite of their tough exterior, they are some of the most caring animals you can find anywhere.

If the Kangaroo is your spirit animal, you are being called upon to show support and unconditional love to your family.

Additionally, the Kangaroo spirit animal stands for care and motherhood. These animals have a great love for their young ones.

It’s not easy to see this kind of nurture in the wild. The Kangaroo’s level of devotion as parents is on a whole new level.

Kangaroos can be tough when the circumstances call for it. They are aggressive and are ready to use their massive strengths to take care of themselves.

This means that you should not let anyone –or anything – to frighten you from achieving your goals. You need to use force when necessary.

Remember, this force may not necessarily be physical. It can be mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

The Kangaroo spirit guide encourages you to keep going regardless of the odds stacked against you.


Importance of the Kangaroo Spirit Totem

Although Kangaroos mostly live in Australia, they are popular the world over.

Kangaroo motifs are used all over the world. They can be seen on different logos and various brands.

They are mostly used to indicate that an item has a claim to the exotic and amazing Australian heritage.

All the same, the Kangaroo totem animal can be used by anyone from any part of the world. This totem signifies that such an individual is protective, strong, and supportive.

As noted earlier, the Kangaroo animal totem stands for family care, parental support, and motherly love.

It is common with caring and loving people. If you have the Kangaroo as your animal totem, you are very particular about such things.

You put a high premium on family bonds. You are willing to go to great lengths to protect your loved ones.

This spirit guide wants you to know that you have the resources to achieve your goals. The very first thing you should do is to recognize your stamina and strengths.

You are well-endowed with divine blessings. You will benefit a lot from these if you keep moving forward.

Avoid being rooted in the same spot or moving backward.

The Kangaroo animal totem signifies that you can create the right balance to accomplish your objectives.

This means that you make use of the right creative energies in your life. Be focused on keeping all forms of negative energies at bay.

In this way, you will remain well-grounded.

This spirit guide lets you know the direction you need to take in life. Your instincts are strong, and you can rely on them to make decisive moves in life.

People with the Kangaroo spirit totem are original. They always do the unexpected. At the same time, they are sincere, honest, and value integrity.

They are highly flexible and will fit into just about any situation they find themselves in.

This spirit animal gives you confidence in your abilities. Once you have started moving forward, don’t allow anything to slow down the momentum.

Never look back – just keep pushing forward regardless of the hurdles you’ll encounter on the way.


But, you need to remember that you can’t move forward if you have not cleared the path. This means that you must get rid of all forms of negative energy.

Clear from your life all resentments, anger, and feelings of vengeance. Allow your instincts to guide you out of any tricky situation you find yourself in.

What’s the Meaning of Kangaroo Dreams?

Dreams involving Kangaroos have different meanings. It depends on the prevailing events and circumstances in your life.

Most of these dreams have common underlying themes. They communicate messages of protection, hard work, determination, and ambition.

Also, you need to pay close attention to how the dream developed. Here are some common Kangaroo dreams:

#1 – Dream of Meeting Kangaroos while on Adventure

This dream is a message that you need to travel. You have many opportunities waiting for you beyond the horizon.

It’s time you started exploring the possibilities in your life. This calls for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Venture out and see what the world has to offer. You may consider going abroad for tourism.

#2 – Dream of Fighting with a Kangaroo

This is a clear indicator that you are a fighter. You have the resources you need to overcome adversity. This is a message that you need to stop mourning over some loss.

Roll up your sleeves and work hard to reclaim your lost glory. Soon, you will accomplish what you’ve always been fighting for.

#3 – Dreams of Kangaroos Leaping Away

You are sitting on a time bomb. This dream is an alert that your environment is not very safe. This could apply to your work environment or social life.

You need to make some drastic changes to your lifestyle. For starters, you need to let go of the negative habits that have been slowing you down.

‘Leap away’ from anything that pulls you back from achieving your dreams. Let go of toxic friends.

#4 – Dream of Encountering Kangaroos at Close Quarters

This is an indicator that you have been encountering some problems at the home front. The Kangaroo spirit animal is urging you to make peace with the people that matter in your life.

Avoid being antagonistic against your loved ones. Take the right measures to resolve any issues between you and them.

#5 – Dreams of Kangaroos Fighting

The Kangaroo spirit animal is asking you to defend the weak and vulnerable. Kangaroos fight to protect their young ones.

Look around you, and you’ll realize that there are some people that could benefit from your benevolence. You have the power to alleviate their suffering.

This dream encourages you to do the right thing.

#6 – Dream of Kangaroos Making Sudden Turns

The Kangaroo is alerting you that you will have to make sudden changes to your plans. Although you are a good organizer, things don’t always go according to plan.

You must always have a plan B in case your plans go south. This dream alerts you that you don’t have to abandon your project.

Rather, you can look into what has created the problem and re-strategize accordingly.


The major lesson from the Kangaroo spirit animal is about love, care, and protection. Kangaroos demonstrate the strong bond that should exist between a parent and their loved ones.

You are a parent – probably not in the literal sense of the word. Look around, and you’ll realize many people in the community could do with your support.

The Kangaroo spirit animal encourages you to offer all the assistance you can.

The meaning of this spirit animal will largely depend on your life’s circumstances. You have to pay close attention to what’s happening around you and in your life.

You will discover that you are being encouraged to take a leap of faith.

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