Cheetah Spirit Animal Symbolism and Dreams

Are you interested in the Cheetah Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the cheetah spirit animal comes into your life, you’ll know it because of the power it packs. It doesn’t really matter if you have never encountered this animal in real life.

Its presence when it chooses you will be powerful, profound, and unmistakable.

The cheetah spirit animal can communicate with us in a number of ways. For example, you may encounter it physically, either in the wild on in a zoo.

It could also come in your dreams or vision. Many people with the cheetah spirit animal have reported feeling a powerful energetic presence when this creature comes into their lives.

If you have been dreaming of cheetahs often, you need to consider that it is trying to contact you.

One of the most effective ways our spirit animal guides get in touch with us is through vivid dreams.


Your dream could be an indicator that the cheetah is your totem animal, and it is calling on you to make a connection with it.

It’s important that you note down every contact you made with the cheetah, the context of the contact, and how it makes you feel.

This will tell you whether the connection you feel is spiritual in nature or not.

What is the Significance of the Cheetah Spirit Animal?

The cheetah is undoubtedly one of the fastest animals on the planet. Using short bursts of speed, it can easily outrun any prey.

This spirit animal stands for speed, fast action, and achievement. It signifies flexibility, determination, and patience.

It is also known for its adaptability and high levels of intelligence.

The cheetah spirit animal encourages you to exude these traits. It helps you to awaken your hidden potential and to use it to achieve your highest potential.

When the cheetah spirit guide comes into your life, you get the courage and confidence to pursue your goals and dreams.

You’ll be able to react fast to grab the opportunities that come your way. People with the cheetah spirit totem know when to seize the moment.

They are alert to the chances given to them by the divine realm. As such, they tend to progress a lot in their endeavors.


Symbolic Meaning of the Cheetah Animal Totem?

Symbol of Survival and Adaptability

The cheetah makes it a point to master its environment. This means it can lay camouflaged for long waiting for the prey to drop its guard.

It can stalk its prey perfectly hidden from sight – and it pounces only when it is sure of a kill. In the same manner, it is able to evade detection from predators.

When the cheetah spirit totem comes into your life, it teaches you to master your environment. You have to be versatile and flexible enough to thrive under all conditions.

Symbol of Selectivity

The cheetah tends to be a choosy animal. For example, it doesn’t prefer rotting flesh – it would rather go for fresh meat.

Also, this animal is not known to keep many friends. They like hunting alone or in pairs.

The cheetah spirit totem asks you to be wary of what and whom you admit into your life. Not everyone out there should be your friend.

And, not everything ripe you meet is fit for your consumption. You must learn to be selective.

Symbol of Industriousness

This animal is always busy. If it’s not out there hunting prey, it readying itself for the next action. This spirit animal urges you to take action to elevate your life.

You must avoid procrastinating; do what must be done today to bring a better tomorrow.

Symbol of Speed Action

The cheetah takes advantage of its awesome speed to accomplish its tasks. No other animal can outrun the cheetah on land.

Your cheetah spirit totem is calling on you to act decisively and with speed. People with this spirit animal never waste time deciding on when to start working on their goals.

Symbol of Focus

The cheetah is resolute and single-minded in pursuing its prey. It doesn’t allow anything – even another potential prey – to distract.

It is this focus on their goals that gives the cheetah a high level of success.

As a totem animal, the cheetah spirit animal asks you never to lose sight of your goals. Don’t waste your energy and time on this that adds no value to your goals and dreams.

Symbol of Intuition and Curiosity

Your cheetah spirit totem calls on you to put your instincts and intuition to good use. By doing so, you’ll discover that you have all the answers you need to life’s issues.

Symbol of Patience and Opportunity

This animal waits for the most opportune time to pounce on its prey. This means that it never wastes an opportunity.

The cheetah animal totem urges you to be patient for the right opportunity to make your moves. Don’t rush heedlessly forward without much thought to the consequences of your actions.

Symbol of Relaxation

After an exhausting chase, the cheetah takes time off to rest and recoup its strength. This is an apt message taught to you by your cheetah spirit totem.

Take time off your busy schedule to rest and relax with family and friends.


What’s the Meaning of Cheetah Dreams?

#1 – Dream of Being Chased by Cheetah

Although this can be a scary dream, it carries a positive message from the cheetah spirit animal. This dream encourages you to pursue your goals and dreams relentlessly.

#2 – Dream of Being Attacked by Cheetah

This dream calls on you to stand up for yourself. You need to take measures to protect your family and your possessions. Don’t be so passive that people take advantage of you.

Sometimes, you have to bare your fangs to protect yours and your own. Dare to speak out for the sake of your loved ones.

#3 – Dream of Seeing a Cheetah Hiding in the Bush

This serves as a warning from your spirit animal. You need to be careful where you are getting into, especially if you have received some new personal or professional deals from strangers.

#4 – Dream of a Sprinting Cheetah

This dream will depend on where the cheetah is heading. The cheetah spirit animal is trying to tell you that there will be some changes in your life soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

#5 – Dream of Cheetah Stalking Prey

If you can see the prey in your dream, it means that you will soon get an opportunity you’ve been praying for. In other words, your prayers are about to be answered.

If you can’t see the prey the cheetah is hunting, it means that something is missing in your life. The cheetah spirit animal is encouraging you to find out what this could be and work towards fulfilling it.

#6 – Dream of an Isolated Cheetah

If you dream of a cheetah living in solitude, it means that you have to be more independent. Likely, you have been looking to family and friends to sort out your issues.

This dream urges you to take matters into your hands.

#7 – Dream of Cheetah Walking in Circles

This dream indicates that you are making the same mistakes, time after time. This has denied you the opportunity to progress to greater heights of success.

Your cheetah spirit guide is asking you to seek spiritual solutions to this problem. With the right intervention, you will eventually break free.

#8 – Dream of Fighting with a Cheetah

This dream indicates that you have some daunting foes out to rob you of your joy, peace, and happiness.

How this dream ends is significant.

If you overcome the cheetah in this fight, you will overcome your adversaries. If the cheetah overcomes you, however, you need to come up with new strategies for dealing with your enemies.

#9 – Dream of Running Side-by-Side a Cheetah

In this dream, the cheetah totem animal is encouraging you to move determinedly on. Although you will encounter many hurdles, you will emerge victorious if you focus on your goals and dreams.

When to Call on the Cheetah Spirit Animal

You can call on cheetah spirit animal when:

  • You need to keep your goals in focus
  • You need support to deal with life’s hurdles
  • You need inspiration to come up with new ideas
  • You need to improve your personal and work culture
  • You have been procrastinating too much
  • You need to react swiftly to a situation in your life
  • You desire to make positive changes to certain aspects of your life

Final Thoughts…

If you feel a strong inborn link to the cheetah every time you encounter it, it is most likely that this is your totem spirit animal.

You will feel an irresistible urge to spiritually link with this animal whenever you see it on TV, in films, in your dreams, or anywhere else.

The cheetah spirit animal will fill you with awe, hope, and, sometimes, fear. This is your cue that this animal is definitely your spirit animal totem.

The cheetah spirit animal will select because you need the kind of help this totem can offer. For example, you need guidance on making meaningful relationships.

This spirit animal reminds you that you don’t have to be in relationships all the time. When one relationship goes soar, it’s okay to take some time off.

The cheetah sign assures you that it’s okay to be solitary every now and then. This will enable you to focus more closely on your goals and dreams.

With time, you’ll get people that you can trust; those who’ll love you for who you are and not what you have.

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