Are you interested in the Ram Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Throughout the world, rams are featured in almost every major mythology. The legends and narratives around this animal depict a useful yet stubborn creature that does not give up easily.

When the ram spirit animal comes into your life, it brings a powerful mix of qualities such as courage, perseverance, and resilience.

The ram totem wants you to ascend to the highest levels of success. To achieve this feat, you should be ready to unleash your latent skills and talents.

What’s the Ram Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Spiritual Strength

Reach out to your ram spirit animal when you feel that your spiritual strength is waning. The ram paints an image of a stubborn, determined fellow who does not readily give up on his dream.

This spirit guide will help you get in touch with your spiritual compass.

Symbol of Ethical and Moral Consciousness

The ram totem knows the many challenges and temptations you have to deal with in the modern world.

You need to have a strong moral back to avoid being lured into the temptation of easy pleasures. Ask your ram spirit animal for this support, and you’ll be sure to get it.

Symbol of Security and Stability

The ram totem is a great companion if you are going through a period of uncertainty. This spirit guide wants you to move out of dangerous territory to concentrate on your goals and dreams.

Symbolic Meaning of Ram Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Ram Symbolism in Christian Culture

The Bible and other Christian literature refer to Jesus as the ‘Lamb of God’. In contrast to the ram, the lamb is more gentle, docile, and meek.

This alludes to Jesus’ simplicity and agreeable nature. Whereas he could have chosen to take the image of the more boisterous and aggressive ram, he chooses the lamb.

All the same, Christ is not very far removed from the ram imagery. For example, the horn on the ram’s forehead is referred to as the ‘horn of salvation’ in the Bible.

The horn of salvation also refers to Jesus Christ according to some Christian literature. This is a pointer to Jesus’ determination to do his Father’s will.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Jesus does not give up in his quest to save humanity. He had a thousand reasons to abandon his quest, yet he kept going.

This tells Christians to learn from the ram. They should be resilient and enduring in the face of challenges.

Ram Symbolism in African Culture

In African culture, the ram is held in high regard because of its quickness to protect the other members of the flock.

The ram fights on behalf of the ewes and the lambs. This was particularly important to African men as they were seen to be the de facto heads of their households and community.

It validated their masculine sense of duty, and gave them pride in their role as the protectors of the community.

Rams are known for diving into a fight head-first. They have no time for argument or reasoning. They get into a head-butt fight and the results determine how things will be conducted moving forward.

To Africans, this meant that some situations call for a leap of faith. You don’t have to waste a thousand years worrying about what-if and what-not.

It convinced Africans to get on with what needed to be done – they would handle the aftermath later.

African shamans used ground horn powder for healing and traditional medicine. No part of a slaughtered ram was thrown away.

The meat was eaten, the hide was fashioned into clothes, and the horns and hooves were used as medicine. The African ram was a symbol of fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

Ram Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Navajo tribe venerated the Bighorn sheep rams as a sign of fertility, power, and determination.

Their interaction with this animal taught them that giving up was not an option, especially where matters of life and death were concerned.

The Anasazi believed that the ram had a strong connection to the divine.

This animal was said to be a physical manifestation of the god of the sky, who was responsible for holding all the heavenly bodies together lest they fall to the ground.

This brings to the fore the determination and strength of the ram spirit animal.

The fact that sheep provided the Native tribes with wool and food made them a valued asset in the community.

As with every animal they held in high regard, the ram was treated with a lot of respect. A special incantation would be recited before the slaughter of the ram.

In the prayer, the ram would be asked not to depart with its strength and virility, but to leave these gifts behind to the tribe.

Ram Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The Celts connected the ram to powerful qualities such as protection, kingship, and authority.

Myth has it that the ram was under the protection of Brigid, the flame-haired goddess, and protector of domestic animals.

It was believed that Brigid kept the company of Cirb, the king of the rams. Together, the goddess and ram made decisions pertaining to the seasons and the welfare of land animals.

Another myth closely linked to the one above explains how the ram came to be dominant. Legend has it that Cernunnos, the God of Animals, became jealous of Cirb’s relationship with Brigid.

One day, in a fit of jealousy and anger, Cernunnos cut off the ram’s head and put it on his own. This explains why although Cernunnos has the body of a snake, he has the head of a ram.

When the Ram is Your Spirit Animal

The ram spirit animal comes into your life to give you a healing touch. This is very appropriate if you have been battling thoughts of loss and failure.

The ram spirit motivates you to be the best you can be. It puts you in touch with your hidden skills and talents to help you unleash your full potential.

In many cultures, the ram has a close connection to the divine. Its presence in your life means that this spirit animal wants you to tend to your spiritual needs.

Allow the ram spirit animal to assist you to get back to the right path. Perhaps, you have since deviated from your goals and dreams.

The ram is here to tell you it knows what’s going through your mind. Gently and gradually, your spirit animal will bring you back to the fold.

You will feel alive once more, and you’ll have better control of your life.

When the ram walks into your life, it wants to give you confidence in your abilities. Likely, you have been feeling ‘sheepish’ about your goals and dreams.

This spirit guide wants you to know there’s nothing sheepish about your life. You have a mandate to fulfill in this world, and you should get on with it.

Don’t allow anything to push you away from your calling.

The Ram Power Animal

Call on the ram power animal for guidance on how to restart your life. Perhaps, you have been stuck in a rut for some time now, and there’s no hope of a way out.

You will notice the ram has a solution to the problems you present before it. But, it will not do the work for you.

A power animal inspires you to get the job done. It gives you guidance on the path to follow to achieve your goals and dreams.

But, ultimately, the push must come from you. Call on the ram power animal when you know you are ready to work on your life.

All you need are ideas and support to resolve the challenges in your life. This is what you get from the ram.

It will open your mind’s eye to see that challenges and opportunities are birds of a feather. Where a challenge is present, you can be sure that a great idea is close by.

The ram power guide asks you to be a bit more aggressive. Maybe, you have been too docile, waiting for rewards that are never forthcoming.

This power animal asks you to move out of your comfort zone and deal with your challenges head-on.

If you can’t receive the results you’ve been waiting for, what about going out there and making them happen?

The Ram Totem Animal

The period of waiting is over; it’s now time for action. This is what the ram totem will constantly hammer into your head.

This totem motivates you to be proactive. You need to do something about the many opportunities in your life.

Also, the ram totem asks you to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t allow other people to trample on you; you must speak out and let the world know you are not a walkover.

Nobody should underestimate you just because you come across as polite and polished. The ram totem asks you to assert yourself.

It reminds you that your life is not an accident. As such, you don’t have to give any excuses for being who you are.

People with the ram totem are highly protective of their families. They willingly use their time and resources to ensure that their loved ones excel in whatever they do.

This totem animal wants you to identify your flock and stick with it. Be there for your people in good and bad times.

Assure them they can rely on you at all times, and that you’ve got their backs as they go about making their lives happen.

Ram Encounters and Omens

Are you the black sheep of the family? An encounter with the ram gives you hope and confidence when you feel lost and rejected.

This spirit animal reminds you that there’s something in you the world has not seen. Unleash your hidden skills and talents and let the world see what you are capable of.

Those who rejected you will come to you and beg to have you back.

An encounter with an aggressive ram is an omen for growth and expansion. This growth could take any form depending on what you have been secretly wishing for.

Perhaps you have been hoping for the growth of your family or finances. Or, it could be that you have been praying for an expansion of your spirituality.

Either way, the appearance of the ram in your life tells you to gear up. Life is about to get far more interesting than you are used to.

An encounter with a ram could also signal significant changes ahead. This should alert you to get ready for the discomfort that comes with change.

Although change can be painful and uncomfortable, it is for your own good. Embrace it.

Ram Mythology and Folklore

The ram is featured prominently in many cultures from across the world. Some mythologies indicate that this animal is a physical manifestation of powerful gods.

For example, Greek mythology has it that one of Poseidon’s sons was a Ram with the Golden Fleece.

It is said that this ram had an altercation with one of the other gods, and his father decided to sacrifice him.

Although Ram with the Golden Fleece dies, his life does not end there. He is soon reborn and rises to the sky and becomes one of the companions of Aries.

His golden fleece is offered to Aries, the god of war, to spare Poseidon for his son’s behavior.

In ancient Egypt, the ram has a close connection to Amun-Ra, the Sun God. This god wielded a lot of power over the Egyptians.

Myth has it that he shared some of his power with the ram and the falcon. People believed that these two animals held Amon-Ra’s secrets, and were, therefore, to be treated reverentially.

Ram Tattoo Meaning

Ram is a popular tattoo design. It’s important that you understand its symbolism before you settle for this tattoo.

This will give you and your tattoo artist a wide range of ideas to work with.

You may opt to have a tattoo of the ram head alone, without its body. This sharply brings out the horns, showing your determination to face life squarely.

The ram’s eye may be inked in a way that they bring out the fierceness of this animal. This indicates your fortitude and grit.

You are determined to make it happen regardless of the impediments on your path.

You may also choose to wear the Aries ram tattoo. This tells the world that you are not afraid of taking up your leadership roles.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries brings out the theme of authority and courage.

What’s the Meaning of Ram Dreams?

If you are into business, having a ram dream is a very good sign. It indicates that things are working in your favor, and you will soon get handsome rewards from your endeavors.

To see two rams head butting in your dream is not as bad as it seems. It is an encouragement that you should continue working hard to elevate your family.

Dreaming of a ram protecting the ewes and the lambs indicates happiness and prosperity in the family.

A black ram in your dream is a warning that someone is working behind the scenes to ruin your love life.

Holding a ram in your hand shows you have managed to tame the issues slowing you down. This dream confirms that you are about to regain control of your life.

Final Thoughts…

Rams are closely associated with such stellar qualities as leadership, self-control, power, and determination.

When this spirit guide comes into your life, it wants you to exude these qualities. This spirit animal reminds you of your hidden strengths.

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