Dead Bird Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

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To see a dead bird either in a dream or in your waking life is bound to raise concern in your mind. Oftentimes, we look for signs of life and not of death.

Seeing a dead bird carries more meaning than meets the eye. This is because ordinarily, birds are chirpy, joyful creatures that fill our skies with music.

Many cultures from across the world regard birds as the souls of deceased relatives. Seeing a dead bird, therefore, is likely to carry negative connotations.

But you can also look at the dead bird in a positive light. For example, it could be an indication that when one phase of your life ends, another begins.

What’s the Dead Bird Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of a Departed Loved One

Seeing a dead bird could indicate that you have lost someone dear to you.

The dead bird could also be a reminder of someone who died in the past, but you keep thinking about them.

But you are more likely to see the dead bird if the death of a loved one is recent. In some communities, the death of a relative was represented by a specific dead bird.

For example, among the Native Americans, seeing a dead eagle was a representation of a dead community matriarch or patriarch.

The Native Americans usually accorded the dead eagle a decent burial to show respect to the dead leader.

Symbol of Rebirth

As noted earlier, not all dead bird symbols are negative. Sometimes, a dead bird indicates that something lovely will be reborn when an old phase comes to an end.

Seeing a dead bird prepares you for change, rebirth, and renewal. According to Greek mythology, a dead bird signals that one life has ended, this gives room for another life to blossom.

The Greeks believed that a dead bird indicates the start of a new generation.

Symbol of Hard Times Ahead

An encounter with a dead bird warns you to get ready for hard times ahead. This encounter serves as a heads-up to keep your eyes peeled for a change in your circumstances.

When you are so forewarned, you stand a better chance of handling whatever that’s coming your way.

Additionally, seeing a dead bird could mean that you are exposed to danger. It could be that the air you are breathing or the foods you are having are not good for your consumption.

Symbol of Heartbreak

Whether the dead bird appears in your dream or in your waking life, it means a loss that will lead to heartbreak.

It could be that your love relationship is not working out, and you may soon have to part ways with your partner.

This encounter asks you to tread carefully in your career or social relationships. The image of a dead bird could be a sign that your plans will encounter stiff opposition.

Symbol of Death

Seeing a dead bird opens your mind to the reality of death. This encounter tells you that death is not something to be feared.

An encounter with a dead bird is a reminder that death cannot be avoided. This tells you to put your things in order at all times.

Whether you are youthful or old, death can strike at any time. The best you can do is to try your best to live a meaningful life.

Live in such a way that when your time comes, you won’t regret wasted years and resources. Make every moment you are alive count.

Symbolic Meaning of Dead Bird Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Dead Bird Symbolism in Christian Culture

Christians perceive dead birds negatively. In Christianity, seeing a dead bird on your path or in your dreams is believed to invite bad luck.

Christians also think that a dead bird was a sign of bad times ahead. It would be a sign of looming disaster to see more than one dead bird.

The Bible records that dead birds were a symbol of punishment and destruction from God for man’s sins.

They were also linked to famine, disease, and the apocalyptic end of the world.

Not all mention of dead birds in the Bible is negative, however. In some cases, dead birds symbolize hope and restoration.

In the book of Isaiah, for example, the Prophet Isaiah uses the imagery of dead birds to show that God had not forgotten His people, the Israelites.

At the right divine time, he would restore them as they were during their glorious days.

Dead Bird Symbolism in African Culture

In African communities, dead birds represented drought, famine, disease, and suffering.

Seeing a dead bird on your path (particularly in the morning) was taken to mean that one would encounter great misfortune.

The color of the dead bird played an important role in interpreting its meaning. For example, encountering a black dead bird was closely associated with pain, sorrow, and death.

Among the Bantus of Central and Eastern Africa, one had to go through a cleansing process if they discovered a dead bird either in or around their homes.

It was particularly serious if one had small children, as a black dead bird was taken to mean the death of a child.

Dead Bird Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Native Americans were very particular about the death of an eagle. Seeing a dead eagle meant that someone important would lose their life.

Alternatively, it meant that the spirit of a dead ancestor had come calling. The people believed that the dead eagle had to be given a good burial to still the spirit of the ancestor.

Encountering any other dead bird had more positive connotations among the Native Americans. For example, seeing a dead hummingbird was a sign of change, transformation, and growth.

A dead hummingbird reminded these people to drop old attitudes and habits, and to learn to appreciate the blessings in their lives.

Dead Bird Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The ancient Celts had a more agreeable perception of dead birds. They believed that the dead bird signaled the end of one cycle of life, and the beginning of another.

According to the Celts, dead birds indicate rebirth and regeneration.

Dead Bird Symbolism in Eastern Culture

According to the Japanese and the Chinese, live birds carried the souls of their ancestors. Seeing a dead bird, therefore, was taken negatively.

These people believed that a dead bird was an ill omen that signaled failure, hopelessness, misfortune, and even death.

Various Dead Bird Omens Based on Place of Death

Dead Bird on Your Window

If a bird hits your window and dies, it means you’ll face some tough struggles. This sight provokes you into looking for ways to avoid failure.

It is okay to struggle, but make sure you use your skills and talents to overcome. You need to identify the obstacles that stand in the way of your goals and handle them effectively.

Dead Bird on Your Property

Seeing a dead bird in your yard is a sign of change and transformation. This encounter cautions you of the futility of trying to resist change.

The best you can do is embrace change by adopting new habits that enable you to meet your goals and dreams.

Dead Bird Inside Your House

A dead bird in your house means your inner world is being invaded. This encounter tells you to guard yourself against forces out to compromise your spirituality.

Also, seeing a dead bird in your house calls on you to meditate about where you are headed. Are you still on the right track or have you lost your way?

Dead Bird in Your Swimming Pool

If you dream or see a dead bird in your pool, it means you should give more time to your family and loved ones.

Perhaps, you need to cut down on the time you spend away from your family. This encounter calls on you to create the right work-life balance.

It reminds you that your family and loved ones should take your top priority.

Dead Bird in Your Kitchen

This is a sign of poor health in the family. Seeing a dead bird in your kitchen also tells you to watch what you consume.

This encounter encourages you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Feed your mind, body, and soul with uplifting nourishment.

In particular, you should be very careful about subscribing to the teachings of false prophets.

Dead Bird in Your Car

Many people spend a lot of time in their cars, traveling to and from work. This means your car provides you with your own sacred, personal space.

Seeing a dead bird in your car could be a sign that someone is playing with your vulnerabilities. It could be that this person is forcing themselves on you in a way you find distasteful.

Various Dead Bird Omens Based on the Color and Type of the bird

Dead Black Bird Omen

Black birds include the likes of starlings, ravens, and crows. Seeing a dead black bird is closely associated with pain and suffering.

It could be that you are going through a trying period in your life. Alternatively, this encounter indicates that something sinister is about to happen to you or a loved one.

Seeing a dead black bird calls on you to rely on your skills and abilities to overcome your tribulations.

Dead White Bird Omen

In this class are birds like egrets, seagulls, and doves. White birds are universally taken to symbolize peace and harmony.

Seeing a dead white bird indicates a loss of balance. It could be that something will happen to shatter your sense of peace and harmony.

Dead Hummingbird Omen

Live hummingbirds signify freedom, happiness, and vibrancy. According to Native Americans, seeing a dead hummingbird reminds you of the value of life.

You learn to appreciate the little joys and blessings in your life.

Dead Songbirds Omen

Songbirds include finches, sparrows, and canaries. These birds are closely linked to good communication and negotiation skills.

Seeing a dead songbird tells you not to fear sharing your thoughts and feelings. Learn to express yourself clearly and in the most impactful way possible.

Dead Bird Tattoo Meaning

Symbol of Rebirth

A dead bird tattoo indicates you are re-inventing yourself. Perhaps, you have gone through a painful period, and you’d like to tell yourself and the world that you are starting afresh.

This tattoo indicates you are strong enough to leave the past behind you.

Symbol of Heartache

A dead bird tattoo could be a sign that you are having a hard time coping with loss.

Maybe you have encountered a number of heartbreaking experiences, and this tattoo is your way of mourning your loss.

Symbol of Climate Change

Ordinarily, birds take to the sky flying freely and singing their beautiful songs. But a dead bird means that the bird’s habitat can no longer sustain life.

Having a dead bird tattoo tells the world of your conservation efforts.

Symbol of Death

A dead bird tattoo serves as a reminder that death is inevitable. This mark reminds you that no matter how rich or high-flying you are, we all share the same fate as human beings.

The tattoo constantly reminds you to maintain humility, and treat others with respect and dignity.

Symbol of a Failed Dream

When birds soar high, they remind us of our loftiest goals and dreams. A dead bird tattoo could be a sign that your plans did not work out as expected.

This tattoo is a sign that you are ready to start again, and that this time you don’t intend to fail.

What’s the Meaning of Dead Bird Dreams?

Dead birds in dreams are not very common. People tend to dream more of live animal symbols than dead ones.

So, what does it mean to dream of dead birds? There definitely is a hidden meaning behind it.

To dream of a dead bird falling from the sky means you should pay attention to the important things in your life.

To dream of a dead black bird inspires you to resolve the darkness in your life. It could also be a prompt to work on achieving spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

To dream of a dead white bird encourages you to create the right balance in your life. You deserve to live in a peaceful environment, where you don’t have to keep on looking over your shoulder.

To dream of a dead bird resurrecting means that you need to work closely with your love partner. This dream asks you not to give up on your relationship.

To see a bird dying in your dream draws attention to an important area of your life that you have been ignoring.

This dream encourages you to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. All these aspects of your life are equally important.

Final Thoughts…

The spirit of a dead bird will visit you to teach you something important concerning your life. A dead bird spirit animal tells you to appreciate life, for it is a special gift that has no substitute.

Avoid situations that cause you to go through hopelessness, failure, grief, and unhappiness.

Seeing a dead bird could be a sign that something significant in your life is coming to an end. This will give you a good opportunity to start afresh.

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