Lion Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Lion Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

All hail Lion, the King of the Jungle!

Since the dawn of time, the lion has been identified as the undisputed king of all animals.

When the lion totem comes into your life, it draws attention to your leadership skills. Although you may not know it, you have what it takes to show people the way.

The lion spirit animal tells you to cultivate certain characteristics required of a leader. For example, you need to create balance and harmony within yourself.

Also, you need to uphold such stellar qualities as courage, strength, power, and commitment.

What’s the Lion’s Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Leadership

If the lion spirit animal makes its presence known to you, it wants you to take up your leadership roles.

Step up and provide the guiding light for your family and friends. Remember, it is always easier to follow than it is to lead.

This spirit guide calls on you to inspire others to do the right things.

Symbol of Power

In the wild, the lion is undoubtedly the king of the jungle. All other animals take notice when this mighty beast roars.

As your spirit animal, the lion asks you to exude your inborn power. As you go about this, ensure that all aspects of your life are well balanced.

Power goes beyond the physical or the material. It touches on your spirituality, emotions, and mind.

Symbol of Majesty and Royalty

The Swahili word ‘simba’ – used in reference to the lion in Africa – means king, majesty, and royalty.

The lion’s charisma and confidence clearly indicate that this animal is royalty. He is the king of his domain, with few or no foes to contend his claim.

This spirit animal wants you to take charge of your life. It reminds you that you are the master of your destiny.

Symbol of Courage

Regardless of what you are pursuing in this life, do it with the courage of the lion.

Are you scared of airing out your views in public? Go ahead and do it anyway, even if your insides are shaking.

You will very quickly discover that people love confident fellows. Get rid of all doubts and uncertainty and get on with life.

This is another way of telling you to live your dream life, even if you are not there yet.

Symbol of Love and Protection

Lions are very protective of their young. They keep them close to the pack, teaching them to interact with their environment until they become of age.

The lion spirit animal wants you to be there for your family and loved ones. Guide them to achieve their individual and common goals.

Symbolic Meaning of Lion Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Lion Symbolism in Christian Culture

In Christianity, the phrase ‘the Lion of Judah’ is universally accepted to mean Jesus Christ. Christians compare their Lord and Savior to the King of the Jungle.

This means that Jesus is all-powerful and rules over God’s kingdom.

The lion was associated with kings and emperors in Christendom. It accentuated and validated their royalty and majesty.

In the Bible, the lion is not always mentioned in flattering terms. It is seen as a predator that devours innocent flock in the fields.

The biblical characters of Samson and David are both said to have killed lions out in the field.

In the case of Samson, the lion represents strength – Samson is said to have been the strongest man that ever lived.

In David’s case, the lion stands for devotion, commitment, and royalty. David was a young shepherd boy who was committed to God’s ways.

In due time, he through the ranks rose and become the greatest king of Israel. Records indicate that it is from David’s lineage that Christ was born.

The Bible depicts the lion as both benevolent and evil. While at some point this beast stands for courage and godliness, it is also associated with the corruption and greed of kings.

Lion Symbolism in African Culture

The lion was considered the most ferocious and formidable animal in the African jungle.

To prove their maturity and manhood, the Maasai Morans (warriors) of Kenya were required to each kill a lion before they could marry and take up a leadership position.

This was to prove that the Moran was brave enough to protect the community in case of danger.

Many African communities believed that lions had magical and mythical powers and that one could tap into the protective energy of these beasts.

It is worth noting that while lionesses do all the hunting, it is the lions that feed first after a kill. Lionesses symbolize feminine power and the value of the family.

The Zulu people of South Africa consider the lion a bridge between this world and the next. These people revered the lion as a representation of their dead chiefs and kings.

In ancient Egypt, the lion was closely associated with the Sun God. It was an important symbol at the palace as it added validity to the pharaoh’s claim as both the protector and punisher of his people.

The Goddess Sekhmet is depicted as part lion and part human. This indicates that the lion was thought to be a physical manifestation of important deities.

The Aker Lions found on ancient Egyptian stone carvings and papyri show some lions looking to the left and others to the right.

They indicate that the past and the future are interconnected. It’s like saying that although the past is gone, there’s something you can do to change what the future brings.

Lion Symbolism in Native American Culture

Native Americans had a deep respect for the lion as a powerful link between this world and the divine realm.

According to some tribal creation stories, the lion was there at the very beginning of time and was actively involved in creating other animals.

For example, the Keres myth on creation says the Mountain Lion was asked to guard the gates to Shipap, the place of creation.

He was to prevent any intruders from coming in and interfering with the creative work the deities were involved in.

Native Americans were content to share wild games with predators like lions, cougars, panthers, and pumas.

They lived on the same territories with these carnivores, often sharing the same hunting grounds. This goes to show that the Natives had a deep connection with nature.

A popular Tewa myth explains why a strong person should not use a lot of words to explain something.

According to the legend, although the lion is mighty and courageous, he doesn’t speak – save for the occasional roar.

The lion’s silence was interpreted to mean a holy state of consciousness, which every strong person aspires to achieve.

Such myths and legends maintained peace and harmony in the home, as men did not see the point of quarreling unnecessarily with their wives.

Lion Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The lion symbol found among the ancient Celts is related to the now-extinct cave lion of Europe.

With time, this symbol was roped into Christian beliefs. It was equated to the power and majesty of Christ as God’s son who rules over the Universe.

The Celts considered lions the ideal symbols of valor and courage. They were ranked up there alongside the dragons and the phoenix.

These beasts earned their respect because of their magnificent display of strength and aggressiveness. Many warriors and battle units across the Celtic world took up the lion’s image in their coat of arms.

These units believed that as they advanced into battle, they would do so with the hearts of a lion – a euphemism for courage, fierceness, and valor.

In most Celt fables, the lion is denoted as the king of the animals.

Lion Symbolism in Eastern Culture

Buddha is said to have the courage, wisdom, and mental strength of a lion. He faces issues head-on without beating around the bush or trying to appease his detractors.

In the Middle East, the lion was considered a manifestation of evil and oppression.

This is probably because this beast robbed many tribes of their source of livelihood by attacking their animals in the field.

All the same, these very same tribes had a lot of respect for this beast for its display of strength and courage.

A common peer blessing in eastern cultures was: May you have the wisdom of the eagle, the swiftness of the falcon, and the strength of a lion.

The Japanese believed that the lion was a guard meant to protect the deities from the unwarranted disturbances of humans.

For this reason, one was cautioned to approach the gods with only serious concerns. Anything mundane was considered an intrusion, and it would be punished accordingly.

In Shintoism, a lion has been tasked to guard Shinto shrines. Statues of the Koma-inu guardian lions stand majestically over the shrines.

When the Lion is Your Spirit Animal

When the lion spirit animal makes its presence in your life known, it wants you to manifest your powers.

You have been sitting on your potential for too long now. This spirit guide calls on you to unleash your strength to meet the challenges you have been avoiding.

The lion spirit animal reminds you that you don’t have to talk all the time. Avoid the chaos and learn to be silent.

It is important to roar every now and then, but the most important thing is to maintain silence and meditate on your life.

You see; the lion is silent almost all the time. He only roars when he wants to pass an important point across.

Do you know you are a born leader? Well, the lion spirit animal is here to remind you of this. Take the lead and help those who look up to you discover their path to success.

You need to be strong for yourself, as well. Leaders are often the least popular people in any setup. But the truth is that without your input, the people you lead would be headless.

The Lion Power Animal

Call on the lion power animal when you feel that your strength and vitality are waning. This power guide will give you the boost you need to get back on your feet.

You need the lion power guide if you are looking to take up your leadership responsibilities. Understandably, you may have fears about taking this role up; being a leader is not an easy thing.

You need to approach it with courage and confidence. This is where your lion power animal comes in. It helps you to identify your strengths and shortcomings.

This way, you’re able to come up with the best strategies to protect the weak and vulnerable.

The lion power animal wants you to create time for your family. If you find it hard balancing your professional and personal engagements, call on this power guide for support.

The lioness is always around her cubs, nurturing and guiding them until they become of age. Once they are mature enough, the lion sends them away from the pride to go and establish their own families.

This is a good example of parenting – where both parents play their roles to ensure their young ones are well taken care of to the point of independence.

The Lion Totem Animal

People with the lion totem are fearless. Instead of running away from challenges, they use them as stepping stones to greatness.

Your lion totem wants you to use your stellar qualities to outlast the competition.

No matter how disadvantaged you think you are, this totem wants you to know you have the strength to accomplish your goals and dreams.

People with the lion totem know the value of staying quiet amidst the chaos. Silence is golden when all you need is your inner strength to overcome the impediments on your life path.

The lion totem wants you to acknowledge and appreciate that you are a born leader. You have the qualities needed to lead others on the path to success and victory.

Lion Encounters and Omens

A lion encounter in the wild is not common – unless you live deep in the hinterland of Africa or Asia. But you can still encounter one in your local zoo, in books, in art, in movies, or on TV.

Regardless, any lion encounter is as powerful as the other; its meaning does not diminish just because the lion you saw is not a live one.

A lion encounter asks you to create the right balance in your life. You exude a lot of power that can do much good if used well.

If not used properly, however, this power can create an imbalance that would lead to chaos.

A lion encounter encourages you to protect the weak and vulnerable. These could be members of your own family or other people from the community.

Either way, this encounter reminds you that you have a pride to take care of.

Many cultures believe that the lion is a powerful link between the physical and spiritual realms. A lion encounter asks you to take care of your spiritual needs.

Lion Tattoo Meaning

Wearing a lion tattoo is a powerful statement of your fearlessness. You are courageous enough to go for what you believe in, and you won’t allow anything to stand in your way.

A lion tattoo marks you as a leader. You believe in helping others make meaning of their lives, and you are not afraid to help others handle their challenges.

Having a lion tattoo shows your devotion, dedication, and commitment.

People with lion tattoos are warriors. They believe in a cause and they are ready to fight for it.

What’s the Meaning of Lion Dreams?

Dreaming of a sitting lion indicates that your roles are changing. In the coming days, you may find yourself being called to be a leader or a teacher.

Seeing an aggressive lion in your dream shows you need to deal with your personal anger. Perhaps, your emotions are running out of control and you need to tame them.

Dreaming of a lying lion means you need to spend more time with your family and loved ones.

To dream of a pride of lions indicates that your efforts will bring the results you seek. The projects you have been working on will bear fruit.

A dream that depicts a lone lion walking away is a sign that you need to quiet your life. Get some time for meditation and self-reflection.

Generally, lion dreams tell you to do something meaningful with your life. Approach your goals confidently, and help others grow in the process.

Final Thoughts…

Lion symbolism means you should be courageous enough to take your rightful position in the order of things.

Have the bravery to pounce on the opportunities before you.

The lion spirit, totem, and power teach you to move forward with the confidence of a winner.

Stop second-guessing yourself by entertaining doubts and uncertainty. You have the strength to achieve the kind of life you’d like for yourself and your loved ones.

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